WitchCrafts ( *)


Welcome to your November installment of WitchCrafts! Because I believe so much in harnessing your creative energy to get you out of a rut, I’ve decided to run this segment monthly to get you to shake up your routine.

This segment comes to you with a free print out in the product page. I have spoken before about making lists and I feel that if you suffer from anxiety, like me, you can free up your headspace by just jotting down things to do throughout your week. Taking things one day at a time can seem overwhelming when your schedule has you bogged down, but using resources like a planner or a notebook can really help to release the tension once you’ve physically written down your tasks.


I have created these printouts by month but only containing a week, so you can print out four at a time to complete the set. At the bottom I’ve listed what crystal energy the birthstone corresponding to the month harnesses, and a space to write down a personal mantra.



I personally like to doodle all over my planners. It helps me to meditate a bit. If you have adult coloring books, you know what I mean by this.


My example has a lot of detail, but feel free to make it your own. It is important that this reflects your comfort level. These were made to help ease the burden of the upcoming week.

So get out your colored pencils and get cracking! It is pretty amazing how easy it is to alleviate stress by just writing things down. Stay witchy, friends ( *)


How Do I Get to Where I Want to Be?


The World signifies wholeness; a complete circle. And that’s what we are all shooting for, right? To feel complete?

Well, after seeking out some less than desirable traits I possess and the woman I would like to become, we have finally come to the last segment of this three part exercise. Hopefully, if you got inspired and decided to do it along with me, your personal obstacles were brought to light as well as the goal you’re gunning for. Bringing this awareness to a surface level presents choices for you at many different times of the day. Now lets explore how to go make the right decision based on my shortcomings versus my inspirations.


Starting with self pity, if I found myself getting sour faced and ready to throw my hands up, I would take a breath and remind myself of Strength. It might seem dark, but through strength and patience you can endure. And the way that I would switch from self pity to patience, was through the work of repeating mantras to myself.

Blocking my heart and setting up walls is another fallback that I exhibit. But as the Ace of Cups reminds us to be open to intimacy and trust our intuition, we must break through the fear of being hurt first. To work through this, I have set intentions for the day, and when a choice faces me, I do my best to act openly and honestly, rather than working with anger and aggression to ward off harm. This one is a big one. But waking up and setting a true intention helps to keep this practice alive. It is very powerful.

The fear of having a lack of direction is a pretty complex one, because it isn’t easily pinpointed. The real problem is the anxiety surrounding the issue. The Queen of Wands lives a busy and active life, and since I want that for myself, I set goals throughout the day to achieve. I must go with the flow during the day, but setting a plan to achieve daily goals helps with the anxiety. Deep breaths help with the rest. Day by day.

Succumbing to anxiety is a big player in my pitfalls, but if I am ever to be as bold and original as the Two of Wands, I must first learn to trust my capabilities and be confident in them. There is no reason not to be; by this time I feel like I have proved to myself how much I can accomplish. But sometimes those voices in your head are better at keeping you down than lifting you up. So in order to combat this, I made a list of all of the times in life I felt that I had overcome something and then wrote how I did it (much like this exercise.) To see everything laid out on paper was visual proof that my anxieties are not as strong as I am, and reminding myself of that when I start to get anxious helps to quell the feeling.

Lastly, taking impulsiveness and taming it with moderation has proven to be a bit easier to do than previously thought. If I feel like I absolutely need to do something, I give myself 24 hours to sit on it. If I still find it to be just as pressing 24 hours later, than I will go through with it. But 9 times out of 10, it just isn’t that important.

These were my findings throughout the week. It proved to be very enlightening to me, and having everything come out so clearly by defining it out loud really helps to make the change. I hope you found some clarity in this exercise as well.

Now in closing, I want to share this awesome quote by Linda Evangelista:

“No one is born with perfect eyebrow.”

I love this quote because not only is such a great metaphor, but its so imperfect in it of itself ( It’s eyebrowS, Linda.) Your whole life is a journey and the way you want to live it is up to you. I intend to live my life up to my full potential, so when I see room for improvement, I go for it. Do I intend to be perfect? Absolutely not. But do I want to find happiness by minimizing my own negativity? You bet. So get your shapers out and start stenciling your perfect brow, because these are my findings from this week. Start finding yours. Stay witchy ( *)

Who is My Ideal Self?

This exercise took manually digging through the cards. But if I were at the top of my game, these are the qualities that I would like to possess, and once I see these in my minds eye, it is much easier to work on attaining them than if they had no definition at all. Lets see the traits that I admire…

Its not surprising that I would choose some Major Arcana and a Queen to look up to, am I right?

Ok so here we go:

The Queen of Wands leads a busy and active life, is cheerful and optimistic, and is self assured. She holds her confidence quietly and isn’t easily rattled.

The Two of Wands is bold and original. He is not afraid to express his ideas. He has the whole world in his hands.

The Ace of Cups represents listening to intuition and the ability to experience intimacy; proceeding with love and an open heart.

Strength shows you can endure through patience, compassion, and soft control.

And finally, Temperance signifies moderation and balance.

All of these qualities are attainable through self awareness and hard work. Making the shift from a negative force to a positive one is as easily understood as shifting your perspective. But it takes dedication and some digging to do so. In the final part of this series, I will show you exactly how I plan to keep working on myself to ensure my happiest life. Stay witchy ( *)

Harnessing your inner bad ass bitch

So today I went to model for my friend @nycrituals (Instagram) in Central Park. Generally this is the kind of project I would shy away from because of its need for confidence in front of the camera. I’m a selfie girl more than anything, which really stems from my control surrounding my beauty quality number. For other people’s vision, however, I end up having an exposure hangover from how exhausting it is to model. But today I woke up on the right side of the bed with an amazing attitude and energy towards this project. Which brings me to my very first topic that I want to cover: ENERGY.

That’s right people. The witch believes in energy 😉
The best makeup is good energy and confidence. However, it’s a bit more expensive than your neighborhood bare minerals powder. It costs loving yourself.

Loving yourself is a lifestyle, and how to get there will unfold in my writing project through the search for it myself 😜. But through your journey, the understanding of the flow of energy will propel you to greatness. On this topic, I believe people limit themselves to a bracket of what they are willing to accept. People will only accept the amount of energy they are willing to give. If it’s not enough: judgement. If it’s too much: judgement. If it’s just right: perfect chemistry. So don’t judge yourself on people’s acceptance of your energy. Harness it to its fullest and you will find your people. I have always been an extremely energetic child and spent most of my life trying to reign back my energy to please other people. “Think before you speak” sort of stuff (which is a wonderful mantra but was a little detrimental to MY creative juices.) Lately I have been letting my hair down and really digging deep into my craziness. No holds barred. I feel it, I live it. My face has done most of the talking for me since I was young; I really wear my emotions out loud. However, I have always hesitated on creative things I was afraid would get backlash on. I couldn’t believe in myself. Well people, today were rewriting the dialouge!! I AM a model. I am whatever I believe I can be. And you are too little witches ( *)