Consistency in a Nutshell


The Magician is all about concentration and action, and if you’ve ever seen someone with a consistent work ethic, it may look to you like they have a magical quality.

Rachel Luna, an ex-Marine and life coach, says it best: consistency is honoring your commitment to yourself. And it really is that cut and dry. When there’s an air of inconsistency, and you feel like you just don’t have enough time to get the work that you need done, it is almost always because you’ve filled your day with things that do not serve you. And rather than watching that fifth episode of Narcos or scrolling through your Instagram explore page, you could be honoring the commitment that you made to yourself to accomplish your goals.

I find it incredibly useful to have a structured schedule for the week. I have days that my blog is supposed to be posted, I have days where I will write and post for My Trending Stories, I have my weekly mornings scheduled to watch the news and work out, and knowing I’ve made those commitments to myself in an organized fashion helps me to stay on top of it. It isn’t witchcraft, it isn’t voodoo, it’s prioritizing. And if you’re anything like me, consistency makes you feel better about your life.

And if you need help in organizing your week, head over to my Products page and print out one of the free weekly planners. It will help in assisting the consistency you’re trying to achieve. Get out there, accomplish your goals, and stay witchy ( *)

WitchCrafts ( *)


Welcome to your November installment of WitchCrafts! Because I believe so much in harnessing your creative energy to get you out of a rut, I’ve decided to run this segment monthly to get you to shake up your routine.

This segment comes to you with a free print out in the product page. I have spoken before about making lists and I feel that if you suffer from anxiety, like me, you can free up your headspace by just jotting down things to do throughout your week. Taking things one day at a time can seem overwhelming when your schedule has you bogged down, but using resources like a planner or a notebook can really help to release the tension once you’ve physically written down your tasks.


I have created these printouts by month but only containing a week, so you can print out four at a time to complete the set. At the bottom I’ve listed what crystal energy the birthstone corresponding to the month harnesses, and a space to write down a personal mantra.



I personally like to doodle all over my planners. It helps me to meditate a bit. If you have adult coloring books, you know what I mean by this.


My example has a lot of detail, but feel free to make it your own. It is important that this reflects your comfort level. These were made to help ease the burden of the upcoming week.

So get out your colored pencils and get cracking! It is pretty amazing how easy it is to alleviate stress by just writing things down. Stay witchy, friends ( *)


Lets Make a List!


The two of wands represents future planning, progress, decisions and discovery.

And if any of you are like me, that gives you anxiety.

When we have all of these projects, due dates, travel plans, and errands swirling around in our heads, we sit in this overwhelmed place and most of the time lose a lot of sleep.

But how do we organize this mess of thoughts? How do we make these seemingly unconquerable tasks a tangible reality? How do we do it???

Well, it might sound all too easy, but if you just write it down, its like it already happened.

I have always had a huge problem with income anxiety. No matter how much I made or how little, there was always a problem with my fear that I couldn’t make it. So one day, I decided to sit down and make a forecasting chart. With a very modest amount, I projected how much I would make in a week, how many pay days were in that month, deducted my expenses and got my profit margin. From that number I committed to a reasonable amount to set aside each week for saving, and I automatically felt a weight of relief.

I know your head is spinning from all that math, but bear with me.

When you make a plan, write it down, and stick to it, your pre-frontal cortex (the one that plans and overthinks) can rest and delegate all of these tasks to your lower brain that works on auto pilot. Every week a set amount goes into savings and all I have to do is look at the progress.

As a supporter of 12 step programs, I like to live by the mantra “One day at a time.”

Guys, this can be applied to ANYTHING.

And this is why I created three lists on my phone.

  1. To do right now
  2. To do this week
  3. To do eventually

Breaking down all of your “to do’s” in a simple, organized manner purges all of that anxiety and helps to clear some space out in your head for what is really important.Have a million things to do after work? Write them down in to do right now. Have some things you know should be done (laundry, etc.) but don’t have time today and its driving you crazy? Write them down in to do this week. Have things coming up in the future and these tasks are mocking you from their space in the calendar? Write them down in to do eventually. Then your anxiety surrounding time management or if you will forget or not disappears, and when you check those bitches off once they are complete its like a thousand Christmas mornings!

This kind of anxiety is manageable and unnecessary. You can have control over it by doing such a simple thing, so why not? Try making a list this week and take note of how you feel. Stay witchy my friends ( *)