Season 3 Episode 2


Welcome back to the WAYIYJ Podcast!!!

Season 3, Episode 2 is live!

I’m coming to you today with Romina Rosales, LA based activist, to talk about starting up a non-profit organization. We discuss the importance of meditation, investing in your mental health, and how the universe conspires for you to win when your message is aligned.

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ThursdayThinks: Navigating Family Through the Holidays

It’s no secret that family knows how to push your buttons. And when they’re all gathered in one place, asking you the same drilling questions or making remarks that are unfair, it could make you want to lash out, drink heavily, or leave. During this holiday season, use these tips to navigate a family get-together…

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ThursdayThinks: Bringing Your Shadow to Light

  Shadow Work is work to be done in the murky depths of your soul, but one to be unjudged and untamed as you trudge through the trenches. It is very deep and emotional work, but once you get into it, you’ll see incredible results manifesting in your life! Essentially, when you find certain behavior…

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Where Are You In Your Journey: Episode 10 Episode 10 is live! Here you’ll meet Lydia Georgantzi, a sweet young actress from Greece who practices self defense. If you’d like to follow up with Lydia you can find her on Facebook or Instagram! Tune in below and on iTunes ( *)

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Where Are You In Your Journey: Episode 6 Episode 6 is live! Here you’ll meet Nyeelah Lewis, a New York based event planner, who shares about her early family life, unhealthy relationships, and struggling with confrontation, all while raising children. If you’d like to follow up with Nyeelah you can find her on Instagram. Tune in below and on iTunes ( *)

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WednesdayWisdoms: How to Meditate

  Welcome to a new segment, witch babes! Since the My Trending Stories series has come to a close, I decided to implement something very useful for my readers. Welcome to WednesdayWisdoms! Today I’m going to teach you how to meditate, because it has helped me in incredible ways! I usually do it from 2-5…

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Energy is Input/ Output: Manifesting Your Fears

  In the past, when I started to date someone new, I wouldn’t tell anyone about it in the beginning. I was terrified that it would end and I would look dumb for being excited. I originally put out into the universe that the relationship would fail. Here I was bringing all of the anxiety…

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Building A Case Without A Crime

The Nine of Wands reversed denotes paranoia; a point at which you are using your own boundaries against yourself to create a cage. Instead of letting yourself experience and blossom, you are finding it hard to trust others because of your past experiences. When you are hurt and you look back on the situation, whatever…

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New Moon New Me!

Not only is today the beginning of a New Moon, but it is also my birthday! A New Moon brings about rebirth and regeneration, and I feel that it is perfectly appropriate that it would appear tonight. I have always imagined the age 27 as the perfect adult age when I was a child, making all…

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You’re Not Good Enough

Has anyone ever made you feel as though you weren’t good enough? Have you ever said these words to yourself? No shit. We all have. In a world full of haters and the “inner critic” being more powerful than ever, it’s hard to not have some self doubt and feel less than desirable. With Facebook…

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