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Are you looking for entertainment at your next event?

As a practiced tarot reader, astrologer, and witch, Shawn can provide your guests with a plethora of fun and inspiring entertainment unique to your event. As an expert in branding, she realizes how important it is to stay on theme with your event, so here's how she fits in:

No matter the theme, Shawn can provide readings OR teachings that fit into your vision. By booking a call, you're opening the doors to an artistic partnership where Shawn only adds to the wants and needs of your experience. She has worked hundreds of volume events with lines out the door (her signature effect) because once one person experiences her magick, it catches like wildfire.

Some examples are provided below... 

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Live Events

Shawn's Stats

Instagram: 44.4k followers
TikTok: 94.3k followers
Twitter: 2k+ followers
YouTube: 500+ followers

Brands Shawn has worked with

Brands Shawn has worked with

Possible Events

January- Year Ahead Readings
February- Love and Romance Readings
March- Spring Equinox/ Rebirth Readings
April-  Sex Magick Teachings
May- Mothers Day and Inner Child Readings
June-  Summer Solstice Readings
July-  Spellcasting Workshops
August- Harvest Magick Workshops
September- Autumn Equinox Readings
October- Halloween/ Samhain
November- Gratitude Readings
December- New Year readings

By Month

By Occasion

Weddings- Love and Romance readings
Employee Appreciation- *Tailored to your industry* tarot or astrology chart readings
Birthdays- Readings or Teachings depending on the vision
Vendor Events-  Book sales and tarot 
Speaking Events- Sex Magick and CBT
Booths-  Astrology 1:1s
Festivals- Readings and merch
Virtual- Classes on tarot, astrology, and more.

Enchant Your Events