WednesdayWisdoms: Appreciating Your Body


The above photo is from a few months after my battle with bulimia. I wasn’t doing the work, I just stopped throwing up. And I still looked completely miserable.

Regardless of how much work I have put in into loving myself over the years, I can still look at myself in the mirror and pick out reasons to not love my body. I can pinpoint them and mock them for not being “perfect” like they “should” be.

But that is absolute and total bullshit. My body is configured the way it is because it serves a purpose. It allows me to live and breathe, and any other judgement I pass on it is merely voicing the brainwashing tactics of the media.

So for this week’s exercise, I want you to do what I did when I wanted to stop harming my body with bad eating habits. I want you to stand in front of a full length mirror, naked, and complete a body scan.

Start from your toes, and thank them for the purpose they serve as a functioning member of your body, and name that purpose. Move to your feet, up your ankles, to your calves, knees, thighs, butt, hips, stomach, and so on. Thank each part of your body for what is ACTUALLY does, without any scrutiny, and appreciate your body for moving you through life.

I think the biggest reason why I abused my body so much is because I didn’t see it for it’s purpose. I saw it as an image, instead of a vessel for important work. I saw it as “too” this or “too” that, instead of the machine that carries me through life. When we start to take note of the reality of things, away from the messages we receive through the media, we can gain our own clarity and peace. Stay appreciative, and stay witchy ( *)

Loving the Skin You’re In


This topic deserves a lot more time than I can give it at this moment, but I feel compelled to write about it after spending 15 frantic minutes tearing apart my closet to find something I felt good in.

You know when you have those days where nothing fits and your face doesn’t look right and your hair won’t do what it’s supposed to do?

Well fuck those days. They are all in your head.

I just had to sit in quiet contemplation for 5 minutes, breathe, and meditate, to realize I was projecting my anxieties on my mirror. Some days we aren’t so confident. And some days we are. We just have to stay on top of our self worth and not worry so much. We need to look in the mirror, breathe, and be our own cheerleaders. Because I bet the girl you see walking down the street looking like she has it all together has days just like this.

Putting too much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way on any given day is literally killing us. The stress can be unbearable at times. And honestly, its just not that big of a deal.

Now, I’m not saying just roll out of bed, or run around town looking homeless, but if you practice basic human hygiene, feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, and present yourself with grace and class, that is the best outfit anyone can wear.

Over and out witches ( *)