Full On Coaching

Are you sick and tired of being, well, sick and tired?? Are you ready to invest in yourself and make a leap that could alter your life for the better, FOR GOOD?!

With Full Comprehensive Coaching you will receive the following:

  • 30 minute weekly phone calls for one month
  • unlimited access to me via text for one month between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm est.
  • personalized coaching techniques to help you thrive
  • tips and tricks on how to utilize energy, moon cycles, and crystals for your specific needs
  • a mentorship for tapping into your intuition
  • an introductory Tarot reading
  • access to all of my personal resources (worksheets, ebooks, etc.)

Why you need it:

  • you’ve tried to do it right on your own and nothing is sticking
  • you get it right once in a while, but, then you fall off of the wagon
  • you need accountability
  • organization is hard for you
  • you do well with encouragement
  • you’ve never worked with anyone like me before!

This package is perfect for anyone who:

  • is ambitious
  • wants to make a change in their life
  • knows there is better out there for them, but needs help to get there
  • is ready to take the leap

If this sounds like you, purchase here UP FRONT to get a discount (just be sure to add contact info!)

Or, set up a FREE CONSULTATION here to sign a contract for a payment plan! ( *)