Season 2: Episode 11


Season 2, Episode 11 is live! Today’s interview is with the witchy woman behind Witch Baby Soap, Chelsea Selby! In this episode we discuss her creative process, mood boards, and how to harvest a creative environment for your children!

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Season 2 Episode 2


Season 2, Episode 2 is live! In this interview, I get acquainted with creativity coach and inspiration for women in mid-life, Sue Lyon-Myrick! We talk about finding your passion after children and using a smart phone camera to capture daily inspiration. Find her on Instagram under @suelyonmyrick_creative or through her program the Reignite Your Life E-Course!

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WitchCrafts ( *)


Well, it’s the end of February and time for another dose of WitchCrafts!

Today we’re going to make some incense holders from used materials. They’re really easy to make and very cute, so let’s put some flair into your spiritual practice!

First you’ll start with these materials:


  • Small bottle (I used an old bitters bottle from work, but any small bottle will do. I cleaned mine out and scraped off the label to be left with a transparent bottle.)
  • Lid (I used one from a Lays Chips container, and then spray painted it black.
  • Black spray paint (See above)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Decorative sand

So first things first, I spray painted the lid black to match the sand I chose. Feel free to get funky with the colors; I generally lean towards black with most things.


Once your lid is dry, warm up your hot glue gun and rim the bottom of the small bottle with enough glue to make it stick, but not enough so it bleeds outward.


Stick the bottle on the lid so you have a place to catch the ashes and fill the bottle up with sand.


Place incense inside and you’re ready to go!


I bedazzled mine around the rim, feel free to add any touch to make it your own.

Get creative and stay witchy ( *)

WitchCrafts ( *)


Hello hello witchy readers!! Because I believe so much in getting creative and using that part of your tool belt to get you out of  rut, I’ve decided to do a monthly WitchCrafts segment! The Ace of Cups runneth over with creativity, and so will your heart when you get cracking on these projects!!

In honor of Halloween and the opportunity to host a kick ass party (as I am doing for my birthday) I decided to make some Witchy Wine Charms! They are really easy to make and you can do it while watching a scary movie and sipping a cocktail, exactly as I did.


I buy all of my materials on eBay, so it’s extremely affordable to make these guys. You can also just input exactly what is on the list into the search bar and they should come right up.

Alright, all you need for these wine charms:

  • memory wire (ring size)
  • small beads (I used small amethysts)
  • small pendants (I used sterling skull charms so I had to fasten jump rings)
  • craft pliers (I used flat nose, they worked better with the strength of the memory wire)
  • wire cutters

So first step is to get all of your supplies together. I like to do a bulk of one step at a time to produce more faster, but you can make your charms individually too. I suggest, if you bought charms instead of pendants (the circle on top is facing with the hole on the front instead of the side) to put your jump rings on these guys first so the charm lays correctly.


Then were going to go through and cut each memory wire ring. You want about a quarter inch on each side (so half inch in total that crosses.)

After you have your individual ring, bend back the loose portion on one side to create kind of a loop. It doesn’t have to be perfect but its necessary for the beads to stay on.

Then thread your bead, then charm, then other bead onto the memory wire.


Then bend back that last loose side to complete the charm!


Fasten the two loops around the glass and you’re ready to party without losing your drink.




Hope this was as fun for you as it was for me! Party smart and stay witchy ( *)

Creativity is Healing


Symbolizing creativity while letting your emotions shine through, the Ace of Cups has water over flowing with spiritual awakenings.

Being creative is an important part of every persons life. Whether you think you are traditionally creative or not, you possess the ability to have creative expression.

I, for one, have always been creative. As a child, I played piano for 10 years, guitar for 4, wrote music, sang, wrote stories, painted, drew, and invented made up companies and toys. My childhood was full of creation, but after a 4 year long stint with drug addiction, followed by trying to get my shit together (pretty unsuccessfully,) I lost a lot of my creative practice.

When I lived in LA, I at least sang frequently. Karaoke nights were a big thing for me and my friends. Driving in the car I would belt out my favorite songs, stuck in traffic with the windows rolled down. But moving to New York halted a lot of that. You can’t really sing out loud on the train, unless you want people to think you’re crazy.

Meeting a creative pause did a lot to me, though I didn’t know it. When you feel unfulfilled, you can’t exactly pinpoint what is missing until you find it again. Writing this blog has helped me fill in some gaps that were missing for a while.

Thankfully though, this year has been truly enlightening. I have implemented a lot more hobbies so I don’t feel like I’m wasting away in the hustle. I’m currently sewing pillows. I’m creating jewelry again. And I make a point to sing out loud whenever possible.

You see, you don’t have to have a good voice, dance well, paint well, or whatever to be creative. If you are type A and work in a corporate environment, innovating new procedures can be a form or creativity. Coloring is a form of being creative. Watching new movies and reading books can serve as a creative outlet. These things are important, and they not only can heal you when you are down, but can unlock so many hidden gems inside you.

Harnessing your inner creative bad bitch will provide your life with balance. No one should live a life without the beauty of creative expression. So turn on iTunes and dance like no one is watching. Get creative, stay creative, and stay witchy ( *)