June Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe

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June Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe



Temperatures may rise on the 5th under the Sagittarius full moon, but it does offer an opportunity for conclusions to any issues you’ve facing. If it’s arguments about money and/or art that you’re having, pay extra attention to your triggers and responses since Venus will still be retrograde. Mercury in Cancer joins the big retrograde party in the sky on the 18th. This retrograde creates a challenge in your life, one that invites you to learn a lesson around speaking to people from a place to tender emotion. I emphasize the word tender because I know you feel things deeply, but can you work to express yourself with tenderness? Next up will be the Cancer new moon and solar eclipse on the 21st, which beckons an unexpected shift in your internal life. This shift pushes you into a new mode of action, which can be daunting if you don’t recognize this as an opportunity to level up. Neptune in Pisces will be stationing retrograde on the 23rd, I kid you not, another retrograde! The effects won’t be felt too deeply by you, Aries, since you tend to look at life pretty realistically already. The month ends on a good note with Venus in Gemini stationing direct. This station brings you an opportunity for money making through a hobby or side project, though it may not fully manifest until July.


The month begins with a Sagittarius full moon in the 5th. For you, this is a shifting energy, so watch as one thing in your life transmutes into another under this moon. The 5th will be less about release and more about change. Mercury in Cancer will join the already intense amount of retrograde energy in the cosmos on the 18th. This will be a good thing for you, as you will likely be presented with an opportunity to re-evaluate a conversation from the recent past in order to understand it on a deeper emotional level. Like all retrogrades, this is an opportunity for growth and reflection. Then, on the 21st will be the Cancer new moon and solar eclipse. You will have an opportunity to begin a new project or work from home endeavor, however, this opportunity will not fall into your lap, you must create it for yourself. The solar eclipse offers you deep inner strength and reflection. It is an internal waking up. Neptune may be stationing retrograde two days later on the 23rd, but this may actually help shake the realism into you that’s needed in order to get to work on your dreams, especially relating to the opportunity from the Cancer new moon. On the 25th Venus in Gemini will station direct once again, giving us all an opportunity to put our money where our mouth is and prove that we’ve healed our money wounds. Abundance is yours; journal about it.


The month starts off with a Sagittarius full moon the 5th. This moon will present you with a decision that must be made regarding what you need to release in your life or business. It’s important to remember that you cannot miss what is meant for you. Up next, on the 18th, Mercury will station retrograde in Cancer. I know what you’re thinking, “another retrograde?” But fear not because this Mercury retrograde won’t affect you too deeply, especially if you have multiple Gemini placements in your chart. Still, make sure to save your work, double check that you have your keys, and don’t put liquids next to your electronics. A few days later, on the 21st, is the Cancer new moon and the beginning of eclipse season, starting with a solar eclipse. An inner realization on this day helps you to invite in better saving and budgeting habits, Cancer is good at holding onto things (and you can be too). Then Neptune will station retrograde as well on the 23rd. It will be retrograde for 5 months, just what we need in 2020, am I right? When it reaches the same degree as your sun sign, you’ll be forced to take realistic action towards your dreams. We can breathe a sigh of relief on the 25th since Venus in Gemini will station direct. The 25th will feel like a standstill to you, but then after that things will pick up in an abundant way regarding money and love.


It’s time to release on the Sagittarius full moon on the 5th. Take some time to grieve the summer BBQs, camping trips, weddings, and birthday parties that must be cancelled. Give yourself the space to cry, vent, journal, angrily scrap book, or pour one out under the Sag full moon. Mercury will station retrograde in Cancer in the 18th, which offers you an opportunity to do some shadow work around budgeting and planning, as well as strengthening your ability to properly articulate your feelings. Believe it or not, those things often go hand in hand. The new moon in Cancer and solar eclipse will be on the 21st, and under this moon a new portal is opening for you. A new journey is yours, you simply must claim it. Pay attention to new feeling felt on that day. Neptune in Pisces will join the retrograde party on the 23rd. Since this is an outer planet it will be retrograde for most of the rest of this year, and at some point you’ll experience something like a band aid being ripped off regarding a delusion you have about your big dreams and life goals. Lastly, Venus in Gemini stations direct on the 25th, bringing you good fortune in direct relation to the healing you’ve been invited to do in the past 5 weeks.


Honesty is the best policy, but your sincerity may reach a point of contention under the Sagittarius full moon on the 5th. Whatever transpires, good or bad, will happen quickly. Whatever is released needs to be released, trust that and let it all flow on the 5th. On the 18th Mercury will station retrograde in Cancer, but you shouldn’t be too worried about it, especially if you have multiple Leo placements in your chart. Just remember to save, double check, bite your tongue, and be careful when you bring your phone into the bathroom. Eclipse season starts on the 21st with a new moon in Cancer and solar eclipse. You may not experience anything too radical on that day but pay attention to the synchronicities.  Next up, Neptune in Pisces will be the 6th planet to station retrograde on the 23rd! You may find that between now and the end of November, when Neptune stations direct, your reality make take on a new strange shape. Lean into it. Opportunities begin to resurface around money at the end of the money with Venus in Gemini stationing direct on the 25th. July promises opportunities of abundance for you.


