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May Money ‘Scopes



May Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe



Your usual go go go attitude is going to be faced with a couple road blocks this month, and by “road blocks” I mean naps. You know what it feels like to run against some really strong winds? Yeah that’s you at the start of May. But hey, maybe it’s just the universe telling you to sit the down and put your money where your mouth is. Venus enters Taurus on the 15th; this is a good time to practice saving your money for the right moment. You’re being called to release your fears around money and success at the end of the month with that Scorpio full moon, but what does that mean for you? It’s going to require extra effort on your part to figure out what needs to be released, it won’t come naturally. It’s also ok if you are still confused by this on the 18th when Luna is nice and full, just be present and forgiving. The first 3 and the final 3 days of the month will be lucky for you, so you’ll have those highs to carry you.


May is your time to shine Taurus! The moon will be in Taurus on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th bringing with it a new rejuvenated energy… one you can use to do all the things you love the most: control the situation, complain about being in charge, eat take out, crush your goals despite being thought of as lazy, take a nap after hitting said goal, etc. By the 15th of the month the Sun, Mercury, and Venus will all be in Taurus. So utilize this time to focus on being your high vibe self. High vibe Taurus knows what they want and also exactly how to get it. The full moon on the 18th is all about releasing that which no longer serves you and it’s in your opposing sign of Scorpio, so release an obsessive thought surrounding your money. The 31st will be a lucky money magick day for you.


You are being called to slow down in the first two weeks of May. Be thoughtful with the words you use and the way you spend your money, which is easier said than done. Be on the look out for career opportunities on the 6th and 7th. This time of slowing down should be used to put some thought into your bigger plans and goals. Whether they be business plans or that big summer camping trip you’re going on, your plans need your undivided attention… well, as undivided as you can manage. By mid month you’re going to feel frustrated and a little confined; it’s ok to cry about it. With Mars moving into Cancer around the same time as the Scorpio Full Moon it’s a good idea for you to spend time connecting with water; take a bath, walk alongside a river, catch moon water, scry into a glass of La Croix. On the 21st the Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Gemini, giving you a much needed boost of energy to sail into the tail end of Spring.


Taurus season is second only to your own sun sign season, my little cutie crabs. The New Moon on the 4th is a good time for you to call in new ways of deepening your foundations. Think about your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual security at this time. The 8th, 9th, and 10th are days of action for you, so don’t be afraid to go after what you need to in order to find that aforementioned security. Mars moves into Cancer on the 16th making your usual modes of passion particularly magnetic. Let your emotions drive you to new heights. Recognize that having feelings is your super power! Release the negative stories you have about money on the Scorpio Full Moon on the 18th. I know that Cancer horoscopes always talk about crying, but this water moon is a great time to cry in the fetal position, dance in a creek a midnight, or scream into a cup of tea. Emotions can be released in many ways, and if anyone understands that it’s you, Cancer.


I’m not gonna lie my little lion cubs, this is going to be rough month for you. I tell you this so that you can mentally prepare and handle it like the bad ass that you are. That Taurus New Moon wants you to relax and allow space for more structure in your life, but structure can hold you back from expanding to your fullest potential, right?!? How can you balance your need to be open to all possibilities with the grounded structure of Taurus? That’s the work this month. On the 15th Venus moves into Taurus and you may find that you want to blow your mid month pay check on an over priced bikini or some other luxury item. Instead you should save that paper for something even better, something worth waiting for (did someone say Vegas pool party?) The Scorpio Full Moon on the 18th is asking you to go deep and release an unhelpful narrative around money. Going deep isn’t your favorite thing, but it is necessary. By the 21st you’ll be feeling more expansive and curious with the sun and mercury in Gemini.


With lots of Earth and Water in the air this month you’ll be feeling super charged and ready to tackle that lengthy list of to do’s, Virgo. Use the Taurus New Moon on the 4th to create a wealth intention. How do you want to grow? What do you want to add into your life? Dream big because this is a moon phase that particularly speaks to you and your ability to create perfection on this earthly plane. In the final days of Venus in Aries you’ll be riding a powerful wave of luck that will culminate on the 15th. Luck is wasted if not utilized though. Venus in Taurus will help you distinguish when you need to save and when to invest in yourself. Mars might be in fall in Cancer but it’s a placement you understand. The latter end of the month is the perfect time for you to focus on how you heal your friends/ family/ community/ the world. Use the Scorpio moon on the 18th to scale back your work load. The idea is to work smarter not harder.


Taurus might share your planetary ruler but there are more than a few misunderstandings between the signs, and so misunderstandings are going to follow you this month. But by the 21st your communication skills will flow with ease and grace as per usual; you’ll need to account for some extra necessary tact for the first 20 days of the month. Frustrations in work and business will likely make you more emotional than usual by the time Mars moves into Cancer on the 16th, but the moon will also be in Libra on that day, so a beautiful opportunity may come if you allow your emotions to flow freely. Full moons are always about releasing that which no longer serves us, so use the Scorpio moon on the 18th to release a negative mindset around your career. On the 21st the Sun and Mercury move into fellow air sign, Gemini. It is then that you are being called to integrate the lessons of the first 3 weeks of this month.


Ah, Taurus season, a time when you’re more inclined to spend your money on your favorite guilty pleasures. Scorpio, you probably understand money better than anyone in the zodiac, don’t forget that this month! Use your opposing sign to learn how to better invest in yourself, particularly on and after the 15th when Venus enters Taurus. Your ability to understand people is heightened when Mars enters Cancer on the 16th, so use that knowledge to your best benefit. In fact the 15th through the 18th is a super charged time for you, so if you have any big plans or deals on your to do list, I’d suggest working on them in that time frame. I don’t need to tell you what to release on the Full Moon on the 18th, you will already know. Set an intention and be specific. Handle any important conversations before the 21st or else you may find yourself entangled in more than one lie.


