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...tarot reader, published author, and professional witch

My name is Shawn Engel and I'm a professional witch and shadow worker! I work with women online to sift through their shadow to make their lives the most magical it can be!

I do live events, hold readings in person and online, have published FOUR books on spell work, and host an online coven. And I want to help YOU!

I employ my decades long mastery of intuition, tarot card readings, and shadow work to help women heal, grow, manifest, and thrive! If you're nervous about where to start, take the quiz below!

Meet Shawn

Online Shadow Work

What is Shadow Work?

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung first developed the concept, using the term “shadow self” to describe the things people repress or do not like to acknowledge. He theorized that it is a counterweight to the persona, which is the self that people present to others. Within the shadow lies our fears and traumas, and if left unchecked, can lead to self- sabotage.

My signature Shadow Work method exists in five stages:

Illumination (finding the belief)
Processing (grieving the belief)
Deconstruction (truth > belief)
Connection (to current behaviors)
Integration (changing behaviors)

In order to embrace your shadows with love and acceptance, which is the goal of shadow work, you must walk through these stages carefully, patiently and committed. These are the integral parts of who you are, and they are not going away. And by acknowledging and integrating these aspects of yourself, you can experience profound healing and transformation.

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Do You Need ANSWERS??

When my clients first come to me, usually its because there is an issue at hand that needs sorting. Perhaps it's a stressful relationship, a job change, or just plain feeling lost!

Well I can help you navigate all of that and everything in between, sweet angel! From emailed tarot readings to chatting with me on zoom or in person, or even a weekly meet up, I have offerings to fit all of your needs and lead you to certainty.

Shadow Work Downloads

Are you more of a self study gal?

I've made it incredibly easy to explore your shadow from the comfort of your own home. I have a range of digital products that include shadow work prompts, guided astrology, spells using cannabis, and even hexing your ex!

Do You Need a Witch For Your Event???

As an experienced and acclaimed brand, I offer bookings for events (including live speaking engagements, rituals and classes, book signing appearances, and quick readings as entertainment) in addition to affiliate marketing and paid custom content. I'm a trusted addition to event planner packages, with my services being tailored to all types of engagements - having worked with spaces accommodating fifteen people to three thousand. With great customer service and a professional work ethic at its foundation, book me for events or content that require the highest level of quality.

Do You Need

I host a coven meet up every Wednesday closest to the full moon. We have a chat where we catch up in between, and every one is at different levels of magickal mastery. Our past rituals have included:

A candle magick manifestation
An Aries season bonfore
A guided meditation makeup party

And we can't wait to make more magick with you!

Shawn Engel is the real deal. I owe her a debt of gratitude. By working with her, I was able to fix my relationship to a healthier one, and my boyfriend proposed to me a few months later. I'm 2 years happily married!

                                                                                             -Liza R.

When I came to Shawn I was a mess. For real. I had a horrible sleep schedule, diet, relationships, and I hated my job. Turns out the answer to all of that was in my shadow!!

                                                                                             -Jacqueline Q.

I love that I received my reading so quickly.
It really reaffirmed the energy I've been feeling around the job hunt and
helped me feel a bit more centered and relaxed as I ramp back up
my search with my contract ending two months early. I really
appreciate the clear messages and the inclusion of the photo. You're
the best!
                                                                                             -Katie H.

Thank you for this reading!! I needed this guidance to be able to confidently move forward. I love that the answers were straight forward! I really appreciate it greatly. It has cleared my vision. I will DEFINITELY get another reading done from this baddie.
                                                                                             -Korrine B.

Thank you SO MUCH, Shawn! I had been feeling like what you mentioned were my big stumbling blocks, but it is so hard to let go. I really, really appreciate you
confirming that is what I need, and giving me (and us, really) the confidence and direction to move forward. I am so grateful for your amazing readings!
                                                                                             -Lindsay T.

Featured In....

...Featured In

Witchy Words

Annabel Gat

Shawn Engel is such a positive force in the occult community, bringing people joy and giving generously-so generously! I've learned so much from her, and I'm excited that her wisdom has been compiled into book form for all to enjoy.

Witchy Words

Shawn Engel is the real deal: a boss mystic whose influence is great, ideas
sparkling, and power palpable. You will not find spellwork explained more
accessibly, or more fun, by anyone.

Jerico Mandybur

Witchy Words

Shawn's no shit approach and strong intuition are key to shifting in your business and life! I saw major major changes just from my two calls with Shawn and look forward to working with her more and more!

Faith Mutiri