Where Are You In Your Journey: Episode 10



Episode 10 is live! Here you’ll meet Lydia Georgantzi, a sweet young actress from Greece who practices self defense. If you’d like to follow up with Lydia you can find her on Facebook or Instagram!


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My New York Anniversary


As the Four of Wands signifies harmony and homecoming, I find it fitting to use it for today, the day that three years ago I moved to NYC.

It has not all been harmonious. Definitely not easy. But my time spent living in this wonderful city has catapulted my growth from just beginning to aspiring life coach.

I think that regardless of where you are in the world, if you are away from your comfort zone you are forced to grow. When your family and friends are far and you’re made to experience things without a safety net, you realize just how strong you are. New York has shown this to me, and I am forever grateful.

This is my forever home, and I will always admire it. From putting you on a pedestal to dragging you through the gutter, this wonderful, dirty, beautiful, fucked up city is one of a kind. Thank you New York. Stay witchy ( *)

People, Places, and Purpose


The frame around this particular card symbolizes the cyclical progression of the human experience. Being that the card in its entirety depicts the world, we are brought to a very important topic in my life: places and their effect (or rather your effect) on the psyche.


Your world is your perception. You perceive what you’re unknowingly looking for. And places will reflect this phenomenon.

In Los Angeles I was miserable. Not because of any particular event (although there were many) but because I was just a miserable person. I lived in misery and it was comfortable there. Until it wasn’t.

After drug addiction, eating disorders, DUI’s and car accidents, I decided to play the blame game and put all of the responsibility on LA. Because it was LA’s fault, I could avoid accountability. And avoid I did. 3000 miles away.

I remember thinking on the plane coming here to move for good that this was it for me. This it where it all changes. This is where I would have some real luck. Because I defined New York as the place I was going to make it and succeed, I did just that. But it was UGLY.

New York held a mirror up to my face in the harshest way and forced me to take a real hard look.

Moving to New York was the absolute kick in the ass that I needed because it forced me to face my demons. Surviving on your own will do that to you. But because I was determined to make New York work for me, and because I knew I couldn’t quit and go anywhere else (or God forbid back home) I rode the wave and got through it. I romanticized New York so much that it in turn became my healer.

You see, because I was looking for misery in LA, I found it at every turn. Rather than eating healthy and loving my body, I found drugs and bulimia to keep me skinny. Rather than cultivating real intimate relationships, I over-drank at bars and parties and endangered myself while sleeping around. And who wouldn’t love all of the miserable repercussions of those self-sabotaging actions?

In New York, I projected the want for change. I asked the sidewalks for it. I looked at the city lights and begged for an answer. And in the universes’ way of testing your will, I sure as hell found it.

I like to think that now, if I went back to live in Los Angeles, I would have a completely different experience. I would attract different men and different job opportunities than the ones that I had. Not that all those that I attracted in LA were bad, but my energy now is completely different than the sad girl’s you all knew and loved. My perception has shifted.

I call it the Orange Car Effect. You usually never think about orange cars, but once you see one, you start noticing them everywhere. If you think everyone in LA is “so fake,” that’s all you’ll run into. If you think LA is bad luck and terrible, well guess what, the universe will deliver that to your doorstep.

LA and I broke up a while ago, and we’ll never be a perfect match. But even though I’m with New York now, I can look back on my relationship with LA and appreciate it for what it was. Because life is what you make of it, and accountability is key. Stay witchy wherever you are. ( *)



Welcome to the first post of Witchy Wisdoms! A writing project full of little wise nuggets of witchy goodness. In the spirit of tapping into my creative forces and holding myself accountable, I’ve decided to do a daily challenge in the form of a blog where everything is at my disposal and nothing is off limits. Thank you for being a part of it!

Rather than starting the blog with a huge backstory, I’d prefer to have my story unfold organically, showing its many layers through different topics. In a short synopsis, however, I’m a native Angeleno who moved to New York City three and a half years ago. Following many experiences and hardships, I’ve learned to celebrate self discovery and integrate self help into my life in a huge way. After quitting an unsuccessful venture in real estate, I’ve decided to become certified as a life coach and this blog is aimed towards chronicling my journey to that goal.

I fully believe there is no better way to help and inspire people than maintaining positivity and living your authentic life. This blog serves as a vehicle to unwrap my truth, and if anyone who reads it can benefit, then I have already begun doing important work that I can be proud of. The most amazing thing to me is to see my friends grow and practice setting personal boundaries so that they can flourish while protecting the very factors that make them unique and beautiful. This blog will explore all of these avenues to spin a beautiful web of magic directed at self help.

So why witchy? What even is witchy? Good questions, all. Since this blog is a venture in personal truths, it is extremely vital for me to add my own flair and emphasize my personality. As a spiritual person who loves all things supernatural, and a person who owns a 95% black wardrobe, I decided that my brand was inevitably witchy. This isn’t a pagan blog, and no one is trying to push religion on anyone, but it is pertinent that my style shine through this writing project one thousand percent.

I hope you all enjoy my little ramblings and can benefit in any way, and I look forward to any feedback you feel compelled to give! Stay tuned and stay witchy ( *)