There is a serious slowing down that’s happening this month and that might be a lot to ask of you. Taurus might be an archetype that feels very distant and confusing for you, but try to use it to focus on the details of your life. You’re a big picture person, but you’re being called to focus on the small day to day stuff, especially when it comes to money and structure. Practice making to do lists and finding joy in checking things off. You might not be sure what to release on the Scorpio Full Moon on the 18th but if you can spend sometime alone taking a nice long bath or relaxing shower it might reveal itself to you. And even if it doesn’t, be proud of yourself for taking some alone time; you can tell everyone about it when Mercury goes into Gemini on the 21st. An important conversation will take place at the end of the month with someone younger than you, so take note.


Call in all the money and success this month, Earth Babies! You love a long goal, so set a big one on the 4th when the moon is new in Taurus. Venus moves into fellow Earth sign, Taurus, on the 15th. You’re usually the type to save rather than spend but the gift of Venus in Taurus is the realization that you need to invest some of that hard earned money into yourself to make true progress. Mars enters Cancer on the 16th and it’s asking you to nurture your existing projects. Give some much needed heart and soul to your goals and watch them flourish. You love Scorpios and feel very comfortable within the darkness of a Scorpio moon, so on the 18th make sure to set an intention around releasing things that no longer serve you in your career. This is a powerful manifestation energy so be very specific and intentional. Be on the look out for interesting new opportunities on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of the month.


With all of the earth and water signs taking over the sky this month, your usually articulate and matter of fact way of dealing with things is not going to work in your favor. You might not be the most emotive sign but you are deeply empathetic, so fall on those laurels this month. The Taurus New Moon on the 4th is a good time to look at the structures in your life. If you run a business this is the time to call in growth. If you want to start a side hustle, now is the time to put plans into action. With Mars going into Cancer on the 16th you’ll want to focus on how to water your garden. Slow down and take care of all of your passion projects and dreams. On the 18th when the moon is full in Scorpio you’ll want to look into how you spend your money, a hard choice may have to be made, but you can do it my little space babes. You are in charge of your abundance! By the 21st the Sun and Mercury will be in Gemini and this will have a number of new and exciting opportunities fall into your lap so long as you are showing up and doing the work.


The New Moon in Taurus on the 4th is probably going to make you want to sleep as opposed to call anything new into your life. I dare you to indulge in your 5 senses at this time and allow this exploration to open new pathways to growth in your life and business. When the planet of love and money also goes into Taurus on the 15th you’ll know exactly what to do: make an investment or create an action plan in regards to your money. You might not be where you want to be financially, but this Venus phase is going to help you bring roots to your goals. With Mars going into Cancer right before the Scorpio Full Moon on the 28th, you’ll be feeling comfortable and ready to use your natural powers of empathy, healing, and artistic ability to your best benefit. Use the moon phase to dive deep into the negative mindset you may have around money. Money isn’t evil, can you believe that? Be on the look out for something special to come your way on the 26th, 27th, or 28th.

April Money ‘Scopes

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 12.30.40 PM


April Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe



That Aries New Moon on the 5th is your Divine call to action! This day is a harmonious day for you to start any new endeavor and since it’s in your natal sun sign you’ll be feeling super charged all day; do that bold thing you had been putting off. You’ll be feeling a natural call to tighten your finances around the 10th. Make a budget, check your account statements, it’s always a good idea to be mindful when it comes to wealth. On the 17th you’re usual direct way of speaking is enhanced, so if you have any important meetings or calls to make do so on or after the 17th when Mercury will be in Aries. The second of two Libra full moons will be on the 19th, this is your final call to release the things, thoughts, and people that do not add harmony to your life. Reevaluate the people you partner with. At the end of the month one voice in your head will be telling you to buy a big ticket item. Another voice will be telling you to use your money responsibly. Try to hear both voices out.


That gym membership you’ve been thinking about getting is looking real nice around the New Moon on the 5th but by the 10th you may be regretting the purchase. If you’re worried about money look at your bank statement. Are you eating out too much? If you can’t put it on the company card then you should probably scale back and save some money. Mercury will be in Aries from the 17th until May, your opinions hit more bluntly than usual for the latter half of the month and by the 19th you might be looking down the barrel of a break up. Maybe it’s the termination of a project you’ve been working on, or ending a business partnership, or maybe you will have to fire someone or end a relationship with a client. The Pluto and Saturn retrogrades at the end of the month, starting with Pluto on the 24th, will help you handle this situation with grace. Pluto will help you rebuild and Saturn gives a much needed reality check.


Your already rampant mind is full of new ideas on the 5th. Remember, a million dollar idea is only worth it if you match your passion with the appropriate actions. That Jupiter retrograde on the 10th is going to hit you hard, either in a good or bad way. Something that isn’t working for you will be taken away from you during this transit, whether you wallow or pick yourself back up off the ground and keep going is up to you. Whatever Jupiter takes away is only happening to make room for something else. Your natural charm is upleveled after Mercury goes into Aries on the 17th. You’ve always known how to use your gift for gab to your advantage, if you need help just ask. Clean up your work space on the 19th, especially if you’re feeling stuck or bored with the work you do. That money you’ve been saving for a summer adventure? On the 20th you’ll want to start looking at booking the campsite or buying the 8 person floatie.


