Shadow Work

on your own time

An Intro to Shadow Work

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Shadow Work Prompts 

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This course provides key words, mini lessons, and journaling prompts for EIGHT WHOLE WEEKS! By the end of this course, you will go from knowing the basics to being an EXPERT on yourself and your natal chart.

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Your Shadow and Astrology

Your Shadow and Ritual

Learn signs, planets, aspects, and more so you can read a natal chart like a pro!

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This e-guide categorizes different ways to enjoy cannabis as modicums of magick, giving you a beginners look at how to use ritual with your smoke sesh. You will not only receive a short education on these types of magick, but you will also receive four modifications each (that means 20 spells) AND an index for you to create your own!

Price:  $22

Witchy Words

Danielle Dadamo

You ever have people that just come into your life that you do not understand why they are there but then you get to know and work with that person and realize that if it wasn't for them - you would not have blossomed into the awesome badass broad that youare today? Say hello to Shawn Engel of Witchy Wisdoms. This vision of light and love just appeared on my Instagram feed. Just followed me out of the blue. I think it had to do with my radical self love journey through Gala Darling and she just commands this presence that you must talk to her. She draws you in with such fiery compassion and opens up your eyes to a world of badassery. I was dealing with some terrible heartache in which I did not take the time to grieve and would just jump from man to man and did not realize my own self worth. I was attracting toxic negative people as well as energy vampires and I wanted it to stop. I needed to reinvent and find myself again and through one on one sessions filled with intensity and hardcore reflection journaling worksheets - I have done just that as well as working in her BreakOut of the Breakup workshop back in August 2017. If you are tired of...well being with Shawn Engel. She will get you to where you need to be. She is a vibrant lifesaver and you will learn a lot about yourself.