I see you, babe, because I’ve been you. The queen that loves actionable steps and collects every modality because she just. Wants. To feel. BETTER. I’ve spent thousands on learning how to grind, hustle, and push through the pain. And while I made a bit of headway, I was increasing the pressure on myself until I just imploded. My anxiety got worse, I ignored more, and felt increasingly exhausted and just plain unhappy.

But now? The game is changed. I move through life as the High Priestess, receptive, intuitive, flowy, and strong. 

If you’re like I was, you might be thinking, “!” with a lump of anxiety sitting in your throat. “How can you just let things BE?”

Because I learned to feel my damn feelings and HONOR them.

This helped me relinquished control. This helped me surrender to the universe. And what emerged were incredibly strong and healthy boundaries because all that mattered was my peace. The only thing I actually CAN control. Together, through tarot, astrology, CBT, and ritual, you can receive the strength, boundaries, and joy you've been working towards in a seemingly counter-intuitive way: by simply EXISTING and collecting INFORMATION.

Together, through tarot, astrology, and ritual, you can receive strength, boundaries, and joy!


You’re a hardworking go getter that is realizing you need a better foundation

You struggle with anxiety and depression (perhaps from trauma)

You want your life to be more joyous

You’re a receptive and intuitive being that has a rock solid foundation

Your even-keeled mindset makes it super easy to manifest

Your life is full of joy and happiness, even when times get tough


Let's heal your wounds and amp your abundance!

1 full month of Voxer access + (4) 30 minute weekly calls + readings

Every week we'll hop on zoom for a healing session with meditations, readings, etc. to keep your track, with text support in between!

Do you need depth guidance and hand holding around self love and shadow work? Do you have a goal you're trying to manifest? Are you a witch trying to make your magick a profitable business? This may be your perfect fit.

Price : $2,222 per month


Let’s work through my MAP method together!

First, I want to hear your story! It’s important for me to see and hear you, so if vulnerability is tough for you, you’re in good hands! All we start with is the reason why you’ve walked in my door, and what you desire to come of this. Speak it into existence with a trusted witch!

Next, I employ my psychic abilities, intuition, and shadow work to probe deeper and see what’s lying beneath the surface. This is very important information- here we find the root cause!

Finally, once the wound is uncovered, we hold space and make a plan of action/ inaction to heal. This looks different for everyone, because we are all so unique, so I use your personal natal chart to design what will feel most natural to you!




frequently asked questions...

I’m very new to coaching, what should I expect?

frequently asked questions...

I’m very new to tarot, astrology, and witchcraft. What should I expect?

Coaching is an excellent way to add expertise and accountability to your goals. While coaching isn't a replacement  for therapy, my expertise in CBT, trauma, inner child healing, and shadow work make it an excellent alternative OR accompaniment.  Essentially we will meet once a week for one month (with the option to continue) with full Voxer support in between. Voxer is a free chat and voice note app, which means that even while we are not in a session, you can use me and my guidance to set you on track and to answer any burning questions or ideas. I am your witchy spirit guide for the entire time we work together!

What are your credentials?

What are your credentials?

I have been reading tarot professionally since 2015 with a personal background of reading since 2002. My witchcraft knowledge has also been published four separate times, and my astrology practice began early 2016. I am an accredited life coach since 2015, and have studied CBT and trauma specifically since 2019. 

I’d love guidance but my budget is very tight.

I’d love guidance but my budget is very tight.

There are many ways to invest in guidance, no matter your price point! However, the lower the investment, the less access you get to me, personally, which means a lot of the application and extrapolation must be done by you. The more hand holding you need, or if the reading(s) require travel, the investment will increase.

Can you really give me guidance over the internet?

Can you really give me guidance over the internet?

YES! Using meditation and intuition, no matter what capacity you hire me in, I can zero in on your energy to provide a reading/ guidance remotely!

How do I know what service I need?

How do I know what service I need?

If you’re overwhelmed by the options, shoot me an email! I answer my emails personally, and I’d be happy to direct you to the correct service.

Witchy Words

Danielle Dadamo

You ever have people that just come into your life that you do not understand why they are there but then you get to know and work with that person and realize that if it wasn't for them - you would not have blossomed into the awesome badass broad that youare today? Say hello to Shawn Engel of Witchy Wisdoms. This vision of light and love just appeared on my Instagram feed. Just followed me out of the blue. I think it had to do with my radical self love journey through Gala Darling and she just commands this presence that you must talk to her. She draws you in with such fiery compassion and opens up your eyes to a world of badassery. I was dealing with some terrible heartache in which I did not take the time to grieve and would just jump from man to man and did not realize my own self worth. I was attracting toxic negative people as well as energy vampires and I wanted it to stop. I needed to reinvent and find myself again and through one on one sessions filled with intensity and hardcore reflection journaling worksheets - I have done just that as well as working in her BreakOut of the Breakup workshop back in August 2017. If you are tired of...well being with Shawn Engel. She will get you to where you need to be. She is a vibrant lifesaver and you will learn a lot about yourself.