Teaching women how to love themselves radically

...through the power of witchcraft

My name is Shawn Engel and I help spiritual baddies (at any level) become the most confident version of themselves, so that they can build their dream life...

If you would have told 13 year old me that one day she would grow up to be a professional WITCH, she would be over the moon. I took the scenic route, 10 years of clawing my way out of trauma, so you don’t have to. Every time I manifest a new skill or accomplishment, I teach you how to do it. And that’s how we elevate TOGETHER.

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Are you at a crossroads and need help in making the right choices? 

Wouldn't it be great to get in-depth advice tailored purely for you? My comprehensive tarot readings, intensives, and coaching offer personalized guidance that addresses your unique needs. By working alongside me, I can provide hands-on assistance in ways that self study cannot. In this way, you need not rely solely on your intuition or self-reflection, but instead gain a deeper understanding of the issues at hand in order to make the most favorable decisions. Join me today and see what difference a more hands-on approach can make!

Look no further! My collection of courses, e-guides and master classes provide witchy wisdom at every level and price point. Whether you're a baby witch just beginning their witchy journey or an experienced witch looking to monetize their craft, I have resources that can satisfy any witch's needs. Join me today and start expanding your witchy horizon!

Are you a witch hungry for knowledge?

Let's make some magick happen

Are you a brand looking to collaborate?

As an experienced and acclaimed brand, I offer bookings for events (including live speaking engagements, rituals and classes, book signing appearances, and quick readings as entertainment) in addition to affiliate marketing and paid custom content. I'm a trusted addition to event planner packages, with my services being tailored to all types of engagements - having worked with spaces accommodating fifteen people to three thousand. With great customer service and a professional work ethic at its foundation, book me for events or content that require the highest level of quality.

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Witchy Words

Annabel Gat

Shawn Engel is such a positive force in the occult community, bringing people joy and giving generously-so generously! I've learned so much from her, and I'm excited that her wisdom has been compiled into book form for all to enjoy.

Witchy Words

Shawn Engel is the real deal: a boss mystic whose influence is great, ideas
sparkling, and power palpable. You will not find spellwork explained more
accessibly, or more fun, by anyone.

Jerico Mandybur

Witchy Words

Shawn's no shit approach and strong intuition are key to shifting in your business and life! I saw major major changes just from my two calls with Shawn and look forward to working with her more and more!

Faith Mutiri

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