Life Coaching

Due to Popular Demand…

I’m now offering life coaching services again!

For each individual client, I take them through my signature life coaching method of M.A.G.I.C.K. !


M.A.G.I.C.K. consists of:

M-eet your shadow

  • On our introductory call, I utilize tarot, astrology, and shadow work to assess what blocks are keeping you from your personal goals.

A-nalyze what isn’t working

  • Through the next week with a new message of self awareness, we look at what isn’t working and WHY. Digging into the why helps to create clarity.

G-etting clear

  • Now that we know why things aren’t working, we assess triggers that you are unknowingly exposing yourself to. Identifying these hurdles is essential for removal.

I-ncorporating strategy

  • This is where we remove your triggers and re-route your daily routine. Together we employ tools for creating change.

C-ourse correction

  • Going through each subsequent week, we identify where we’re hitting snags, where we feel really good, and how we can move closer to goals.

K-eeping at it

  • As your coach, confidant, and cheerleader, I continuously come with mantras, systematic regrouping, and shadow work until you feel like you’re on track!

My specialties include (but are not limited to)…


After healing from my own relationship traumas, I am able to guide my clients through healthy ways of mending a broken heart. When the time is right, we are even able to work on manifesting a new and better-suited love.


By working through my own addiction issues, I have found coping mechanisms and hobbies (including magick!) that have strengthened me beyond what I thought was imaginable. I take my clients through this journey to a more fulfilled life.

Work/ life balance

Organization and balance is hard, but not impossible! I have mastered the art of doing it all, and am the best support system for my clients to do the same.


Last  but not least, after honing my craft over a decade, I have the intuitive ability to help my clients craft their own magickal journey. I teach many different paths of magick, and help my clients curate their best version of witchcraft!

*I do not take clients that are in actively abusive relationships or active users of drugs. I am not a licensed therapist and am rather a certified life coach with experience in these subjects.*

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