Spellbound Academia

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Welcome to Spellbound Academia, where magick is in the community


For the entire month of October, I have created an online spell casting school that will walk you through each moon phase, through different types of spells, and how to tie it all into Samhain, or the Witches New Year.


What it looks like:

  • 5 weekly emailed videos every Monday with a lesson on spell crafting and an accompanied Workbook (1000$ value)
  • 2 bonus videos (one for the full moon and one for Samhain) (400$ value)
  • Access to a private Facebook group for feedback, support, and findings (2000$ value)


::The Curriculum::


October 1- Introduction// Releasing and protection for the Dark Moon

October 8- New Moon in Libra// Intention setting, pendulums, and Sigils

October 15- Waxing Moon// How to craft your own attraction spells

October 22- Waxing Gibbous// Sex magick and crystals

October 24 *BONUS*- Full Moon in Taurus// Using the energy to guide you

October 29- Waning Moon// Releasing and Restructuring with Tarot

October 31 *BONUS*- A History Lesson on the Witches New Year and how to celebrate!


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Get it off season for 99.99

or 3 payments of 40$!!!

This school is time sensitive because we will be walking through October’s moon phases together, and I won’t be doing this again until next year, yet it is flexible in that the videos will be emailed to your inbox to watch and learn from at your leisure.

If you have any questions at all, please email shawn@witchywisdoms.com for details.



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All sales are final and no refunds will be given. Payment plans are binding contracts and must be fulfilled, whether or not the student finishes the class.