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Eight years ago I was miserable, working as a bartender, living paycheck to paycheck in NYC when I met the ex that would change my life. I had just moved across the country to escape from Los Angeles, but I quickly realized your problems follow you wherever you go. As a lonely sad girl from a toxic family, I jumped into the arms of a man who turned out to be narcissistic heroin addict who emotionally and verbally abused me. The day he confessed his addiction to me, one year after we met, is the day I decided to turn my entire life around. I rediscovered the occult and tarot, and matched it to my newly found therapy and intersectional-feminism, and began a deeply transformative journey that spawned the truest version of me- a neuro divergent, bisexual woman who identifies as a witch! Today, after implementing witchcraft into every facet of my life, I am incredibly confident, powerful, and attractive and I can’t wait to help you do it too.

Let me help you become your most powerful and authentic self!

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As much as I believe in magick, I also believe in grounding. We love the woo woo, but unfortunately in life there is no magick wand. You are the magick, baby! And it takes some chiseling to allow that magick to shine through. 

This is why I employ cognitive behavioral therapy in my shadow work sessions. I give you tools to practically apply the AHA! moments we uncover together. What a power team!

 My emphasis is always on bridging the gap between the practical and the metaphysical 

Shawn the Author

Drink deliciously and magickally with this exquisite compendium of potent mystical beverages, with witchy wisdom from author Shawn Engel and expertly crafted cocktails from mixologist Steven Nichols.

Witch’s Brew

 Take your love life to the next realm with Cosmo’s practical and potent introduction to spells designed to enhance romance.

Love Spells

Mushroom Magick is a whimsical collection of mushroom facts and fables divided into three sections: first, profiles of 22 well-known mushrooms include information on biology and common uses as well as a rundown of their energetic properties and suggestions for incorporating them into spellwork.

Mushroom Magick

This beautifully illustrated guide introduces new witches to sigils, amulets, potions, and spells that will encourage them to reclaim and use their power as a catalyst for social change. 
In The Power of Hex, author Shawn Engel shows young witches how to use their own power in an inclusive way and empowers them to create their own spells with their new knowledge. 

The Power of Hex

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I'm obsessed  with fashion and creating new looks on Instagram

I’m a creative at heart and I LOVE to sing

I’m a sun, moon, AND rising Scorpio! I might have RBF but I am a mushy little goofball at heart.