Hey babe, ready to love yaself??? 

If you’re struggling to love your self better, a la Miley, the good news is you’re not alone.

In fact, just last year, I personally supported hundreds of people just like you, whether through readings or teachings, to overcome mistreating themselves. The amount of babes searching to be the happiest version of themselves is and remains both ASTONISHING and EMPOWERING.

Every day, I feel SO grateful for the role I play in supporting my clients to blossom into their best selves...

you can love yourself better

so, by popular demand

I have created a masterclass specifically for the babes that want to love themselves radically, feel confident AF, and have boundaries like a MFer.

(self) Love Spells the masterclass is an hour long masterclass, and you're going to be LOADED with guidance.

We will be going over:

✨The basics of self love
✨Exposing our demons with shadow work
✨Sensitizing with sex magick
✨And hexing for boundaries

 It’s only natural to have questions when you’re deciding on what action to take.

That’s why I'm here to help you take out the guesswork!

I spend A LOT of time talking to my clients and followers to make signing up as seamless as possible.
1) Will there be a replay available?
ABSOLUTELY! I always send out a replay right after the zoom video downloads to the cloud.

2) What if I already love myself enough?
Well good for you bb! I'd love to have your energy around then! And also, there are MANY types of spell work I'll be going over (shadow work, sex magick, manifestation, hexing) that may make you love yourself EVEN MORE!

3) How long is the class? Can I join late?
The class begins at 6pm EST and I always leave a 10 minute grace period. If you're later than that you may want to just watch the replay, or join in and catch up later!

Will this work for me?

 I GET it – you want to know if my masterclass will work for you.

“How could this be any more affective than my other self love workings” you may ponder, so lemme break it down for ya:

1) You're learning the basics of self love from the woman who wrote the BOOK! This journey I've been on has opened so many doors since publication of my first book on love spells, where I subtitled the second chapter: Make FREE WILL the third wheel in your relationship

2) I'm pumping up shadow work (as a Triple Scorpio does) to go deeper than you thought possible. This past year has shown me how connected our traumas are and how they permeate through every pore, and I'm here to be your demon dermatologist. And yes, you WILL be leaving with prompts!

3) I have gone HELLA deep in re-sensitizing my body. After feeling so unsafe for so many years (decades contributing to my CPTSD) I numbed out to everything, or went straight to fight or flight. Now, every step I take is slow and deliberate, and I allow myself to FEEL it. Sex magick takes this up a notch, and a WHOLE lot more fun!

4) Wanna be a b*tch that nobody f*cks with?? Lemme teach you the power of hard boundaries through hexing. Part of confidence is knowing how to protect yourself because you are WORTH protecting, so this is a necessary tool..

Are you ready to register?? Get it now.