Sacred Saturday Video Series Episode 22

Hating Your Circumstances Isn’t Working Negativity around what you’re doing won’t help you get out of it. Check out this video!

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Season 3 Episode 11


Welcome back to the WAYIYJ Podcast!!!

Season 3, Episode 11 is live!

I’m coming to you today with a super duper extra special podcast to talk about your 9-5/ side-hustle!! I’m sitting with my best friend Ashley Pena and we answer your questions with coping mechanisms around what provides you a paycheck!

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Boundaries in Business

It’s one thing to invest in yourself, change your life for the better, and heal with intention. I was on that journey a few years ago and am so happy I made the decision to do so. However, it’s an entirely different story to make this path into your business. I’ve worked with quite a…

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Season 2: Episode 12 Season 2, Episode 12 is live! And this is the last episode of the season!!!!!!! I’m coming to you solo today to discuss creatively switching up your thought process and how it can lead to successful manifestation. I thought it would be a great way to tie up the season, and I even have…

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Rerouting Conversations

The theme in my life the past two months has been of negativity, paranoia, and betrayal. What fun is that?! In fact, it’s come to my attention that a lot of my interactions with friends has been circling around complaints and assumptions. That, my dear sweets, is a recipe for disaster. Here’s how it all…

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When You’re Stuck in a Negative Energy Vacuum

I have been in a situation that I will allude to cryptically, but it is not one I can easily walk away from. There are a lot of personalities that I’ve come across lately that include entitlement and plain disrespect, and it’s kind of turned my entire world upside down. When faced with a barrage…

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WednesdayWisdoms: Releasing the Negative

When shitty things happen to you, and they will through the course of your life, you have two clear routes to take. As discussed in the previous post, you can turn to whiney victimhood, or to raw vulnerability that helps you move on in an organic way. But before you get to this fork in…

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Showing Up with the Right Attitude

Have you ever had a day where you dreaded going to work? Or had an event you really didn’t want to go to? Well, so has everyone else. However, if you show up with a good attitude, you might find some silver linings. The power of a positive attitude is unsurpassed. Taking a minute for some…

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