WednesdayWisdoms: Break Out of the Breakup


Breaking up is hard to do, but with these simple tactics, you can get through it so much easier.

Earlier this week I talked about why letting go of heartbreak is so hard, and today I have some tips to ease the pain, including a special invite to my Masterclass starting next Tuesday.

  1. CRYING:
    • This tip is my favorite, because I am a BIG crier. Honestly, I believe that crying, no matter what triggered the tears, helps to wash away what is really bothering you. So, if you can’t cry on cue, I suggest turning on a sad movie, or even a really sad song. Anything that will get you going. Because I promise, you will not stop once you start.
  2. Kickboxing or any other physical activity:
    • If you are angry as fuck, there is nothing better than punching or kicking something. Even running or HIIT works too. Anything to get your body moving, heart pumping, and that negative energy out. Put on some empowering lady music, like Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter,” and get moving!
  3. Meditation:
    • This is a great tip regardless of if you’re going through a breakup or not. Meditation helps to clear a space in your brain, free from anxiety and safe from his name. This practice is a vacation from your sadness and worry. And it doesn’t have to be super traditional, either! Guided meditations from Simple Habit help to focus on someones voice. I like listening to white noise machines that play heavy rain. You can even listen to music and focus on the notes, which also helps to heal your heart chakra. There are plenty of ways to meditate that will suit your needs.
  4. Stop Obsessing (aka BLOCK)
    • This tip is essential, guys. Even if you broke up months ago, if you keep checking his/ her Facebook or Instagram to see if they’re dating someone yet, you’re obsessing. That space, that energy, that you’re using to think about him/ her, could be used to focus on yourself. So, just do yourself a favor and block. It doesn’t have to be with malicious intent, you’re just doing it for your own protection.
  5. Understand frequencies
    • When two people vibrate at the same frequency, an attraction forms. And when the attraction is strong, they form a relationship. Over time, people’s frequencies change. Sometimes for the better, or worse. It just depends on the direction of their growth. When this happens in a parallel motion, the relationship is sustained. However, when the frequencies are mismatched, there is a break in the relationship. And this is a GOOD THING. If you’ve outgrown your partner because you are vibrating at a higher frequency, then great! Appreciate what that person has given you, and move forward. And if you are the one that has been outgrown, take this gift from the universe and use it to focus on yourself. These are both blessings.
  6. Enroll in my workshop
    • Last, but not least, I want to invite my loyal blog readers to the Masterclass I am hosting for the month of August. From August 1st – 31st, join a Facebook group, led by me and my friend Rachel Spencer, with rituals, affirmations, journal exercises, and support from fellow women with heartbreak. Learn more about the class here and register via the link at the bottom.

Heartbreak is hard, I know, but these tips will make it easier. Be well, and I hope to see you all in August. Stay witchy ( *)

Harnessing your inner bad ass bitch

So today I went to model for my friend @nycrituals (Instagram) in Central Park. Generally this is the kind of project I would shy away from because of its need for confidence in front of the camera. I’m a selfie girl more than anything, which really stems from my control surrounding my beauty quality number. For other people’s vision, however, I end up having an exposure hangover from how exhausting it is to model. But today I woke up on the right side of the bed with an amazing attitude and energy towards this project. Which brings me to my very first topic that I want to cover: ENERGY.

That’s right people. The witch believes in energy 😉
The best makeup is good energy and confidence. However, it’s a bit more expensive than your neighborhood bare minerals powder. It costs loving yourself.

Loving yourself is a lifestyle, and how to get there will unfold in my writing project through the search for it myself 😜. But through your journey, the understanding of the flow of energy will propel you to greatness. On this topic, I believe people limit themselves to a bracket of what they are willing to accept. People will only accept the amount of energy they are willing to give. If it’s not enough: judgement. If it’s too much: judgement. If it’s just right: perfect chemistry. So don’t judge yourself on people’s acceptance of your energy. Harness it to its fullest and you will find your people. I have always been an extremely energetic child and spent most of my life trying to reign back my energy to please other people. “Think before you speak” sort of stuff (which is a wonderful mantra but was a little detrimental to MY creative juices.) Lately I have been letting my hair down and really digging deep into my craziness. No holds barred. I feel it, I live it. My face has done most of the talking for me since I was young; I really wear my emotions out loud. However, I have always hesitated on creative things I was afraid would get backlash on. I couldn’t believe in myself. Well people, today were rewriting the dialouge!! I AM a model. I am whatever I believe I can be. And you are too little witches ( *)