Happy New Year from WitchyWisdomsHQ!!

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Happy New Year my beautiful WitchBabes!!

This photo was taken in Berlin last New Years Eve, and I was so lucky to spend it with my sister dancing all night long to 90s American pop music. This year I was busy working, but I am grateful all the same. But it has me thinking…

The New Year has me reflecting and repurposing much of my business, Craft, and lifestyle, so get ready for some major changes happening over here!

For starters, this blog will no longer be so frequent. I honestly have begun to resent the task of sitting down and writing it, and its starting to feel forced. So, to bring the magic back to life, I’ve decided to cut back and only post on a Full Moon, so I can bring you a long reflection full of inspiration, rather than a contrived weekly post.

That being said, my email list WILL go out every Monday now, with tips, tricks, inspiration, witchy goodness, and updates! So be sure to subscribe to that so you don’t miss out.

And remember, tonight is a Super Full Moon in Cancer, with an emotional air and a powerful energy to kick off the New Year. Get your rituals ready, take out your journals, and pull some cards tonight. It should be highly insightful for your shadow self and the year to come!

To a beautiful 2018, to resting and relaxing today, and to staying witchy ( *)


WitchCrafts ( *)


Welcome to the December installment of WitchCrafts! Because I am abroad, this tutorial is super easy, but that is also good news for you!

On my birthday in October, I made a bunch of drinks for my guests, including a super sparkly witches brew featuring the liqueur Viniq.

I wasn’t too impressed with the sweetness of the liqueur, so I went online to try to figure out how to make my own sparkly version for Christmas and New Years.

Well, it turns out you can buy pearl luster dust on Amazon and just use it in anything you want.

It’s literally so easy and you feel like a fairy princess.

So since a Christmas tradition of ours is to drink mimosas while we open presents, we got up somewhat early to go and find Prosecco and orange juice. Well, not realizing that this is Rome and Christmas is an incredibly important holiday, we came to find that every shop was closed. Seriously. Every single one.

Walking back to our Air BnB feeling a little disappointed, my sister had us turn down a small street that took us the easiest route back.

Well lo and behold, the only shop in miles that was open was on this block, and we were able to get Frizzante and a grapefruit to make makeshift- almost-mimosas to drink while we opened our presents! Then we dumped some luster dust in these bad bitches and let the festive feeling commence.

The most important part of this morning was being together and keeping a tradition alive. And we got a little Christmas miracle to help make this happen.

Happy Holidays witchies!  ( *)