New Year New You Mastermind

Begins 1/31/22

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Hello my magickal babe!

Have you been trying to manifest a New You but feel stuck, lost, and end up sabotaging yourself?

Are you frustrated, flustered, and wondering if anything will ever work out for you?

Have you tried tons of different coaching programs, freebies, webinars, and masterminds to try and figure out what the hell to do?!

Have you had all of those discouraging thoughts seeping into your mind, like

“Maybe what I want just isn’t for me.”

“Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

“Maybe I should just quit.”

Well, trust me babe, I have been there. And I get it.

But what if I told you that there is no “one-size-fits-all” gimmick that will make you thrive? What if I told you these BS coaching modules were designed for the coach that created them, and not for you as an individual?

And then what if I told you I have something that encourages your uniqueness and is designed to make you manifest YOUR WAY?


This program is unlike any I have hosted before. Not only is it based on mindset, spirituality, and success…

It’s based on authenticity and individuality.

Don’t you want to feel good in your skin?

Don’t you want to create freely?

Don’t you want to have FUN?

Well, what if I told you, that the reasons these things have never manifested before is because you need a unique structure that is unlike anyone else’s?

What if I told you, that the negative self talk is arising  because you aren’t being

truly SEEN?

What if I told you, that in order to be uniquely killing it, you can work smarter, easier, and manifest quicker with a 6 month group of like minded women??


That’s right. Full support. No bullshit.  

I have the skills to teach you to how to:

  • Address the negative self talk and it’s origin
  • Set true intentions that will give you a direction to success
  • Hold you accountable
  • Create an environment where your surface desires become your deepest desires
  • Hold those desires in the highest regard
  • And manifest true happiness

Trust me babe, I’ve been there, too.

Before my spiritual practice, I would try a shit ton of random endeavors to try to permeate my life with meaning.

And I’d be good for a month or so.

But then I would fail and feel SO MUCH WORSE 

This happened in careers, my relationships, with weight loss, friendships, the list goes ON.

So what changed?

Well, once I fine-tuned my spiritual practice, and learned to honor my truest self, I started to see a shift in my overall abundance:

  • I had the idea for WitchyWisdoms
  • My blog got tons of traction
  • I was called to hire a coach to help me with my message
  • I booked my first client
  • My Instagram engagement grew rapidly
  • I started a podcast that has women I’ve admired as guests
  • I’ve been asked to write for multiple publications
  • I’ve had hundreds of clients for tarot readings that see the value in my intuition
  • I booked out programs
  • I helped my clients sell out their collections and manifest thousands of dollars
  • I’ve been interviewed for Cosmopolitan magazine and so many more publications
  • I manifested four book deals
  • I got my credit higher, eliminated my debt, and moved into my dream apartment
  • I took off 10 lbs and maintained a healthy routine
  • I now date without anxiety
  • I achieved my goal of hitting 6 figures in my business in the harshest year yet
  • And the wins just keep rolling in!


And you know what the shift was?

I started to address my fears around success in whichever way it came up (love, health, AND career.)

I started to honor who I really was.

I streamlined my brand with my authentic self.

I started to surround myself with inspiration and success.

I employed people to help me stay on track and accountable.

And all of the chips started to fall into place.

If doing this on your own hasn’t worked before, isn’t it time for a change?

Through a Six Module live group program with full access to me and one loose module per month, I can help you stay accountable and get to the root of your blocks so you never have that shitty feeling AGAIN.

This course is held in a group setting on Zoom and Voxer with assignments and rituals!

This partnership is going to build sisterhood and incredible shifts, so get prepared to be more awesome than you’ve ever expected!!!

Module One: Goals

We dig deep into the root of what you want and why you want it, refining your goals to fit you and becoming more tangible than you ever dreamed!

  • Featuring a 90 minute group zoom call with a lesson, valued at 1500$
  • Featuring one 30 minute solo call for each attendee, valued at 415$
  • Featuring an entire month in a Voxer group chat for check ins, updates, and coaching, valued at 1111$

Module Two: Boundaries

OOOWEEEE this notion changed my entire life and I couldn’t resist making an entire month about it. Were going to enforce boundaries and learn the magick of “No.”

  • Featuring a 90 minute group zoom call with a lesson, valued at 1500$
  • Featuring one 30 minute solo call for each attendee, valued at 415$
  • Featuring an entire month in a Voxer group chat for check ins, updates, and coaching, valued at 1111$

Module Three: Shadow Work

This month we’re digging deep into your shadow and honoring it so we can rid ourselves of pesky emotions like shame and guilt.

  • Featuring a 90 minute group zoom call with a lesson, valued at 1500$
  • Featuring one 30 minute solo call for each attendee, valued at 415$
  • Featuring an entire month in a Voxer group chat for check ins, updates, and coaching, valued at 1111$

Module Four: Action Steps

Now that we’ve dedicated three months to foundational work, we’re going to put some elbow grease on it and take ACTION. Get ready to celebrate!

