Work With Me



Spiritually? Soulfully? Intuitively?

Are you so starved that you’ll reach for anything to feed you, even if it isn’t satisfying? Whether it is unhealthy habits, men who don’t serve you, or exhausting jobs, in my coaching program, I will satiate your soul!!

Beginning with a free consultation, which is pretty much a phone “date,” I will get to know who YOU are inside. You tell me your wildest dreams, and I will show you how we’ll make them come true.

Then we’ll make magic: on the first session, we’ll hammer down your goals and aspirations. We’re going to get sickeningly specific so that you can FEEL your success. Then we’ll identify your blocks from physical to mental to emotional to metaphysical!

Next it is STRATEGIZING! We’ll come up with rituals and exercises to get you through the hard stuff and to celebrate your successes throughout each week. We’ll carve out daily self care routines, magic that works for you, specific confidence boosters, and more!

Though our calls will be determined by the package you choose, you will have unlimited contact with me for whatever question or challenge you have. You and I are a team, and when you succeed, so do I!

Personalized plans, rituals, rebuttals to triggers, mantras, tapping recipes and affirmations will release the Divine Feminine spirit you so desire. So, what are you waiting for?

Email me. Let’s find that magic goddess together and let her SHINE ( *)