Something out of your control happens on the 5th under the Sagittarius full moon. The lesson to be learned here is about knowing when to preach and when to save your breath. Look to your Sagittarius ruled house for more information. Then, on the 18th, Mercury in Cancer will be the next planet to join the retrograde party in the sky. You will have an opportunity to recreate something in your life/biz planning or budget. Look for what needs to be revamped in your day to day. Next up is the Cancer new moon and solar eclipse on the 21st. A brilliant new idea pops into your head under this moon and eclipse, trust it and push forward with it. Then, Neptune in Pisces will station retrograde on the 23rd, which takes off everyone’s rose-colored glasses. But you’re usually a realist, except perhaps when it comes to yourself. It’s possible that a decision must be made about what you do and do not believe about yourself. The month ends with a bit of relief as Venus in Gemini will station direct on the 25th, meaning that July should be less stressful money wise if you’ve been doing the work that this retrograde offered.


The month begins with a Sagittarius full moon on the 5th. This day will present you with an opportunity to release or say goodbye to a life philosophy that is no longer needed or isn’t working for you. And then we have yet another planet stationing retrograde on the 18th: Mercury in Cancer. Emotions may run high during this retrograde period, and an unexpected event may push you to articulate your emotions in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. Reflect on why it felt uncomfortable to you. Eclipse season begins with the Cancer new moon and solar eclipse on the 21st. This day may feel tumultuous emotionally, like you’re in the front car of a rollercoaster. Think of this not as a misfortune, but an opportunity to learn something new. A few days later, on the 23rd, Neptune in Pisces stations retrograde as well! You prefer to look at life in a more beautiful way than others, but this retrograde will move you into some uncomfortable positions. It can be scary, or it can be empowering if you’re open to it. The month ends with Venus in Gemini stationing direct on the 25th. If money blocks had been in your way during the past few weeks of this retrograde, I can assure you that those issues will cease, and money will flow to you lovingly in July.


With all the retrograde energy in the air, it’s ok to give yourself a break on the Sagittarius full moon on the 5th. You may find that you are exactly where you need to be after all. Next up, Mercury will add to the backwards energy by stationing retrograde in Cancer on the 18th. Issues with money, home, and how you communicate about those things will rapidly progress in the next month. Remember, retrogrades are a time of tough lessons, and you love tough love lessons. A portal is opening in your soul under the Cancer new moon and solar eclipse on the 21st. Look to you Cancer ruled house for more information about where this beginning is taking place in your life and remember, since this is a solar eclipse, this is a new way of thinking, believing or perceiving. After that, Neptune will be the next planet to station retrograde on the 23rd. At some point this year, while it is retrograde, a lie will become revealed to you in truth. The situation will move quickly and painfully, but it’s for your benefit that you know the truth. The month wraps up with a bit of good news, Venus in Gemini will station direct on the 25th! Your relationship to money has changed, how so? Journal about it.


The Sagittarius full moon on the 5th may feel like a purge of your soul. A deep belief you once held onto dearly can be released under this moon. You thought retrograde season was over? Well, Mercury in Cancer stations retrograde on the 18th and it offers you an opportunity to learn lessons around saving and budgeting. Stressors may pop up in correlation to these lessons, but if you are able to see these as invitations, then you will have an opportunity to level up. Next up is eclipse season, starting with the Cancer new moon on the 21st. This is honestly an unpredictable shift; an inner realization will come to you and it might feel illuminating or scary. Next, Neptune in Pisces will decide to join the backwards movement in the sky, stationing retrograde on the 23rd. Over the course of the next 5 months that Neptune will be retrograde, a stressful situation will force you to see the harsh reality of your life. But fear not, we get a slight release when Venus in Gemini stations retrograde a few days later, on the 25th! You should have a clear idea about a decision that you need to make.


The Sagittarius full moon is on the 5th, and it will be an invitation to release the need to teach others. Not everyone needs to do things the same as you do and not everyone is open to learning from you. Next, Mercury will station retrograde on the 18th in Cancer. I know what you’re thinking, “another retrograde?” Just you wait! Your personal messaging becomes especially important over the next few weeks of this retrograde. You’ll need to make a decision about how you want to tell your story. The Cancer new moon will be on the 21st, this will also be a solar eclipse. An emotional shift will jar you and create change in your inner world. You decide how you move forward from this; no one can make this decision for you. When Neptune in Pisces stations retrograde on the 23rd most of the world will groan, but not you. These 5 months of realism opens new doorways which help you achieve your dreams. You’ll enjoy the clarity of this retrograde. The month concludes with Venus in Gemini stationing direct on the 25th. Celebrate by journaling what you’ve learned about the energetic relationship between yourself and money over the past few weeks.


