Single Session

Are you struggling with a problem in your business that you can’t seem to get a grip on? Need outside clarity? More importantly, do you need inside clarity?

With this hour long single session, you will receive the following:

  • 60 minutes of coaching
  • Direct work with me to get to the bottom of your blocks
  • Shadow Work and Resistance Work techniques
  • A strategy (homework) to do on your own to break free

Why it’s different from full on coaching:

  • only one session, versus contact with me throughout the course of a month
  • it’s a great first step to re-invigorating your life/ business
  • it’s very intense, working with your shadow in an hour can be a lot to handle
  • extremely enlightening in one session
  • no Tarot reading included

This package is perfect for anyone who:

  • needs big help quickly in terms of mindset vs. strategies
  • has HAD it
  • is ready to implement new ways to cope
  • can handle the dark side of themselves

If this sounds like you, purchase here and add your contact info so we can book your time slot!

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