Sacred Saturday Episode 49

What You Need Before a Love Spell Happy Saturday! There’s a chain of growth before a magick spell  

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Sacred Saturday Episode 48

Yes or No in Tarot Happy Saturday! How to guide yourself into certainty.  

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Sacred Saturday Video Series Episode 37

5 Skills to Learn or Strengthen Happy Saturday!   Inspired by my journey, here are 5 skills to learn or strengthen! Head to my course portal for the $ALE!

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Season 3 Episode 10


Welcome back to the WAYIYJ Podcast!!!

Season 3, Episode 10 is live!

I’m coming to you today with Holly Simple, illustrator behind Holly Simple Tarot, to talk about being creation! We discuss how it was to create an Oracle and Tarot deck, crowd funding, and stick and poke tattoos!

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Theme song by Cody Valentine


Standing By Your Shit

  The Moon symbolizes fears and illusions within the subconscious. A lot of the times these fears will come up in interpersonal relationships, because if you critique yourself too harshly, more often than not you will project these illusions on other people. Judgement and shame will do that to a person. Living with shame is not the way…

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The Rocking Chair Epidemic

I heard this saying a while back: Worrying is like a rocking chair, it passes the time but doesn’t get you anywhere. I personally find this poignant because worrying has always been my go-to. With lots of practice, it is a fraction of the size of the problem it used to be, but, we are…

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Why “Nurturing” is Not Synonymous with “Codependent”

Remember when I wrote about dichotomous thinking? Well this is a perfect example. Upright, the Empress is the pinnacle of femininity, mothering, abundance, and giving. Reversed she is codependent and blocked creatively. They are two sides of the same card, but that does not mean there isn’t  happy medium. When I started to heal from my…

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Suit of Cups

After writing every day, I’ve run into a writers block as of this morning. In the hopes of jogging some inspiration, I decided to read my cards and see what my energy guided me towards. What was so interesting to me was that the suit of cups kept playing a big role in my reading.…

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