Ritual Subscription

Because I know you love the moon just as much as me, I’ve packaged my rituals that are valued at *gasp* twelve hundred dollars!

But YOU get it at the ULTRA LOW PRICE of 24$!!!!!

That’s it!!!

What you get:

*** 24 rituals emailed to you 1-2 days before each Full and New Moon throughout the year (that’s only ONE DOLLAR PER RITUAL!!!!)
*** Astrological break down of the Moon’s energy
*** Sample intentions
*** Supplies list
*** A bonus tarot spread for you to work with under each Moon’s energy!

How you pay:

***one time, anytime
***through Paypal, and be sure to leave your current email in the memo line
***by using the link below!!

Then what?

***1-2 days before each pivotal moon, expect a detailed email in your inbox for entire year based on your start date
***That’s it!!!

If you’re not absolutely scrambling to purchase yet, which I highly doubt, you can read some testimonials here.

Otherwise, click HERE and get your Goddess on!!!!