Season 3 Episode 12


Welcome back to the WAYIYJ Podcast!!!

Season 3, Episode 12 is live!

I’m coming to you today with a solo on the season finale!! I’m spilling the beans about my latest speaking event, negotiating a fair deal, and client resolution. Plus, I have a sneak peak into my rebrand!!

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Where Are You In Your Journey: Episode 11 Episode 11 is live! Here you’ll meet Catarina Carlson, a very old friend of mine who sheds some beautiful light and insight on loss and love. If you’d like to follow up with Cat you can follow her on Instagram ( *) Tune in below and on iTunes ( *)

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Where Are You In Your Journey: Episode 5 Episode 5 is live! Today I have a guest who has chosen to be anonymous. She helps to shed some light on being in an image based industry, struggles with weight as a child, and plastic surgery. Tune in below and on iTunes ( *)

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Attitudes and Appreciation

“The Four of Swords is a card of meditation and going within. When we quieten our mind and allow ourselves a peaceful moment, we can find it within ourselves to acknowledge and give thanks for everything that we have and that we feel.” Biddy Tarot It is so hard sometimes to be grateful for what…

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