Season 2 Episode 5


Season 2, Episode 5 is live! In this interview, I get acquainted with Master Life Coach and 6 time author, Cara Alwill Leyba. We talk about writing, using inspiration over imitation, and inserting creativity into your everyday style. Find her on Instagram or on her website!

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WednesdayWisdoms: How to Reach Out


It’s hard to reach out to friends or family when you feel guilt or shame surrounding your situation. Those kinds of self-inflicted emotions can hinder your ability to speak up and reach out for the help you need.

So today I’m going to move, step by step, through how to pick up the phone:

  1. Notice your habits:
    • Make a journal or a list of things you tend to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed or down. Do you notice what your go-to actions are? Are you keeping a drinking log of how much you drink and when? Are you sleeping until 1pm instead of getting up at 8 and running like you used to? Has the small bag of chips turned into the family sized bag? What is falling off balance, and why? Is there a reason?
  2. Imagine your best friend called you for the same reason, and play out what you’d say in your head:
    • Would you judge him/ her? Would you scold them? Or would you be kind, loving, and supportive? Chances are, your phone call will go exactly the same way.
  3. Use the 5 second rule:
    • Feel the urge to call? Need help? Don’t give yourself more than five seconds to think about it. Literally count down to 5, and on 1, dial. If it is over 5 seconds, the brain will automatically start to create excuses. This tip is courtesy of miss Mel Robbins 🙂
  4. Reciprocity:
    • Friendships, the real good ones, are not one-sided and hollow. They are deep, nurturing, and loving. If you develop the kind of friendship that serves as a sacred safe space, you will always have support in your time of need. That means when your friend needs a pick me up, you’re there like you want them to be there for you. Being able to cultivate a friendship where you both lift each other up is priceless.

Don’t be afraid witchies. Reaching out is more rewarding than scary. It takes courage, but I know you’ve got that in spades. Get bold, and stay witchy ( *)

Where Are You In Your Journey: Episode 5


Episode 5 is live! Today I have a guest who has chosen to be anonymous. She helps to shed some light on being in an image based industry, struggles with weight as a child, and plastic surgery.

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Where Are You In Your Journey: Episode 1


I’m SO EXCITED to bring the first ever podcast! Here you’ll meet Hannah Fuller, who shares her story about body image, competition, and carving out an identity in an image-driven industry.


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The Green Eyed Monster

Jealousy is tricky. It will pop up when you least expect it, and proceed to torture and consume you. It becomes an obsession.

It is pretty clear, however, that jealousy is just another by-product of insecurity. The “you aren’t good enough” track plays over and over in your head and so you compare yourself to everyone that seems to have what you “don’t.”

Indicated by the reversed position of the Knight of Cups, jealousy comes from acting with emotion over logic, and what is more emotionally controlled than insecurity? This is not a mindful exercise, but rather a learned response to beliefs we have collected throughout our early lives. It has now become a quick draw for whenever that icky insecurity sets in, because it is easier to project outwardly than focus internally.

Now, aside from the obvious problems with this, we also have to understand that the stories that we make up about the people we are jealous of are usually completely untrue. What we see at face value, on Instagram, on Facebook, those are just the versions of us we want people to see. So why wouldn’t that be true of the target of your jealousy?

But lets get a little more specific here and look at jealousy in relationships. Whether you are the jealous one or your partner is, neither is particularly fun to be. While one is running around cherry picking things to get upset about, the other is generally the target of distrust. And you can see here how that will inevitably crumble a union.

Jealousy can be an armor of protection against getting hurt by your partner. Causing a fight over suspicion is easier to do than to trust them. Trust is scary. And when you trust someone who betrays you, it can cause extreme emotional damage.

The Seven of Swords usually indicates betrayal. But what is extremely important to understand is to not let past betrayals get in the way of a new relationship. While you are now wiser than before, and are able to pick up red flags when necessary, you must learn to open your heart fully and trust the other person because you trust YOURSELF. Remember, you can’t paint all the flags red because you are scared. Sometimes a flag is just a flag.

So, bottom line, at the root of all of this jealousy lies insecurity. If this is something you struggle with, I invite you to sit down and make a list. I want you to write down everything that you are in one column, and everything that you are not in another column. I want you to write as close to fifty in each column as you can. And I think you’ll see, as you get further down the list, some of the old beliefs start to get stripped away, and you have to rely on your authentic self for the answers. Stay secure and stay witchy ( *)

How to be Wrong with Grace


Being wrong is just the worst, isn’t it?

The Five of Wands signifies conflict that is far from constructive. Everyone is shouting and no one is listening, so nothing gets accomplished. All the feelings are valid, but everyone is too self absorbed and focused on being “right.”

But what is the point of being right if nothing gets resolved? And what if, by some stroke of misfortune, you’re actually wrong for once?

Well it’s surely a hard pill to swallow, and as a struggling perfectionist, I never want to be wrong. But we are all human, and sometimes it just happens. Whether it be at work, at home, in a relationship, or with a friend, our human interactions leave a lot of room for hurt feelings. However, you can be wrong the right way.

If someone comes to you to address a problem they have with you, opening your ears and heart is the right way to receive the conversation. Reaching for combat to prove that you were right will get you nowhere; it almost always ends in a stalemate.

This is where you reach for Temperance. Balance, patience, and harmony will be your guide. You may not agree with everything the person is saying, and you have every right to stand up for yourself, but remember that being receptive to another persons feelings will get you much farther than shutting them down. Everyone wants to be heard, and an apology wouldn’t hurt either.

So next time conflict arises, don’t fuel the fire. Being right isn’t that important. Strong relationships and showing up as best you can means way more in the long run. Stay compassionate, and stay witchy ( *)