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This online ad space is PERFECT for online retailers, coaches, mystics, and artists. If you have a creative vision, I can bring it to life AND sell it. We’ll be an unstoppable team!

Why you need it:

The majority of my views are US based and come directly from my IG, which currently has 46k followers, and my TikTok, which currently has 97k followers. This means these are viewers that TRUST my endorsements.

Both pages are @witchywisdoms , and I’ve added about 200 subscribers to my YouTube since the launch of the show, as you can see here:

With the quality of my guests and their combined audiences, I can see this number growing rapidly, as we’re already adding new subscribers every day!

If you look at this episode, you’ll see there are four mid roll ad placements, which is just one piece of content I can create for you. Something fun, in my voice, and well produced, plus you’ll get a hard copy to use/ distribute on your own.  

They run about a minute long, as you can see, at about 12:20 and 22:30

I also facilitate a live chat during the premiers and the feedback on the ads is great so far:

And finally, this is a sample from one of my affiliate programs to show how much revenue they’ve received from my mid-roll ads.

Since YouTube is long term, searchable content, it lives forever. That means, so does your ad. It will generate for as long as you want it to!

So what’s the investment?

Since this is a new show, I am very open to negotiations and custom packages, but these are the ballpark prices for content:


Mid-roll shoutout on the show with endorsement and tagline


Mid tier

Shout out on the show and a custom Reel/ TikTok with no watermark for repurposing



Custom 90 second commercial + Reel/ TikTok without watermark to repurpose + 5 slide Insta story shoutout + Grid post


How to book-

Book a consultation today to discuss your brand direction and opportunities!