There’s a real duality to the beginning of the month for you Crabs. On one hand, Spring time in full bloom (for those us us in the Northern Hemisphere) has you feeling some type of way, and yet as soon as you go outside you may be feeling like turning around and going right back in. Be gentle with your fluctuating needs. The 10th brings a loss, probably your keys or that $10 bill you had in your jacket pocket for weeks. An argument on the 17th will linger (as they usually do) up to the the 2nd Libra full moon on the 19th. This is a good time to let go of the hurt and allow yourself to actually forgive and forget this time. Once Taurus season hits the next day you’ll be feeling much more like yourself, maybe too much so. Be wary of any purchases you make on the 20th because you’ll probably want to return them. The Pluto and Saturn retrogrades at the end of the month are going to be a call to action for you Cancer. You’ll be like a hermit crab looking for a new, better home. Don’t forget that your first home is yourself.


That New Moon energy has you feeling like making new business cards and leaving them in every cool coffee shop around town. A natural leader and performer, you’ll do yourself well to make bold choices around the 5th. There’s room for everyone to shine in this world but nobody really shines brighter than a Leo, keep this in mind as Jupiter goes retrograde in the 10th. A new job, gig, opportunity, or client will back out or be taken out of your grasp but that’s ok, you didn’t need it! Trust me! Speak your truth on the 17, you’ll find that there was something you’ve been holding back and you simply can’t keep it close to your chest anymore. Let the Lion(ness) roar! Happy hour drinks or any other sort of social gathering close to the second Libra full moon on the 19th can bring you luck in business partnerships. Wanna collab with that dope witch you’ve been following on insta for a few months? Message them sometime between the 17th and the 20th for extra good luck. The end of the month may bring up some big questions but all in all it’s a very good time to be a Leo.


You have a lot of restless energy at the start of the month. Some aspect of your job or work life is feeling way too confusing for you, it’s making your well ordered brain itch. Just allow this situation to be, if you try to fix it you’ll only make it worse, especially since things will com to a head on their own around the 10th. You’re great at saving, right? You may have a reason to dip into those savings at this time but, fear not, this is exactly why people save their money. Your communication style is going to hit someone in the wrong way around the 17th or at some point in the month thereafter. Be conscious of the fact that not everyone is down for constructive criticism… at least make sure you’re actually being constructive. There is a big release needed from you at the end of the month starting around the 19th and after a somewhat tumultuous fist few weeks you’re actually going to be so ready for the shifts and changes you’re being asked to make. If there’s one thing Virgo can do it is rebuild (and come back better than every baby).


The power has shifted for you on the 5th and you won’t be complaining at all, if more people lived life the way you do the world would be a more beautiful place. Use your magnanimous charm for good, the people are listening. There will be a loss at work or in your career around the 10th when Jupiter stations to go retrograde but this is going to be a loss that you’ve been secretly waiting for, or it’s a loss you won’t know that you needed until it’s gone, either way it won’t hurt. An inner boss bitch voice may come out a few times this month but it’s ok to be tough sometimes, your voice needs to be heard. That second Full Moon in your natal sun sign is going to give you a power surge, but it’s up to you how you’ll use the energy. Trust yourself. Think before you spend near the end of the month (and into May as well) or else you’ll wake up from a day dream and be surrounded by a myriad of pretty new things, which isn’t the worst way to to wake up from a dream, but it sure as hell isn’t a smart money move.


Your sense of self is going to come into question in the beginning of the month. Don’t act on this confusing energy, just let it sit. A loss around the 10th is going to hurt your bank account, so it’s time to get serious about your budget, organize your money habits. Relations at work are strained for you around the Full Moon on the 19th. You’ll find yourself saying things that you wish you’d kept close to your chest, simply because people are going to misconstrue what you’re trying to convey. You might want to work from home if you can to avoid making Susan in finance cry at her desk on accident. Things relax shortly after the Full Moon as the Sun enters your opposing sign Taurus. There’s a real “do what you need to do” vibe for you natal Scorpios at the end of the month. It’s not a “treat yo self” vibe, more like an adult version. Do the stuff that needs to be done, Scorpios are no stranger to this concept!


Your heart is going to know exactly what it wants on the 5th, but it’s likely to change its mind by the time your ruling planet of Jupiter stations to go retrograde for a few months on the 10th. This is a big leveling up for you natal Sagittarians when it comes to how you make money, but leveling up requires reflection, intention, and action-in that order! With Mercury going into Aries on the 17th you’ll find that you’ll be able to articulate yourself with more grace than usual. This is a time for speaking from the heart. An effortless release happens around the 19th and it creates space for you to travel. Perhaps it’s the release of an obligation or a relationship that was holding you back from beginning a new adventure. Lots of good shifts are coming your way! Taurus season begins on the 10th, and it may be a time of year when you find yourself nervously shaking your leg, biting the backs of your pens, and tapping incessantly on the table, but you’re going to be invited to lead in a big way around that time. Be wary, sometimes getting what we want is actually a tough lesson in disguise.


There’s tension for you around the 5th, but then again, does Capricorn not thrive in tension? Use this energy to kick start you on to a new project, be it getting back into running/the gym, starting to write that book you’ve been planning relentlessly, or even cancelling your Netflix subscription so you can be more productive this spring. Mercury in Aries isn’t your favorite aspect to live through, but once again, you’re a tough a** goat! You might come off the wrong way at work and with friends but having others fear you isn’t always a bad thing is it? In fact, there is a relationship that may end this month. Remember, every person we have in our life is a relationship, so this isn’t necessarily romantic but it is a necessary release (even if it doesn’t feel so good). On the 20th the sun will enter your sibling sing of Taurus and this energy is calling for you to tighten your grip on your money. Some call it stingy but you know that nothing is guaranteed and money talks.