 The month starts off with an opportunity to release a dogma on the 5th under the Sagittarius new moon. This opportunity will be presented to you by someone or something, it’s not an opportunity which you create for yourself, so keep your eyes peeled on the 5th. When Mercury in Cancer stations retrograde on the 18th it will feel kind of like everyone is speaking a foreign language to you, try your best to learn it. If you can’t learn it, practice finding humor in the miscommunications. The Cancer new moon on the 21st will also be a solar eclipse, ushering us into eclipse season. A confusing emotional response clears a path for something new in your life, don’t try to over analyze your response. We have one more retrograde station to talk about, and it’s Neptune in Pisces on the 23rd. This won’t have a huge impact on you Aquarius, you’re a dreamy realist so you’ll find this to be a mild transit with some enlightening moments of welcome truth. The month ends with some good news; expect forward momentum regarding love and money when Venus stations direct in Gemini on the 25th! July is looking abundant af.


You won’t be fully in control of what transpires under the Sagittarius full moon on the 5th, but the aftermath will force you to release a belief you’ve been holding onto for too long. Mercury in Cancer stations retrograde on the 18th, with this you can expect communication issues to do with family and family matters to pick up rapidly. You may need a life vest to help you ride the waves this Mercury retrograde, but you may also find it to have extremely positive results on your life. Then, on the 21st will be the Cancer new moon and solar eclipse. Solar eclipses affect us internally, and this one is emotionally potent. You may find that stale emotions transmute into a shocking new revelation. Next, on the 23rd Neptune will be the 6th planet to station retrograde in the past two months. Any delusions you’ve held about who you are and who you are not will be stripped away. Good, it’s time to remember who the fuck you are! Your relationship with money is not done healing, even though Venus in Gemini stations retrograde on the 25th. You still have one more hurdle to cross, so remember, money is energy.

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Jasmine is an intuitive tarot reader, numerologist, and esoteric blogger living and worshipping the sun in California. Between typos and curse words she makes spirituality digestible to the modern world. In her work she strives to inspire defiant self love by serving it with a side of sass.

Find her on Instagram @satin.saturn

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Season 3 Episode 1



Welcome back to the WAYIYJ Podcast!!!

Season 3, Episode 1 is live! Wahoo!

I’m coming to you today with Gabriella Herstik, LA based witch and author, to talk about starting up a career in writing. We discuss practical strategies for getting gigs, how to get big names in your byline, and channeling your matron Goddess.

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Full Moon in Virgo Reflections

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Theme for this Full Moon = PUMPED.

This Full Moon is 11 degrees Virgo, which amplifies it’s energy with the use of a power number. We’re feeling a lot of energetic shifts, especially if you consider where Virgo lies on your astrological birth chart.

So, coming into this Full Moon I had just arrived back from vacation on a Red Eye. And even though I still work on vacation, or I schedule posts/ emails so I have some free time, I always come back feeling like I haven’t done enough. I get this sinking feeling that taking time for myself has been a detriment and I have ruined everything I built by going away for a few days. I freak out and my anxiety bubbles up and then…


Guilt. Nervousness. All recipes for self sabotage. And why? Because I took a break to see my family?? No no, now it’s time to rewrite the narrative.

If you have been following my blog from the beginning, you know that personal development is 24/7 work. And running a business effectively is contingent on your own self care. Nothing you grow will flower from dead soil. So since I have been cataloging my journey, even I have down periods where I don’t follow my own WitchyWisdoms.

But I have noticed incredible progress. What used to be down periods of weeks, or even months, my down period this time was 12 hours. That’s it. 12 hours of lying in bed, binge watching Netflix (because every human deserves to be human) and then I woke up, meditated, and got back on the damn horse.

And guess what? Nothing in the world changed! All of that anxiety was self inflicted, and even though it could have been avoided, I’m grateful that it only lasted half a day. Progress is progress, and even baby steps move you forward.

And compared to a few years ago, these baby steps got me out the house and down the street!

I feel a lot of the Devil coming in to running my own business. It’s a lot of obsession over doing things all the time, right away. So to curtail that, I have set up a set schedule within my morning routine. Since my phone is my primary tool for work, I don’t use it at least one hour before bed and one hour after I wake up. I have two complete hours for me. Because guess what? Those clients can wait. I need to be fully me to serve, so in the end, they’ll thank me for waiting.

It was also very important to me to stick to a routine while I was away. Sometimes I have a tendency to have too much fun, or sleep to late, or eat the wrong foods just “because I’m on vacation.” But waking up with my morning ritual helps to set a pace of mindfulness throughout the day so I don’t go off the rails. If you throw everything to the wind because you have an excuse, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

The last time I went away to California, it took be a couple weeks to bounce back. But today, I’m feeling ripe and ready for action. Yesterday was fabulous, today was fabulous, and tomorrow will be fabulous as well. And I can attribute that to this Full Moon in Virgo, which lights up my 12th house, and has to do with closure and spirituality. Gone are the days of endless self sabotage with a spiral and a freak out. I have honored my healing, I know what it takes, and I stay on top of it.

Tonight will be WitchTastic with a Full Moon bath, manifestation spells, and a lot of healing love from Mother Spirit.

Stay on top of yourself, keep yourself accountable, and stay witchy ( *)

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