My name is Shawn Engel, and I am a spiritual mentor, professional witch, and published author! I've been blessed enough (and manifest WELL enough) to be featured in multiple publications including Cosmopolitan, Forbes, and Time Out New York. I most recently authored Mushroom Magick via Union Square & Co publishing, which is my fourth published book on spells!

So, you can say I know my sh*t   ;)

Hi babe!

Let's Get Into your Shadow

Shadow work is one of my favorite practices. Essentially you'll use journal prompts designed with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Jungian Psychology in mind to get you to figure out your blind spots.

So what does this have to do with astrology??

Well since I'm a professional astrologer and tarot reader, I saw a lot of parallels between my clients unique astrological placements, certain behaviors, and the successes they've had with shadow work. 

I thought to myself, what if we could go EVEN deeper with shadow work using pinpointed, exploratory prompts that dig into SPECIFIC traits?

A sun in Leo, for example, is a different energy than a moon in Scorpio, but if we have both in our chart, we will benefit from exploring each of those shadows.

It's HYPER niched. Just like YOU.

Will this work for me?

Have you ever heard the saying, "you get out what you put in?"

That's what shadow work is like. Sometimes, we're unable to access our shadow because of pain, trauma, or anything else that may make our brains want to protect us. And that's ok! As a trauma-informed coach, sometimes we need a little hand holding.

But that doesn't mean it won't work for you at all!

I come from a background with heavy childhood trauma, and when I first found shadow work, it allowed me the space to explore what I COULD access, which eventually opened the door for even healthier habits. Wherever you're starting, shadow work will challenge your bravery, and reward it HEAVILY.

So, get started. Worst thing that could happen is my email sits in your inbox and you never open it. 

But the best thing? That this is the key to unlocking your joy, confidence, and radiance.