May Money ‘Scopes

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May Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe



So, a few days before May, Pluto went retrograde in Capricorn. When/if Pluto returns to about the same degree as your sun (or moon, or rising) sign, you will experience some serious pressure around the transformation of self/life goals. The Scorpio full moon will be on May 7th and the energy of this moon will cause you to slow down, much in the same way quicksand would. Do not struggle or fight against it, that will only make it worse. Next up, on the 11th Mercury moves into Gemini. While Mercury zooms through one of its favorite signs you will have an opportunity fall into your lap, one that involves learning a new skill perhaps. But aside from that you’ll have to buckle up, because 3 more planets will station retrograde: Saturn on the 11th, Venus on the 13th, and Jupiter on the 14th. Each of these retrograde phases bring you an opportunity to reevaluate. The Venus retrograde will bring back an opportunity that you had missed or passed up, especially regarding spending or earning money. The Saturn and Jupiter retrogrades will ask you to evolve your approach to goal setting and life planning. Call in the help of a friend on the Gemini new moon taking place on the 22nd. We all will need some support in the coming months, right now is not the time to go at it alone!


Pluto in Capricorn will be retrograde all month and the following months, until it stations direct in early October. During this transit you will evolve in more ways than one, but unlike the rest of the zodiac, your transformation will be beautiful and welcomed. In May, a decision will have to be made on the Scorpio full moon on the 7th. You’re being called to both level up and grow up; look to your Scorpio ruled house for more information. Up next is a chain of retrogrades, starting with Saturn in Aquarius on the 11th. Then Venus stations retrograde in Gemini on the 13th and Jupiter in Capricorn stations retrograde the very next day. These next few weeks and months are a huge invitation to evolve and reexamine your life. Since three of these retrograde planets will be in fellow Earth sign Capricorn, you can expect these evolutions to happen fast! I know fast isn’t your normal speed, so just try to stay present and don’t dig you heels in too deep. As far as money goes, the Venus retrograde allows you to rework your money story. If you have a block (read: overspending), it will come to the surface under this transit. Next is the new moon in Gemini on the 22nd. This could be a lucky day for you, I suggest that you pick up the phone when it rings and answer all the messages you get.


Pluto retrograde will be rocking us for the next few months, no one will remain the same. Ask yourself, “where do I deserve to take up space?” The 4th of May will be a highly creative day for the collective, but for you specifically. Next, the Scorpio full moon on the 7th offers you a necessary slowing down. There is a block that needs to be acknowledged and worked through under this moon. Your powers of charm, wit, and persuasion are going to be at max capacity for the rest of the month with Mercury moving into Gemini on the 11th. After that the month gets a little sticky with three more planets stationing retrograde. Saturn goes first on the 11th, then Venus on the 13th and Jupiter on the 14th. These all offer you a few weeks (at least) of reevaluation, especially regarding how you monetarily support yourself. Your personal money story and beliefs will come into question, pay attention to where you are overexerting yourself and where you feel lack. The 20th will be a good day to dive back into a creative project that you left behind a few weeks ago. The month wraps up with a new moon in Gemini on the 22nd. Things will make sense on that day, so write things down for your future self so that you know the way home when you start to feel lost.


With Pluto retrograde for the next few months you’ll be pushed to make a huge life decision. Whatever you choose, your life will be forever changed. On the 7th of May will be the Scorpio full moon and you will likely feel extra tired and sluggish. Honor this, you need to purge yourself of emotions today and to do that you must first feel them. Saturn will station retrograde on the 11th causing you to reevaluate a recent adult decision you’ve made. There is an adjustment that you will be invited to make, but it will feel foreign to you. Mars enters Pisces on the 13th, the same day that Gemini Venus stations retrograde. The middle of May is going to feel like quite the standstill, so patient with yourself and others because we really are all in this together. Jupiter stations retrograde on the 14th, this transit will offer you another invitation to choose your destiny. This will likely pertain to an old life goal that has been sitting dormant for some time. Good news on the 22nd, the Gemini new moon will be lucky for you, so pay attention to the small stuff on that day. The month ends with Mercury moving into Cancer. This is the perfect transit to use your voice to tell your story in June.