You’ll meet someone new at the beginning of the month. This person is going to inspire you with the way they live their life. Allow them to be the teacher for once. When Jupiter stations to go retrograde on the 10th you’ll find that the usual uncomfortable groans or avoided eye contact that strangers and friends alike give when you’re on your 3rd diatribe about the inequalities and injustices in our modern society suddenly have turned into an interested audience. People will be willing to listen to you because you speak from the heart. Sure, you’re smart as hell too, but you’ll need to keep checking back in with yourself starting on the 17th to make sure that the words you speak are your own; that’s what people want to hear. In fact, if being paid to publicly speak (or to write) is something you’ve been toying with, the stars are aligning this month to make it so. The world needs your voice, and boy do you have quite a few things you’ve been wanting to say.


Sometimes taking a good hard look at ourselves is the scariest thing we can do, but the Universe is calling you to do so at the beginning of the month. What do you need specifically? What does success look like to you? What does freedom look like to you? How are you showing up for yourself and your dreams? A loss around the middle of the month is a necessary one. You’ll receive a message on the 10th about what this “loss” will be all about. You’ll feel the shift on the 17th when Mercury enters Aries, this might end the retrograde shadow but it won’t be a hallelujah sigh of relief for you, Pisces. You’ll be feeling the energy of everyone you encounter, so work from home if you can, spend time alone especially near water. Around the full moon on the 19th you’ll face a difficult conversation with a loved one, but fear not, difficult conversations can lead to stronger bonds shared if the language used is nonvoilent. You can both come out winners. Make sure your spendings are in line with your highest good at the end of the month. 



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Jasmine is an intuitive tarot reader, numerologist, and esoteric blogger living and worshipping the sun in California. Between typos and curse words she makes spirituality digestible to the modern world. In her work she strives to inspire defiant self love by serving it with a side of sass.

Find her on Instagram @itsme_metis

December Money ‘Scopes

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Money ‘Scopes by Darla Downing

Payback is sweet, especially when it comes all at once. Yes, beautiful ram, karma comes full circle this month, with you getting the respect and appreciation you deserve. Expect others to pay back loans they owe you on December 1st and 2nd. By your peers clearing their debt, you will be stress free, and able to buy the best gifts for your flock. A work project ends on the 22nd, which will spin you into seasonal happiness, as you can take time off for the holidays. Mars connects with your Sun on December 31st, giving you the motivation to seek more fame and wealth in 2019. That’s right, Aries, you kick off the New Year with a bang, taking no prisoners to achieve your goals. Just be sure to take the last week of December off from work, so you can move into the New Year with determination and gusto.
December 7th pushes your credit cards to the max, as your holiday spending habits this year are at a high. However, don’t fret, money from a past investment is coming your way on the 15th. The Full Moon on the 22nd allows you to rethink your work plan for 2019, even forcing you to take much needed time off to spend with your family. New Years Eve may cause you to be reflective in the upcoming year, as you try to find your niche in the world amongst all the other Bulls.
You’ve worked super hard all year to achieve your professional goals. However, December asks you if the sacrifices you made in 2018 were worth the professional acclaim you are experiencing now. The New Moon on December 7th and Mercury’s forward movement on the 6th, give you a chance to rethink your career path. The 15th heightens your confusion, while the Winter Solstice on December 21st and the Full Moon December 22nd end an existing partnership at work.
The New Moon on the 7th allows you to reconnect with colleagues, as you all have fun rocking around the Christmas tree at your office holiday bash. The Full Moon on the 22nd puts the focus on you, as you are the Crab of the hour at work, which will give you the drive to get your hustle on in the New Year, as action planet Mars moves into your professional sphere on December 31st, giving you the chance to up your game at work in 2019.
December isn’t a particularly bad month for you, sweet lion. However, it does lead you down several confusing paths, which may force you to abruptly walk away from  creative projects. The New Moon on the 7th brings a lucrative venture your way. Beware, this project is not what it seems. Being paid on time will result from the partnership, adding frustrations down the road. The 12th heightens your hesitations about the project, forcing you to choose another venture to dedicate your time to. Listen to your intuition, if it doesn’t feel like the right fit—let the gig go. There will be more opportunities for you down the road which will be a better fit.
Business may have been slow this past month, forcing you to assert your thrifty nature, in order to save some cash. With your planetary ruler, Mercury, turning direct from its endless retrograde journey, on the 6th, you can expect a momentary reprieve around work and money. The 15th brings old clients back for good, as Uranus (who is moving backwards through its retrograde motion) and Neptune bring unexpected success your way, lasting into the New Year.
Finally, after months of financial ups and down, December brings an end to the financial roller coaster. The 1st and 2nd bring a boost to your bank account, as others are noticing your hard work. The Winter Solstice, occurring December 21st, brings new work your way—however, not without frustrations during the Full Moon on the 22nd. Use the end of December to balance out your priorities and not overwork yourself, as it may cause frustrations around the holidays.
It’s been a wild ride for you fall, as work and money have been inconsistent. 2018 surely had its windfalls and highs. The end of 2018 brings success your way. With Mercury, who is moonwalking back onto your Sun on December 1st, and Venus aligning with your Sun on December 2nd, you have the chance to have a financial reboot. The New Moon, which occurs December 7th, falls in the financial sector of your chart, giving you a whole new attitude toward your finances, followed by Mercury hitting your money spot, adding bang to your wallet on the 12th.
Your financial lull may offset your holiday shopping, however, not your spirit. No one brings more pizzazz and energy to the party than you, Sag! This season, don’t let your Scroogey attitude affect your fun! The New Moon on the 7th allows you to be the most exciting version of yourself, as you bring holiday cheer to office events. Don’t stress about your bonus, you will be pleased with the bump in your paycheck on the 21st.
You’ve been a busy bee all year, lovely sea-goat! However, December forces you to realign yourself, focusing more on centering your energies. Your professional life has consumed much energy and time, forcing you to make some cutbacks on December 7th. However, all the business cards and contacts you’ve acquired during holiday parties on the 1st and 7th will lead to a promising new position in the New Year, as others are focusing  their energy on acquiring your skill set.  
Your networking skills are on point this month, Aquarius! As we enter December, you start off the month receiving overdo praise on the professional front, leading to a substantial holiday bonus 7th. Be aware, your colleagues may feel a ping of jealousy, as your score office praise and fancy presents during your office holiday party.
The New Moon occurring December 7th kicks up your determination for success at work. However, with Mars and Neptune aligning with your Sun, you may second guess your goals, due to deep seeded paranoias. Don’t let fear hold you back. Stepping into your new role at work with ease will boost up your finances on the 16th, allowing you to end the year with more money on the 31st.



