Sacred Saturday Video Series Episode 4

Sacred Saturday Video Series Episode 4

In an effort to compile all of my Sacred Saturday posts from IGTV, I will be posting one self help video per day until I catch up with the series!

Enjoy this video on how to combat troubling astrological placements with therapy!!


Where Are You In Your Journey: Episode 3


Episode 3 is live! Here you’ll meet Kia Graves, a New York based producer, actor, and writer, who shares about her rape trauma and journey through healing as a single mother. If you’d like to follow up with Kia you can find her on Instagram, Facebook, and through Mountain Moving Studio.

Kia Graves Headshot

WitchCrafts ( *)


Well, it’s the end of February and time for another dose of WitchCrafts!

Today we’re going to make some incense holders from used materials. They’re really easy to make and very cute, so let’s put some flair into your spiritual practice!

First you’ll start with these materials:


  • Small bottle (I used an old bitters bottle from work, but any small bottle will do. I cleaned mine out and scraped off the label to be left with a transparent bottle.)
  • Lid (I used one from a Lays Chips container, and then spray painted it black.
  • Black spray paint (See above)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Decorative sand

So first things first, I spray painted the lid black to match the sand I chose. Feel free to get funky with the colors; I generally lean towards black with most things.


Once your lid is dry, warm up your hot glue gun and rim the bottom of the small bottle with enough glue to make it stick, but not enough so it bleeds outward.


Stick the bottle on the lid so you have a place to catch the ashes and fill the bottle up with sand.


Place incense inside and you’re ready to go!


I bedazzled mine around the rim, feel free to add any touch to make it your own.

Get creative and stay witchy ( *)

Tough News


For anyone who is in therapy, was in therapy, or is considering it, this one is for you.

My first visit to my therapist during the tear down of my pivotal relationship was pretty torturous. I went in thinking that I was going to get a “yes man” who was going to agree with everything I said, tell me everything was fine, and that my life was going to be perfect. She was going to quell my doubts and tell me my relationship was peachy and I didn’t have to change a thing because I was right and knew everything.


I lived in Jersey at the time, in the home I rented with my addict boyfriend who left for rehab a few days after we signed the lease. My therapist was all the way in Bay Ridge, so I spent the hour long commute in pure panic anxiety because, well, that’s what I did.

I walked into the office and some soothing music was on, which made me way more uncomfortable, and this cute little German lady came out of her office with a stern warmth about her. It was weird energy that I didn’t understand, but maybe that was because she lived in a healthy world of boundaries, and I lived on another planet.

I sat down in the room to fill out paperwork, and when she walked in we started. I’m a story teller, as you may have imagined, and need to give full explanation of every detail so I come across as perfectly understood, so about ten minutes into me droning on, she commented about my posture, and how I have basically white knuckled my way through proving to her that everything was OK.

See at this point, I was convinced that he was going to come back from rehab and everything was going to be OK. The lies and stolen money weren’t going to be the elephant in the room. He was going to stay clean and go to meetings. We were going to have our fairytale ending.

So by the end of the session, which was basically an introduction, she recommended that I get this book about codependency. At this point I was like, “Fuck off.” But I smiled and graciously accepted the advice.

I think I maybe went two more times when he was in rehab, but once he came back I abandoned my recovery and made my life dedicated to making sure he stayed clean.

He didn’t.

So when we broke up, I mustered up all of my courage to pull up her info from my phone and book another appointment. She welcomed me back with open arms, and through the rest of the sessions, once I really started to do the work, scribbled all over that damn book and went to meetings, I saw clearly.

She made a mention to me about my progress. How my speaking and posture have changed and how I just looked so sad and tired when I first walked into her office. Another “Fuck you” kind of bubbled to the surface at that point, but it was also a relief to hear. I wasn’t that right now. I had made progress. And I should be proud.

Now obviously the work doesn’t stop there. Its a 24/7/365 job. But its a job worth doing. So if you find that someone is trying t be frank with you and you just don’t want to hear it, take a minute to digest. They might be totally wrong, but they also might be right. Get help and stay witchy ( *)

Your kick ass life

Good afternoon little witches!

Today I want to talk about a podcast that is very near and dear to my heart. After a life changing relationship, I went to therapy and practiced yoga very regularly in order to heal myself. When I came to a point that I no longer felt therapy was necessary, I stumbled upon this podcast that has kept me doing the work and staying conscious about my emotional states.

Andrea Owen is a Southern Californian life coach and has incredible guests on her podcast. She’s big on women and self love and her guests give amazing advice and have such interesting stories.

When I’m on the train or go for a jog I turn on this podcast and it literally gets my fist pumping with agreement to all of the practices they preach. I HIGHLY urge you guys to check it out, especially if you feel as though you’re in a rut.

She has over 100 posts with a range of topics, has some solo shows and most of her guests have amazing credentials.

You can find her at the your kick ass life podcast and I highly recommend that you do!