  • Featuring a 90 minute group zoom call with a lesson, valued at 1500$
  • Featuring one 30 minute solo call for each attendee, valued at 415$
  • Featuring an entire month in a Voxer group chat for check ins, updates, and coaching, valued at 1111$

Module Five: Magick

Boundaries and action steps are crucial tools to nail down before spell work, but now you are READY! This will be the most witchy month you’ve ever had!

  • Featuring a 90 minute group zoom call with a lesson, valued at 1500$
  • Featuring one 30 minute solo call for each attendee, valued at 415$
  • Featuring an entire month in a Voxer group chat for check ins, updates, and coaching, valued at 1111$

Module Six: Refinement

What’s left? Where do we feel we still need work? This month is open ended and dedicated to YOU.

  • Featuring a 90 minute group zoom call with a lesson, valued at 1500$
  • Featuring one 30 minute solo call for each attendee, valued at 415$
  • Featuring an entire month in a Voxer group chat for check ins, updates, and coaching, valued at 1111$


While I wait for the previous group program attendees to write up their glowing reviews, just check out what my other clients said about their experience with me:

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Is it worth it?

Do I have time?

Will I improve?

Is it tailored to me specifically?

Will it impact my business?

The answer to all of these questions is YES. Shawn has an incredible way of presenting the information – inspiring you – and scheduling it so you don’t feel incredibly overwhelmed. You get responses that are specific responses about you and your business. To be honest – I read everyone’s feedback and learned so much from all of it. It’s action packed and intensive but in a way that makes you hyper-focus on your message/intention and how to communicate that to your clientele.

And let’s just talk about results for a minute here. My calendar is 100% booked because of the focus and insight I received from this lovely program.

Sign. Up.

You won’t regret it.

–Callie Fay Nichols

List of accomplishments since the group program:

  • Approached by HGTV
  • Quit her day job
  • Developed a new Instagram
  • Booked out her calendar
Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 11.36.02 AM

Thank you so much for all of your feedback and guidance during this Brand Bootcamp, Shawn! I have been SO excited from all the guidance that I have immediately lifted off to implement your sage advice. This program was incredible because I feel like you covered the basics of Branding for those who aren’t as familiar all the way to the finesse of Branding which I lacked previously. I am so grateful I listened to my gut and took the dive, because now I feel like I have the tools in my toolkit to start attracting, connecting, and building a genuine tribe and following of my own. And I’m so excited for it, because before it was a hollow, superficial dream, but after getting clear on my audience, who my niche is, and how I can be a SERVICE to them, I am just excited to connect and use my skills to help them as you have helped me. I really enjoyed all the writing prompts and assignments we had to get clear on who we are, our brand identity, and our niche. I really believe writing is pure magic, because as soon as you write something down, you are putting it out into the Universe for it to come true. You are clarifying your intentions which just magnifies the attraction. I am walking away from this program knowing more about myself, how I can tell the story of my Brand, and who my niche is. And that is pretty, freaking, exciting! <3 I am so excited for your next batch of Brand Goddesses, and honored to have been the first one to sign up, because they better be lining up for such an awesome opportunity!

— Eileen Marie

List of accomplishments since the group program:

  • Published her zine Magikats
  • Completed her book Cosmic Wanderlust after 5 years of work
  • Increased her overall Instagram engagement
  • Booked artist’s booths to share her work
Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 11.41.19 AM

This program is perfect for anyone who feels frustrated or lost in starting and growing their business. The tools you learn can be used for any business and for an infinite period of time! The best part is that as you’re learning practical skills, you’re also learning about your strengths and weaknesses and cultivating a deeper understanding of yourself.

Shawn’s approach is straight forward, honest, deep and always kind. She knows how to deliver criticism in a gentle and positive way that inspires you to do the work and make the necessary changes. Her intuition is unparalleled and she has gotten it right with me every time. Working with Shawn has been a blessing and I would keep her on retainer as my forever coach if I could!

–Anna Sirota

List of accomplishments since the group program:

  •  Featured in Sabat Magazine
  • Featured by a top Instagram account
  • Developed website
  • Booked a collaborative art show

And not only do you get the benefit of hands-on time with me, you also get:

The support and community of other ambitious women JUST LIKE YOU

Unique rituals for every single module

Full access to me

And multiple assignments to keep you on track!!!

Girl, this mastermind is valued at over 18k…

But let’s answer some of your lingering questions first:

What is the time commitment like?

6 months, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Within the 6 months we will have flexibility, and only one 30 minute call which will be scheduled beforehand, and one 90 minute zoom call that works for everyones schedule. In between it’s all up to you how much you want to engage with the chat, but remember, you get out what you put in!

What if I don’t have a business?

This particular mastermind is not business based, but I do welcome entrepreneurs! This will be more focused on all areas of your life, so no marketing tactics or engagement hacks. Instead, this will be an energetic boost you can use FOR your business.

Can I guarantee success??

You get out what you put in, but if you’ve read the testimonials above, you’ll know that if you invest the time and effort, the results are magick! My girls have gained thriving businesses, new homes, new relationships, and even quit their day job!

Alright, well, how much does it cost?

I’m glad you asked!!