WitchyWomen Wednesday


Chris ( aka Ammo ) O’Day, The Fitness Witch, has been in the occult community for over 20 years. She specializes in mind, body and spirit transformations through fitness, nutrition, energy work and magic. She is initiated in Santeria, Quimbanda and ceremonial magic and a 2nd degree Gardnerian High Priestess. She can be reached through her Fitnesswitch page on instagram or her website for in person/online personal training, yoga, reiki, tarot and astrology. She currently resides in Redondo Beach California.

I spent a really long time avoiding working with the dead. Even though I was out of the broom closet in my 20’s, I wasn’t ready for such intense work. I was also already 30 by the time a close relative passed away, so death just hadn’t touched my life yet. But from that point it hasn’t slowed down.


I’ve lost so many people to addiction, Cancer and suicide that I’ve lost count. Once death started happening, and my loved ones still felt close by, to the point of appearing in dreams and visions, I realized it was the missing puzzle piece to my magical practice. I set up a simple altar and they were front and center from that moment, ever present and ready to guide in the right direction.


This magic has brought me to such an incredibly healing place, as well as to straight up slap in the face reality checks.


At 9 years old, I died on the operating table. My appendix burst while they were doing surgery. My childhood was plagued with stomach aches. This particular one was worse than usual and landed me in the hospital. After the operation, I was held there for 3 weeks, with a needle in some vein or another the entire time, eating every Italian Ice in the place, and driving the staff insane. I look back and see this incident as to what led me here, all these years later, working with the dead and my ancestors and preparing to be an end of life doula. The dead, at least my dead, don’t fuck around when they want me to learn a lesson.


As I approach the one year anniversary of my fathers death next month, which has shook the very foundation of who I am, I thank him, all my blood dead as well as all of those that have passed in my magical lineage, for their constant guidance and love, and for always having my back.


The best part of this practice is that it is relatively easy to reach the dead in your bloodline, even if you’ve never met. An easy set up to start with is a white candle, a glass of water, photos ( only of deceased people ) and an offering of some kind. If you know their tastes in food, alcohol, etc. you can leave those as well.


For example, my grandfather loved red licorice, so I always buy him Twizzlers. My grandmother lived on chocolate and lipton tea, so I always make sure those things are there, too. Choose one day a week to sit in front of your altar, light the candle, put out the offerings and just be still. Tell them your troubles and ask for guidance. Sit and just listen. If you have trouble making a connection, persevere, and over time things will start to happen.


Beginning a meditative practice will be of great assistance to help you quiet your mind so that you can hear what they’re trying to communicate to you. I’m truly stunned at all the distant relatives (and when I mean distant, I mean 500 years ago) that have made their presence known. And once that connection is made, you have a constant feeling of someone having your back and guiding you to a better life. I invite you to celebrate your beloved dead during the thinnest of veils between worlds, Samhain, and make magic that will change your life.

WitchyWomen Wednesday

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 5.15.01 PM

Natalie is a Tarot reader, Medium, and a student of Astrology. She is a Priestess in several traditions of Witchcraft, and enjoys all variety of plant medicine, sigil magic, and ecstatic ritual. She spends her time traveling between the veils, studying the dark arts and crafts, and creating ritual goods and self care items for her online store Skeleton Key Shop. Her favorite moments are spent making magic with her coven Deam Lux and snuggling with her bunny familiars.

Santeria, also known as Lucumi or La Regla de Ocha is an initiatory religion with origins in West Africa, that was brought to Cuba, Brazil and other regions of the Caribbean during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Centered around deities known as Orishas, that were often syncretized with Catholic Saints in order to preserve the practice in secret.

I am a Priestess of Yemaya in the Lucumi Tradition, more commonly known as a “Santera”. When you come into my home it looks mostly like everyone else’s. You won’t find huge altars full of statues and candles, or chicken feet hanging from the ceiling. In fact my home looks pretty ordinary besides my penchant for crystals, apothecary jars, and the spaces reserved for my Ancestors and other practices which are usually kept out of sight.

You wouldn’t know what I practice unless I specifically told you, or if you too were a practitioner and able to read the subtle signs. A certain charm on my necklace that is only prescribed during ordination as a priest or the bracelets I always wear that match with none of my outfits.  My close friends know that certain foods are taboo for me.  I also try to avoid getting wet in the rain – also a taboo for me.  Sounds strange, but becoming deathly ill twice after getting caught in the rain makes you realize that your Abuela is sometimes right!  My point is that the Lucumi religion is a highly personalized practice that is fitted to the individual. What is medicine for one person can be poison for another.  

According to the lore of this practice, which is purely oral tradition, we are all born with our ORI.  In new age terms, this is our higher self. This higher self is connected to our life’s path and comes with an innate knowledge of certain things.  It has its own power, or ASHE. Although we have free will to make our way through life, it is our ORI that repeatedly nudges us in the direction of our best life, whether this is through people that we meet, or a seemingly random chain of events.  These moments and people change the entire course of our lives, as it did mine.


You wouldn’t know what I practice unless I specifically told you, or if you too were a practitioner and able to read the subtle signs.”


