Group Coaching

My master classes are a great way to solve a specific problem with a community of women at a discount! Through a private Facebook group (link after purchase,) you will be invited into a community of women, lead by me, with weekly challenges, check ins, and brief individual coaching. Click below to purchase:

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Sick of the same New Years Resolutions year after year? Wish you could cast a spell to achieve your goals?! Nurture your spirit and harness your energy to become everything you’ve ever dreamed!!

In this 8 Week immersive course, I will teach you how to kick yourself into gear and seize what you want with grace and hutzpah. Enrollment begins in December, class starts  January 1st ( *)




CLOSED Are you hexed by your ex? Join this group class to reverse the spell, take your life back, and make room for new love to enter!

In this 30 day immersive course, you will not only heal from your breakup, but be better for it! Enrollment starts NOW and the class starts August 1st 2017.

Learn more here, and then click the pic to purchase, and type your email after payment so I can add you to the group 😉