Dream Magick Coaching Package

Do you struggle with recurring dreams? Have you ZERO idea what all of this metaphorical mumbo jumbo┬ámeans? Are you certain that you’re just haunted, or maybe even broken?

Don’t fret my dear, I am here to help.

For three weeks we’re going to work, via email, on uncovering the root of your dreams. Your own personal dream journaling will provide the material needed to unearth the riddles of the psyche. Through this correspondence, you will send me your week’s findings and together we’ll help make sense of it until we can unlock the secrets your soul is trying to tell you.

In addition, once a week I will send you tactics on dream journaling and different rituals and mantras you can use to dispel negative energy.

My emails will come guaranteed, once a week, but you will have access to me via email whenever you have a question. and I will get back to you as soon as I can (within business hours.)

Enter your email and buy now! Don’t put a good nights rest on hold ( *)