I see you, babe, because I’ve been you. The queen that loves actionable steps and collects every modality because she just. Wants. To feel. BETTER. I’ve spent thousands on learning how to grind, hustle, and push through the pain. And while I made a bit of headway, I was increasing the pressure on myself until I just imploded. My anxiety got worse, I ignored more, and felt increasingly exhausted and just plain unhappy.

But now? The game is changed. I move through life as the High Priestess, receptive, intuitive, flowy, and strong. 

If you’re like I was, you might be thinking, “!” with a lump of anxiety sitting in your throat. “How can you just let things BE?”

I relinquished control. I surrendered to the universe. And what emerged were incredibly strong and healthy boundaries because all that mattered was my peace. The only thing I actually CAN control. Together, through tarot, astrology, and ritual, you can receive the strength, boundaries, and joy you've been working towards in a seemingly counter-intuitive way: by simply EXISTING and collecting INFORMATION.

Together, through tarot, astrology, and ritual, you can receive strength, boundaries, and joy!


You’re a hardworking go getter that is realizing you need a better foundation

You struggle with anxiety and depression (perhaps from trauma)

You want your life to be more joyous

You’re a receptive and intuitive being that has a rock solid foundation

Your even-keeled mindset makes it super easy to manifest

Your life is full of joy and happiness, even when times get tough

Tarot Reading

15 card spread with an included ritual for healing

Who it’s for: Anyone that needs some quick guidance, anyone looking to map out an upcoming event, or anyone in a crossroads.

Price: $75

Tarot Reading


Magickal Intensive

Magickal intensives include…

A 90 minute zoom call with tarot/ astrology/ intuition/ numerology to guide you on your best and most true path!

Part 1: 30 minute intake
Where you’re at, where you wanna be, and your hurdles

Part 2: 30 minute reading combo
By request or up to intuition

Part 3: 30 minute plan of action
Designing custom steps for the next year using astrology & numerology

Who it’s for: Anyone that needs in depth guidance, looking to map out an upcoming event, or anyone in a crossroads.

Price :  $355 

Magickal Intensive


Chiron Coaching

Let's heal your wounds and amp your abundance!

1 full month of Voxer access + (4) 30 minute weekly calls + readings

Beginning with a PDF Chiron report, I will astrologically, intuitively, and psychically guide you through the month using your Chiron as a place of healing and expansion.

Every week we'll hop on zoom for a healing session with meditations, readings, etc. to keep your track, with text support in between!

Who it’s for: Anyone who needs quick guidance outside of a reading, could be spellwork or business advice.

Price : $1,111

Chiron Coaching

Let’s work through my MAP method together!

First, I want to hear your story! It’s important for me to see and hear you, so if vulnerability is tough for you, you’re in good hands! All we start with is the reason why you’ve walked in my door, and what you desire to come of this. Speak it into existence with a trusted witch!

Next, I employ my psychic abilities, intuition, and shadow work to probe deeper and see what’s lying beneath the surface. This is very important information- here we find the root cause!

Finally, once the wound is uncovered, we hold space and make a plan of action/ inaction to heal. This looks different for everyone, because we are all so unique, so I use your personal natal chart to design what will feel most natural to you!




frequently asked questions...

I’m very new to tarot, astrology, and witchcraft. What should I expect?

frequently asked questions...

I’m very new to tarot, astrology, and witchcraft. What should I expect?

Whether you’re an individual or looking for an event appearance, guests can expect an intimate and conversational setting. Psychic or not, I am not a mind reader! Your input helps my intuition greatly, so I always provide a safe setting in order for my clients to feel comfortable sharing. From there, using whichever medium for whichever length of time, I begin with asking my client what brings them to me, and once they begin to speak, I access my guides and let their magick flow through me. It’s very customizable according to the energy! I also pride myself on my ability to teach, so I will explain in detail what any symbolism means so that my client receives a full picture of the reading.

What are your credentials?

What are your credentials?

I have been reading tarot professionally since 2015 with a personal background of reading since 2002. My witchcraft knowledge has also been published four separate times, and my astrology practice began early 2016. I am also an accredited life coach!

I’d love guidance but my budget is very tight.

I’d love guidance but my budget is very tight.

There are many ways to invest in guidance, no matter your price point! However, the lower the investment, the less access you get to me, personally, which means a lot of the application and extrapolation must be done by you. The more hand holding you need, or if the reading(s) require travel, the investment will increase.

Can you really give me guidance over the internet?

Can you really give me guidance over the internet?

YES! Using meditation and intuition, no matter what capacity you hire me in, I can zero in on your energy to provide a reading/ guidance remotely!

How do I know what service I need?

How do I know what service I need?

If you’re overwhelmed by the options, shoot me an email! I answer my emails personally, and I’d be happy to direct you to the correct service.

What kind of events do you do?

What kind of events do you do?

I’ve done quick three card readings and natal chart for high volume events, either of which can be centered around a theme (year ahead, love, money making, etc.) I also do public speaking and teaching on different modicums of magick. Whatever your team/ event needs, I can create!

Witchy Words

Steph Walsh

Considering how vague I was in my question when I asked Shawn to do a reading for me, I would say that it was pretty accurate. There are a lot of changes happening and it is amazing how she was able to focus on the different aspects of my life. My distractions are exactly that, and I need to look into focusing on the things that will give me positive results. I'm going to recommend her to everyone.