Join the Coven...

I know I am!

Through my diagnosis with a chronic illness, 2023 taught me the importance of community and how invaluable my relationships with my guides are, in addition to the personal journey of my inner shadow.

Being sick for the better part of three years created a lot of space between me and my guides/ ancestors, and I felt the magick missing from my life. Both physically and metaphysically. But after an intense ritual during the month of November, I gained deep insight and clarity into what I need to do moving forward...

are you ready for community in the shadows??

so, by popular demand

I have created a monthly coven meetup where we cast spells together, do shadow work together, and share vulnerabilities together with the help of my guides (and yours!)

What to expect:

✨One zoom meeting per month with...
✨A place to vent and release
✨A deep, guided meditation
✨A space to call in and create
✨Working a live spell together
✨Plus a 24/7 voxer chat to connect daily!

 It’s only natural to have questions when you’re deciding on what action to take.

That’s why I'm here to help you take out the guesswork!

I spend A LOT of time talking to my clients and followers to make signing up as seamless as possible.
1) Will there be a replay available?
ABSOLUTELY! I always send out a replay right after the zoom video downloads to the cloud.

2) What is Voxer?
Voxer is a free text/ chat app that I use for all of my clients. For the Coven Chat, you'll be added into a group that has every single coven member! This way, we can hype and empower each others magick and manifest consistently. Once you sign up, you'll be added into the chat indefinitely; this means that even if you can't make the next zoom meeting, you can still vibe off of our energies for as long as the coven exists!

3) How long is the class? Can I join late?
The ritual begins at 7pm EST and I always leave a 5 minute grace period. If you're later than that you may want to just watch the replay, or join in and catch up later!

Will this work for me?

 I GET it – you want to know if it's even worth it!

“How could this be any more effective than my own spells or my own shadow work?”

Lemme break it down for ya:

1) You're working magick with the woman who wrote the BOOK! This journey I've been on has opened so many doors since publication of my first book, and I have now published FOUR spell books, spanning abundance, love, hexing, and more.

2) I'm pumping up shadow work (as a Triple Scorpio does) to go deeper than you thought possible. This past year has shown me how connected our traumas are and how they permeate through every pore, and I'm here to be your demon dermatologist. 

3) I have gone HELLA deep in re-sensitizing my body. After feeling so unsafe for so many years (decades contributing to my CPTSD) I numbed out to everything, or went straight to fight or flight. Now, every step I take is slow and deliberate, and I allow myself to FEEL it. I will be teaching you exactly how to do this, which will be instrumental in the success of our magick.

4) My guides have provided me with an incredible life. Have there been hard times? Sure. But whenever I hold space for their presence, I thrive. By joining me as the High Priestess of this coven, you will get access to the power of my guides, as well as the amplification of yours.

Are you ready to join?? Spots are limited.

Need more?

Here's a sample from our December 2023 ritual for Yule!

We worked a candle spell, and anyone who couldn't make the live working receives a replay in their inbox, plus updates on the spell.

And new energy was felt almost immediately!!

Over here, we're no frills and all chills.

No smoke and mirrors, only smoke from our ancestors.

No aesthetic emphasis, but emphasis on connection and quality.

We're a humble group with a lot of love, and the more that join, the more we can invest into bigger and more magickal displays. If you'd like to be a part of our magick....