Who We Are

The Boss Mystic Podcast Network is owned by Shawn Engel of Witchy Wisdoms, who has built and scaled her own platform to over 25k followers, is a three-time published author, and created/ produced four podcasts and counting. The BMPN is a network of witchy podcasts that all share the same message:

There is no one way to witch.


What We Do

The Boss Mystic Podcast Network provides podcasters with community, but further, with monetization and exposure! Because of Shawn’s standing relationships, she has connections with affiliates who yield high payout, access to expert guests with large platforms, and is friendly with a scope of publications.

Current Affiliate Sponsors


Chakrubs– code WitchyWisdom

Lets Get Checked– code Witchy

Tonic CBD– code Witchy

We Strive for Diversity

You cannot have witchcraft without BIPOC voices. It does not exist.

Our aim is to have the network look like the scope of witchcraft itself, and in pursuit of that, we plan  to take action.

Our action steps include:
  • The research and vetting of one new potential podcaster per month until The BMPN reaches 75% voices of marginalized communities (BIPOC and LGBTQIA+)
  • 75% podcasters of marginalized communities by 2022 (BIPOC and LGBTQIA+)
  • The research and vetting of one new BIPOC- owned affiliate per month until The BMPN reaches 50% diverse business owners
  • 50% BIPOC owned affiliates by the end of 2020

How to Apply

Submit application here

Podcast Directory


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