I was born into a family that suffers from Bipolar disorder, Depression, and Schizophrenia. Unfortunately, some of my family members committed suicide.  My mother attempted suicide when I was just two years old. She had gone off her medication during pregnancy in order to carry me at great risk to herself.  As we know, postpartum depression is very serious. It is even more so for people already living with mental illness. Miraculously, she survived what should have been a fatal injury.  Still, she was hospitalized with a fractured spine. For the next three years, she would relearn how to walk and perform basic motor functions. During this time, I was cared for by my grandmother.  Abuela was a priestess of Vodou, as practiced in the Dominican Republic. She was also a nurse at an elderly care facility. Every day, I would watch her pray, work, and help the streams of people that came for her assistance.  She would sit me at her altar – in this case and practice, there were many statues and candles – and taught me how to pray.  I prayed every night for my mother to come back to me as she was, although I was warned repeatedly that she may never walk again.  Against all odds and prognoses, she made a full recovery. Though I went back to my normal life, I never forgot my introduction to this world.  My innocent prayers were heard by these mysteries, as they were called.


Fast forward to my early 20’s.  After years of solitary practice, I found a pagan path where I was exploring traditional witchcraft and being offered initiation.  Coincidentally, I was presented with an opportunity to read tarot in a famous New York botanica (Nudge.) At this time, I had absolutely zero interest in the religions of my culture.  Yet, I was suddenly immersed head first into this world. Instead of crystals, pretty talismans, and perfume oils, I was surrounded by Catholic statues, camphor, cigars, Florida Water, and images of the Orisha.  

 A close friend and colleague had been seeing someone whom she called “Her Padrino.”  She was super secretive about her interactions with this person, which I found rather creepy. Sometimes, she would show up to work dressed completely in white and be eerily silent most of the day.  She was my polar opposite, as I was wearing all black and blasting My Chemical Romance each morning. I was the one that customers would gravitate to for hexing and separation work. Looking back, I realize that I was ANGRY with a lot of things in my life and that this was a perfect outlet at the time.  Though my tireless work was effective, my aura was dark.

 A particularly cool shipment of statues came in one day, and my High Priestess presented me with an extravagant gift, a large statue of the Orisha Yemaya. She was a brown skinned, bare breasted mermaid with a pink tail, a jeweled crown on her head and holding a silver star in her hands (Nudge). This was odd as I was being trained in Initiatory Wicca, which has absolutely nothing to do with Orisha practice, or other African Diasporic religions. (This is the realm of usually ill-informed eclectic witches and a whole separate topic). She said simply, “You should have this. This is you.” I laughed, thanked her and accepted the gift, as alien as it was. Truthfully, this lovely statue stayed in her padded foam box for several years as I had no idea what to do with her.


Instead of crystals, pretty talismans, and perfume oils, I was surrounded by Catholic statues, camphor, cigars, Florida Water, and images of the Orisha. ” 

Around the same time my colleague and fellow Bruja invited me to a drumming. An Orisha drumming is not anything like a pagan drum circle. It is normally reserved for initiates or for members of an Ile, a temple or house of Orisha. I don’t know how this even happened, but I went to the event.I could hear the drums before I even entered and they immediately gave me a faint queasy feeling, like butterflies in my chest. When we entered the large room, the air was surprisingly thick and humid. To the left was a huge altar called a Throne. It was adorned with fabric, fruits, sweets and other items gleaming in shades of gold and pink. Three drums were set up in the front of this room.  As the drums were played, my friend and I stayed plastered to the back wall hoping that no one would ask us who invited us, or why we were there, as the girl who had extended the invite in the first place was a no show.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 12.41.25 PM

I watched the people dance, their methodical steps giving way to abandon and wild movements at times that frightened me. A woman danced alone in front of the drums, her clothes plastered with sweat and her face beet red. After a time she was ushered away, only to return with a glistening blue and silver shawl around her neck, her hair wrapped up in another lovely fabric, and several younger people escorting her where she wanted to go, as she seemed to move through the room like a butterfly, speaking to some and ignoring others. I could see the people present crying and I did not understand why.

I honestly felt a pang of panic at this time and I wanted to leave. When I told my friend this, she flatly said that it was too late to leave. Once an Orisha had joined the event, possessing an initiate, it would be considered extremely rude to walk out the door, and there was no way of doing it sneakily as they (the Orishas) were capable of seeing and hearing everything in the room at once, including our thoughts. Now I was truly shitting myself and broke out in a cold sweat, when this woman immediately made eye contact with me and walked straight in my direction. At first I returned her gaze, but the closer she drew, the more unsettling it became and I shifted my eyes down towards my feet.

She came right up to me and grabbed my chin upwards. At this moment I was being yelled at by my friend who was trying to show me how to properly greet The Orisha, but I was frozen to the spot and her grip on my face was not soft. As per the woman who appeared by her side to translate, this was the Orisha Yemaya who was speaking to me (Nudge).  She proceeded to speak about my mother’s accident (I had never shared this with anyone at that point in my life as I was too ashamed). She said that the spirits of my homeland had heard my prayers saving my mother and myself from living out that tragedy, but that I ultimately belonged to HER, and to all of them. I opened my mouth to ask how and my friend shook her head rapidly at me with bulging eyes. Instead I nodded and crossed my arms, bowing my head a little, as I had seen others do. She passed her beautiful embroidered cloth all over my body, and I felt the crackle of energy like electricity as all the hairs on my arms and head rose. Her last words to me were “Don’t worry, you will see.”  I did see.


Once an Orisha had joined the event, possessing an initiate, it would be considered extremely rude to walk out the door, and there was no way of doing it sneakily as they (the Orishas) were capable of seeing and hearing everything in the room at once, including our thoughts.”


