The Importance of Mantras


As the Star implies hope, inspiration and serenity on a large scale, so do mantras for your daily life.

Whenever you feel as though you are out of your groove or are just having a bad day, you can reach into your pocket and pull out a mantra to repeat to yourself to get out of your funk. It’s amazing what power repetition and breath give to these small little phrases.

For example, when I’ve had a long day at work and am not looking forward to talking to more people, I repeat to myself “You never know who will walk into your life, so be kind to everyone,” and instantly I feel better. It’s almost as if this wise little truth bomb is a magic wand for the psyche.

There are many different mantras one can use for different facets of their lives. Whatever is true to you and whatever you really believe in has a power in it of itself. So when you use these mantras to remind you of your core values, you’re just allowing yourself to stand up and take back control of your emotions. It’s quite a powerful thing!

If you don’t have a mantra, search the web. There are an endless amount of phrases to choose from, and when you find one that jumps out at you, use it when you need it. Here are a few examples to get you started:

So start chanting, live fully, and stay witchy ( *)


Showing Up with the Right Attitude


Have you ever had a day where you dreaded going to work? Or had an event you really didn’t want to go to? Well, so has everyone else. However, if you show up with a good attitude, you might find some silver linings.

The power of a positive attitude is unsurpassed. Taking a minute for some deep breathing, concentrating on being positive, and letting the negativity go has a lot of rewards. For one, it alleviates stress. Two, it it helps you gain an opposite perspective. Going into something undesirable with a negative attitude only makes the situation twice as unbearable. If you have an (at least) neutral attitude about said event, you will have a better time because you’ve opened yourself up to it.

Much like a magician, you have the power to change your attitude. It takes a little bit of work at first, but after that, its just a little reminder. I, for one, like meditation and mantras. Those serve as my time for reminders. And they always will. Because being automatically positive 100% of the time is not only unattainable, but its fake. So to strive for that is really far-fetched.

Working on having a positive attitude one day at a time reaps a lot of benefits. People want to be around positive people, don’t you? So stay positive, and stay witchy ( *)