Pluto will be retrograde all month, stationing direct in October of this year. Its effects will be slow, but you will feel it take shape in your life’s goals. An event on the 7th of May, under the Scorpio full moon, will force you to face a new aspect of your shadow self. Take time to honor it and allow it to speak to you. Mercury moves into Gemini on the 11th and while it’s there you will be given an unexpected opportunity to write, speak, or use your voice. Your heart and authenticity are needed in the world. Saturn stations retrograde on the 11th, and for some of you this transit will cause you to fix a choice you’ve made in your life. Is there a boundary that is no longer working? Venus in Gemini will station retrograde two days later, on the 13th, which will bring an old opportunity back into your grasp. Seize it; times are uncertain, but opportunities presented twice are not to shunned. Next, Jupiter in Capricorn stations retrograde on the 14th, yes that is 4 planets retrograde this month. Limiting beliefs will transform you under the Jupiter retrograde. The month ends with a Gemini new moon on the 22nd, luckily this moon gives you some peace of mind and clarity. Use what you learn on this day to guide you through these next few months.


Pluto will be retrograde for the next few months and you can expect things to move around you quickly regarding the transformation of your career or life goals. This is a good and welcomed transformation since it is in fellow earth sign Capricorn. On the 7th of May will be the Scorpio full moon, and this moon will inspire you. A realization about a limiting belief you have about money can be released today, this opens a portal of abundance to you. Saturn in Aquarius stations retrograde on the 11th, this transit will work in tandem with the Pluto retrograde. Expect big changes over the next 6 months, look to your Capricorn ruled house for more information there. The aggressive planet Mars enters Pisces on the 13th and in the two months it is there you will be faced with a choice. This choice will be about what you have to offer the collective. Also, on the 13th, Venus in Gemini stations retrograde. During this time you’ll be reevaluating how you make money, what skills you have in regard to work and what skills you wish you had. Then on the 14th Jupiter in Capricorn joins the retrograde party, now the third planet in Capricorn beginning its retrograde period. This energy will feel unlucky at first, but I suggest you trust in the process of the cosmos. You’ll logic yourself out of a tough situation on the 22nd under the new moon in Gemini. Then we end the month with Mercury entering Cancer, meaning that in the following weeks you’ll create an opportunity for yourself to share your wisdom with others. You know what they say, the Virgo is always right.


Look to your Capricorn house to understand the pressure and transformation that will be taking place over these next few months with Pluto’s retrograde in Capricorn. Something out of your control will push your personal evolution in these next few months. So stay present on the 7th under the Scorpio full moon, what you need to release will be presented to you. On the 11th, Mercury will move into Gemini. This transit provides you with inspiration and articulation of thought. Your words will hold more power, so utilize this energy for good or for your benefit. An issue may arise around the 11th as well, since Saturn will begin its retrograde phase on that day. A recent plan must be re-evaluated. On the 13th Mars moves into Pisces and Venus in Gemini stations retrograde. This is a confusing day so be gentle with yourself and your approach to daily tasks. Venus retrograde will have you dealing with issues around overspending and needlessly buying. On the very next day we have another retrograde station, this time it’s Jupiter in Capricorn. This transit will push you to get more realistic about your life and what you can achieve. The new moon in Gemini rounds out the month on the 22nd. I’m happy to report that this will be a good day for creativity, new skills, and communication.


Pluto in Capricorn will be retrograde until October. During this time, you will easily slink into the hull of transformation and come out the other side, just in time for your birthday, a newer and shinier you. In May, the Scorpio full moon will be on the 7th, and you’re probably the only sign (aside from Capricorn) that will feel comfortable in this energy. People will be coming to you for guidance. If you run a service based business this is profitable, you have the magick that others seek under that moon. If your Scorpio placement is in an early degree, then Saturn stationing retrograde on the 11th will meet you with an unforeseeable event. Don’t fear, it’s only an opportunity to re-evaluate a part of yourself. Next Mars will begin its two-month transit in Pisces on the 13th which is daunting for most, but not you. You’ll be feeling more spiritually aligned and emotionally tapped in, which brings both business and healing vibes your way. However, on the 13th will be another retrograde station, this time it’s Venus in Gemini. This transit pushes you to look back on recent purchases, are you being frugal or stingy? Smart? Or living in lack mentality? On the next day we are hit with the last retrograde station of the month with Jupiter in Capricorn joining the rest of them. An opportunity to grow is once again presented to you, don’t let it slip away again. The new moon in Gemini is on the 22nd and it’s not a moon you feel particularly comfortable under, but it can provide a reprieve from some darker emotions. Use the logic of this moon to do some future planning. The month ends with Mercury moving into Cancer, meaning that June will be a time when using your personal narrative is going to be your secret weapon.