The chain of events to follow were less like nudges and more like blows upside the head!  I chose to share this to show something that few share on Social Media. The magic of these Orisha goes way beyond spells and altars, and deep into ancestral healing and realignment with one’s destiny.  It’s an experiential religion that creates deep, personal growth and change for each person it touches. To those seeking the Orisha, I advise you to really SEEK them, so that you can have these life-changing and miraculous experiences for yourself.

I was recently moved to tears and brought to my knees in front of an Orisha, Babalu Aye (syncretized with Saint Lazarus, Patron of illness and disease) after hearing that a member of my Ile, an elder and sister to me within this practice, was now Cancer Free. This beautiful and humble Orisha not only alerted her to the unknown illness in her body but also CURED her, through his prescriptions and guidance of her elders, in a time span of only several weeks. These stories and experiences are the truth about this religion and practice. This is why practitioners spend so much time, blood, sweat and tears working ceremonies with our spiritual community as well as with seekers needing help and guidance. If your Orisha practice consists only of spells on an altar, or selfies of your beaded necklaces with cigar in mouth, then I am here to tell you that you are missing out on so much more.  There is a whole world out there, just waiting for you to dig a little deeper.

Yemaya N’Agbe O,

Natalie- Omi-Lagua


WitchyWomen Wednesday

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 12.40.09 PMChris ( aka Ammo ) O’Day The Fitness Witch has been in the occult community for over 20 years. She specializes in mind, body and spirit transformations through fitness, nutrition, energy work and magic. She is initiated in Santeria, Quimbanda and ceremonial magic and a 2nd degree Gardnerian High Priestess. She can be reached through her Fitnesswitch page on instagram or her website for in person/online personal training, yoga, reiki, tarot and astrology. She currently resides in Redondo Beach California.

In my 15+ years working in the occult community, the most common things I hear are “How do I get ( insert desire here)?” and “Someone put a voodoo curse on me.”

If you believe you are cursed the first question you need to ask is, “Why?”

Why do you assume a Voodoo practitioner put a curse on you? Do you think you’re that special, my little snowflake? Unless you did something to screw one of us over, most of us have better things to do with our time and talents than to throw our energy at you and, if that’s the case than maybe you should check yourself, and start a meditation practice for some self examinaton and really see how you’re behaving because most magical practitioners I know have better things to do.

My other problem with this statement is that it’s always a Voodoo curse, or Santeria, and it’s one of the most ignorant comments that I hear on a regular basis. Did you ever think that the Wiccan in the muumuu might want to make your life a living hell? A curse can be thrown by ANY magical practitioner of any path. Norse practitioners, ceremonial magicians, satanists, to name a few, can all do damage if they want to. Whether or not you’ve been hexed, your first step to be a witch should be mastering your psychic development, which includes psychic self defense and strengthening your energetic field ( the invisible “egg” shape surrounding your body ) not “I want to do a love spell to force that person who’s never been nice to me to be my boy/girlfriend,” not “I want to summon a Goetic demon etc, etc, so and so fucking forth. STOP! Before you hurt yourself, seriously.

To be a successful practitioner of magic you need to master yourself, not your external circumstances, first.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 6.22.03 PM

When you change, the world around you changes but if you’re only trying to control your environment all you’re doing is AVOIDING YOUR SHIT. Yes, I said your shit. Don’t look at me like that, we’ve all got a lot of things about ourselves that we’d rather not look at. On top of that, we project our issues onto those around us if we are not self-aware. Whether you like it or not, those people that piss you off so much are mirroring something back at you that you’d rather not see in yourself. The fastest and easiest way to strengthen your aura and, not only protect yourself from others but also to protect others from you ( no one wants your crap, keep it to yourself please! ) is what’s called the egg of light visualization.

Stand up with your feet together, arms at your sides and close your eyes. Now imagine that your entire body is encased in an egg extending approximately 9 inches all the way around you, including under your feet and above your head. Visualize a bright blue light filling the egg. Maintain that blue light while seeing a silvery white sphere a foot above your head and slowly allow the silvery white energy from the sphere to enter your egg and the crown chakra at the top of your head. Let it drip down into your throat, chest, arms and fingers, your back, hips, legs and feet to the tip of your toes and feel this light energizing every cell in your body. Hold the egg shape and the silvery energy in your minds eye as long as possible. When it fades know that it is still there and protecting you even though you can no longer see it. By practicing this exercise a few minutes a day you will soon be able to make it appear at a moments notice just by thinking about it. The best part about mastering this practice is that it improves your life in general from increasing your self confidence and vitality but also by being able to pick up on negative people and troubling situations before they occur.

And at the end of the day, if you REALLY need to send someones crap back at the them, just throw their name or a picture inside a mirrored compact with some command, control, and compel oil, wrap tape completely around it, and then throw it somewhere dark and forget about it.


WitchyWomen Wednesdays

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 2.47.46 PMArielle Ollivier is the Creatrix of Mahina Medicina; a mystery school/sisterhood for Wombyn to feel safe, seen and supported; as they awaken and embody their Divine Feminine Rhythm, Mystery and Sensuality. Arielle is a best selling author and certified intuitive life coach, utilizing her training in ceremony, ritual and magick for transformation. She works closely with flowers and plants, alchemizing essences, tinctures and salves. Arielle invites you to follow her on Instagram @mama.mahina or visit her website: to connect into CommUnity.

Our menstrual blood as We’Moon is sacred.

“It is prophesied that when all women are giving their blood back to the Earth in a sacred way, all the men will come home from war and there will be peace on Earth again.” ~ Hopi Nation

When Matriarchal societies ruled; Women would gather in the Red Tent to bleed. We understood the power of retreating during our flow. Allowing us the space to receive Divine messages through increased intuition.

Practicing rituals to honor the Goddess within.