As you saw:

  • There are 6 zoom calls at 1500$ each (9,000$ value)
  • There are 6 months of Voxer coaching from me valued at 1111$ (6666$ value)
  • There 6 individual coaching calls valued at 450$ each (2700$ value)

Which creates a value at over 18k…

But you get this at the LOW LOW LOW LOW PRICE of 6,111 for six months

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 5.14.25 PM

With the option of a payment plan of 1200 a month over the course of the program

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 5.14.54 PM

Still not sold??

Check out the amazing accomplishments my 1:1 clients have experienced. This is the first time I will be incorporating 1:1 calls into this bootcamp, meaning you will have 10 times more support than previous attendees!!

My previous 1:1 clients have made incredible spiritual shifts. Just check them out!

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 9.30.01 AM
Working with Shawn has honestly been one of the best decisions I could have made. Don’t get me wrong, investing in myself was terrifying, but I knew I needed guidance. As an artist, I was doing many different things but actually expending most of my energy on projecting an image that I thought I needed to have in order to succeed. When I came across Witchy Wisdoms, I was intrigued. Here was someone that spoke from a very intuitive, spiritual place that really vibrated with me but also possessed the highly applied, business and result oriented skills and mindset that I needed. I messaged her on a whim and bit the bullet.
Over the 8 weeks of our 1:1 coaching, I went from being totally all over the place and hyper focusing on very small aspects of my art to having a very clear, aligned direction and real meat and intention to stand behind. Shawn gave me the tools I needed to funnel all of my creativity into a comprehensive structure, and by really seeing and excavating what I was good at, she helped me find the confidence to be truly real and vulnerable in my art and with my audience.
Who knew- the reason nothing ever seemed to work was because I was selling a shell of myself while the real gushy, inner part sat nervously watching to see if anyone would bite. Shawn taught me how to take those gushy insides and put them front and center and work exactly from there. Once you start doing that, it’s magnetic. In addition to really being pivotal to this massive shift in my mindset, Shawn also gave me the practical tools to confidently reach out to publications and begin to get my work featured! It’s really amazing what having a coach can do, and if it’s money that is the concern, just do it anyways. Invest because no one deserves being invested in more than you.
–Tatyana Grechina 
Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 9.30.57 AM

I was recommended to Shawn when I realized I needed help and asked for it. I’ve worked with a life coach in the past and had a wonderful experience, but knew this time around it was going to be deeper. Shawn has been more than a coach. I have joined several of her workshops as well and the knowledge I’ve taken away I apply to life everyday. Shawn is amazing. She keeps me positive and hopeful. It has been such an amazing journey.

–Renee G.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 9.34.24 AM

Through out high school my parents took me to therapist after therapist, but I really felt I didn’t connect with anyone I was seeing. It was so difficult because I really did want their help, but just wasn’t finding anyone who I felt really understood where I was coming from. I started refusing to go to my appointments and felt there was no external help for me. Until one day I saw shawns transcendence tuesday posted on my feed, I kept checking and checking for the answers to be revealed later. Just from what she had shared from the cards was extremely helpful for me, and I was so drawn to working with her, it felt right. Finally I knew I could trust this, and I am so glad I took the chance. Through our work together she has helped me with really anything that I have brought up to her. I love speaking with her because she proposes things in a way that makes me come to a realization by myself instead of just telling me her opinion and advice. It’s amazing what we can work through in an hour, and how far I’ve come. Shes absolutely amazing, from the tarot readings to the emails I receive full of helpful rituals, meditations, and she even helps me find new opportunities, like reiki classes. It’s like talking out loud to her helps me sort out all the mixed feelings and thoughts I have in my head. It can get stressful, so thank you for being one of my stress relievers.

–Cheyanne H.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 9.34.46 AM

You ever have people that just come into your life that you do not understand why they are there but then you get to know and work with that person and realize that if it wasn’t for them — you would not have blossomed into the awesome badass broad that you are today? Say hello to Shawn Engel of Witchy Wisdoms. This vision of light and love just appeared on my Instagram feed. Just followed me out of the blue. I think it had to do with my radical self love journey through Gala Darling and she just commands this presence that you must talk to her. She draws you in with such fiery compassion and opens up your eyes to a world of badassery. I was dealing with some terrible heartache in which I did not take the time to grieve and would just jump from man to man and did not realize my own self worth. I was attracting toxic negative people as well as energy vampires and I wanted it to stop. I needed to reinvent and find myself again and through one on one sessions filled with intensity and hardcore reflection journaling worksheets — I have done just that as well as working in her Break Out of the Breakup workshop back in August 2017. If you are tired of…well being tired….work with Shawn Engel. She will get you to where you need to be. She is a vibrant lifesaver and you will learn a lot about yourself.

–Danielle D.

Are you ready to invest and make the best decision of your life??

Don’t hesitate my dear. You only have a limited time before I raise the price to what it’s worth. Set up your future with a small investment and kick ass!!!

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Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 5.14.54 PM

I hope to see you soon, babe! Email with any questions!

No refunds, all payments are final.

Payment plans are a binding agreement and all payments must be made regardless of whether or not the client finishes the program.