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Are you interested in leveling up your business, networking with other entrepreneurs who practice WitchCraft, and receiving hella bonuses?!

With this membership, held in a private Facebook community, you get TONS of products, services, skills, and relationships that will help you bring your business to the next level.

This is the cheapest way to work with me month after month and learn all of my tips and tricks!

With this group, you get:

  • Bonus worksheets just for signing up for the waitlist!!
    • Shadow work prompts (50$ value)
    • Tier strategy to scale (50$ value)
    • A high vibe morning ritual (50$ value)
    • 7 tips to scale your instagram (50$ value)
    • Launch calendar (50$ value)
    • Business Tarot spread (50$ value)
  • Live monthly webinars by vote (its always what YOU NEED) (197$ value)
  • Room to promote as much as you want (PRICELESS)
    • community comes first, and I’ve grown mine exponentially!
  • 10% off all services (varies)
  • Guest speakers bi-monthly (297$ value)
  • 1 Business Q&A per month (297$ value)
    • Which gives you direct access to me


This group has a value of over 1100$ a month, but you can get it for…

$55.55 monthly

If you sign up for the waitlist TODAY. You’ll be locked into this price, and once we launch on November 4th, all further applicants will pay $75.55 going forward.

It’s free with no strings attached to sign up for the waitlist, but you are required to remain in the group and submit payments for 3 months before exiting. It is month to month afterwards, because I believe real growth takes TIME.


If you’re ready to be apart of something bigger, co-create with the universe AND your fellow WitchyPrenuers, and learn the skills necessary to boost your biz…

Sign up here!


Cancel anytime after three months. No commitment required beyond three months. No refunds.