Close Clients Coven



Ready to unlock those 5k, and even 10k months?


Well babe, it all starts here.

Have you ever had this surge of energy come through your DM’s?



Or this??



But then something happens.

You get on the phone, or you talk it through in the DM’s, and you realize these babes weren’t as serious as you thought.

The hem. They haw.

And ultimately you lose the sale.

Cut to- you feeling defeated, circling the drain of imposter syndrome, and wondering when the hell (or even IF) this is going to work for you.

Well, what if I told you that all you needed was a little guidance? A little strategy? A little nudge?

What if I told you that your inability to close sales only speaks to INEXPERIENCE, and nothing about you as a coach.

And I can help to usher you into a closing clients badass.

My name is Shawn Engel, and I’m the owner of Witchy Wisdoms, a spiritual platform found just about everywhere! I am a brand strategist, entrepreneur, spiritual mentor, and Tarot reader, guiding my clients to make intentional impact and hella dollars with their magnetic presence through their brand. You might know me from my features in multiple publications including Cosmopolitan, Bust, and Sabat magazine, or maybe my books like Cosmopolitan’s Love Spells or Chicago Review Press’ Power of Hex. I’ve also recently founded the Boss Mystic Podcast Network, which is a growing home to witchcraft podcasts, including two of my own, The Boss Mystic and True Crime Astrology.

So take a minute, close your eyes and imagine this:

…an intimate container of like-minded women, all in a group chat, led by me, helping each other close clients for their 1:1, programs, and courses.


On signing up, you would join into a voice/ text chat, and over the following month, you would have intimate, step by step, hands on help walking you through how to close clients in the DM’s and on other social media platforms.


You would be in a group of a bout 10-15 women, and we would start by all collecting leads together, and every day, attacking a new way to close clients that is super customizable to each attendee, and by the end of it, you’ll have new clients to work with and a full understanding of how to correctly message to your ideal client.


There would be space for mindset work for tough days, and it would be a low cost, quick container that could change the trajectory of your business.


Enter, the Close Clients Coven


This is one of the coolest, quickest, and most badass programs I have put together in a LOOOONG time. And what’s more? It’s low cost.

This one month group chat will have the most incredible energy of babes closing clients left and right, and aligning with that kind of power will elevate your own abilities like you’ve never imagined.

By clicking the link below, you’ll sign up effortlessly. So if you want results like this…

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