Tarot Course Testimonials

Shawn you are a machine! The way you do your videos has really helped me to understand Tarot in a deeper way, and I’ve already booked client to read! I feel so confident after this video series.
-Charlotte King
After watching these videos I went straight to my deck and reached out to everyone I knew! Since then I’ve been building up my portfolio, and WOW, the feedback I have gotten is AMAZINGGGGG. You are a true inspiration and I just loved learning from you.
-Steph B. 
I’m totally LOVING your Tarot E Course! I actually didn’t know anything about tarot before I saw your post.
So as a beginner of beginners, I had to watch your videos over and over, because it was my first time learning anything about tarot. Even how to pronounce it correctly!
With this being said, the way you do your videos is inspiring and keeps me wanting to watch more and keep learning.
-Adrienne Mann

My thoughts are it was well thought out, the information provided was good for a high level introduction to tarot, especially for someone who has either never had a tarot reading or had very limited experience with tarot. I felt the assignments were reasonable and practical.  I especially enjoyed the lesson with meditation. I felt the explanation with regards to numerical meanings was good. Also I liked that you addressed reversals as this seems to be somewhat confusing depending on the reader. I’ve heard, “I don’t read reversals” which didn’t seem quite right to me. Additionally, well done with the final video and addressing integrity and being sensitive to the client and how to shape the reading.

-Sonya Jackson