So, Pluto recently stationed retrograde and it’s going to be moving backwards for the next few months. Change always takes place during a retrograde, keep that in mind as you read on. There will be a Scorpio full moon on the 7th, which is generally a tough moon for many, however it is the perfect moon to purge-whatever it is you feel called to purge. On the 11th Mercury moves into Gemini and at some point in this short transit you’ll have to make a decision. Look to your Gemini ruled house for more information about what that decision will be based in. Also, on the 11th Saturn in Aquarius begins its retrograde phase. This is another long retrograde period that gives you space and time to redefine your boundaries and limitations. On the 13th Mars enters Pisces and Venus join the retrograde party. Over the next few months, it will feel as though things keep slipping through your fingers, but you job is to learn the beauty of letting these things go. Your spending habits will also come into question and you’ll end up changing your mind about a recent choice you’ve made with regards to your bank account. Transits through Gemini will always ask you to make choices and decisions, so the new moon in Gemini on the 22nd will be no different. Remember, you can’t control anything in this life, but you can control how you react.


The outer planets have been in Capricorn for some time, pushing all the seagoats of the world to level the eff up and step into their power. Pluto recently stationed retrograde in Capricorn, meaning that you can expect deep soul transformation, especially if you have Capricorn between the 22nd-27th degrees. On the 7th of May will be the Scorpio full moon. Most fear this moon but for you it is actually lucky and brings good opportunities. On the 11th Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius, but it will dip back into Capricorn in a few weeks. Once again, if you have late degree Capricorn in your chart you will feel this transit deep in your bones. Mars enters Pisces on the 13th giving your work and life and intuition an up thrust of power. Following your gut will strengthen your drive in the next two months. The 13th is another retrograde station day, this time for Venus in Gemini. It’s an opportunity to reassess the different funnels of money thar you have coming in. What’s working and what isn’t? And on the very next day, the 14th, we have the last retrograde station of the month with Jupiter in Capricorn. Yup, 3 Capricorn retrogrades in the sky… and in ourselves. The Gemini new moon on the 22nd is a good day for multitasking or running errands. The month ends with Mercury moving into Cancer, this will affect you next month. It is a welcomed blessing.


Pluto will be retrograde for the next few months, but its effects on you will not be as drastic as others in the zodiac. Quite a few planets will be joining the backwards sky dance this month, but first we’ll have a Scorpio full moon on the 7thof May. Something that happens on that day will push you to face an aspect of your shadow, give it space to be heard and understood under this moon. Your various curiosities build and gain momentum after Mercury moves into Gemini on the 11th, however the actual day of the 11th may feel like a bit of a standstill. Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius on the 11th but it will dip back into Capricorn for a few months. This is an opportunity to re-evaluate your life goals and how you plan to achieve them. Two days later, on the 13th, Venus in Gemini will also station retrograde. Issues around money, your opinion of money, and the story you have about money’s relationship to you, will come into question. Expect a return on a recent investment. The very next day, the 14th, Jupiter in Capricorn joins the retrograde party. This can feel unlucky for many but its impact on Aquarius will likely be benign. The month ends with a new moon in Gemini on the 22nd. This is a moon filled with momentum for you, expect new opportunities to learn and grow to come your way. Journal or free write under this moon.


With Pluto retrograde taking hold for the next few months, this is a time to completely change your life. This evolution won’t happen by chance, you must create it. May starts off with a Scorpio full moon on the 7th, which is a day that will move quickly for you. An issue that has been impeding your life will culminate and see an end. Next up Mercury moves into Gemini on the 11th, the same day that Saturn in Aquarius stations retrograde. The 11th will feel like a standstill but in the following weeks and months you’ll be able to shake off stale emotions and regain a sense of control in your life. Mars enters Pisces on the 13th, the same day as Venus in Gemini stations retrograde. During these transits you’ll feel a deep drive to push your dreams forward and solve the long-standing issues that you have with money. Money isn’t evil and you won’t be evil if you have it. On the 14th Jupiter in Capricorn joins the retrograde party in the sky. This months long transit will guide you towards seizing an opportunity you previously let slip between your fingers. You deserve a second chance. The new moon in Gemini is on the 22nd, and under this moon something unexpected, and perhaps not welcome, happens. This will push you to find more clarity in the present moment. The month ends with Mercury moving into Cancer, meaning that next month you will feel inspired to create more art and tell your story.

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Jasmine is an intuitive tarot reader, numerologist, and esoteric blogger living and worshipping the sun in California. Between typos and curse words she makes spirituality digestible to the modern world. In her work she strives to inspire defiant self love by serving it with a side of sass.

Find her on Instagram @satin.saturn

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