Unfortunately, in modern Western society this tradition has been dormant. Wombyn have been taught to be discreet and silent about their menstrual cycle – pad or plug it up, as if it’s a plague. This negative connotation disconnects Women from the very fluids that create us.

It is my passion to assist Women in remembering, reconnecting and reclaiming the sacredness of their blood through ritual. Reframing the experience of your period to be one of pleasure, instead of pain.

Below is a ritual invitation for your next cycle;


Day 1 of bleeding: Create an altar

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 2.55.57 PM

A beautiful visual to honor yourself with.

Create an altar with crystals, feathers, flowers, or whatever feels good to you! Infuse it with love! Say a prayer in gratitude for yourself, Gaia and the Great Goddess.

On my altar are:

Amethyst~Quartz~Spirit Quartz~Rose Quartz

Koa Wood Carved Egg (fertility)

Butterfly wings I’ve collected (transformation)

Rose petals (feminine/love)

Feathers (grace)


Day 2 of bleeding: Womb Massage

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 2.56.19 PM

Most likely, you hardly touch your stomach with appreciation. Giving yourself a womb massage is a wonderful way to adorn yourself and create a physical connection to your body.

I use a ‘Womb Salve’ and I rub it on my abdomen/womb clockwise. Mugwort, (the main ingredient in the salve) increases circulation of blood. Thus relieving cramps, as it repels stagnation; cold and dampness in the Uterus.

You can use your favorite essential oil too! Clary sage, lavender, rose, and ylang ylang are all supportive oils for moon time.


Day 3 of bleeding: Anoint yourself

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 2.56.33 PM

This one takes courage, as it’s way beyond comfort for some! It took me about a year of catching my blood before I practiced this.

Transfer blood from menstrual cup into a small bowl or jar. Lovingly say a prayer to yourself, honoring your ability to create life, as you dip your fingers into your blood. Notice any negative thoughts that arise, and ask they be transmuted into love as you take your fingers to your third eye (between the brow) and gently touch them to your forehead to make a heart, star or a crescent moon (as the Avalon priestess would do!).

You can continue to draw on your body, if you feel inclined. I found it liberating to draw on my womb!

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 2.56.51 PM

Day 4 of bleeding: Offer it to the plants

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 2.57.06 PM

Menstrual blood carries 385 proteins unique ONLY to menstrual blood. It’s incredibly nourishing to the soil, helping plants grow.

(I love to give it to my Mugwort).

Pick a flower, plant or tree and ask it’s permission to give it your menstrual blood.

(Permission in magic & ritual is KEY)

Transfer the blood collected from your cup, tampon or pad into a cup, jar or vase and dilute it with water.

As you pour into soil, say a blessing or prayer.

(use your Intuition, there is no right or wrong)

It can be: what you are releasing in this cycle, and what you wish for the plant to circulate & grow. The beauty of mother nature is her ability to recycle energy, to create anew!

My prayer is these practical and magical rituals serve you to cultivate a deeper connection to the Earth, the Moon and your Womb.



October Money ‘Scopes by Darla Downing

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 11.19.36 AM


Money ‘Scopes by Darla Downing


The bills may seem endless this month, Aries. Every day you may receive a new letter asking for money owed. All this financial stress may lead to exhaustion. However, Venus Retrograde, which starts on the 5th can help to consolidate credit, make payment plans, and offer debt relief. Calling in a financial advisor, or asking for advice from others, on the 12th will help elevate your assets on the 26th. Don’t be a hero, use your fiery energy to get assistance, instead of falling victim to endless bills.


While others may be scrambling to keep their livelihood afloat this month, you are mostly concerned with partnerships—deciding what projects and people to invest your money and time in. The 5th causes you to rethink recent endeavors, giving you the option to renegotiate recent contracts. The 26th gives you clarity, as you may possibly renege on a deal. Listen to your intuition this month, if a deal, contract, or situation doesn’t feel right—let it go, move on to the next project right away and don’t waste time on nonsense.
Your intellectual nature often motivates you to logically assess work and financial matters. However, October leaves you feeling lost, as your pristine crystal clear judgement is now foggy. Disappointments at work on the 18th and 19th may force you to feel lost in terms of your career, as feelings of inadequacy come to surface. The 20th and 22nd urge you to take control of financial and career power dynamics. But, you may take a step back, opting to ride the wave before taking any actions, due to your lack of career motivation and uncertainty this month.
Living in a rich girl’s world this October allows you to step out of your shell and spend the fruits of your labor on forbidden pleasures. This is quite exciting for you, dear crab, as you often spend frugally. The 5th and the 26th jumpstart your urge to invest on passion projects. Just be watchful over your investments and contracts with others on the 24th, as a “trusted” party may lead you astray on the 27th.
Often the life of the party, you tend to overspend quite often. This will cause issues in October, as your generous heart has left you scrambling for cash. As Venus starts to glide backwards on October 5th, you will immediately start to feel the financial pinch. Don’t stress, sweet lion! Use October to revise your monetary plan and create a budget. Even though you may feel financially overwhelmed and your bank account may be underwhelmed, you have the opportunity to enhance your assets with simple planning and foresight, which will allow you to feel more in control of your finances by the 26th.
Spending money frivolously with friends this past month sure has put a drain on your once lush bank account. October begins with the heat on your finances, causing you to feel the financial drain on the 3rd and 7th. The 31st brings a new chance to revise your finances, as Venus moves backwards through your house of finances, offering you an opportunity to change the game for November.
This month takes a bite out of your bank account, Libra. As your planetary ruler, Venus, glides backwards in the financial sector of your chart (starting on October 5th), the next 41 days will prove to be taxing on you, creating much anxiety around money. Be cautious this month! Do not spend your cash on fanciful inclinations and desires. Try to create a penchant for coupon clipping and bargain deals, which will help you reassess your wallet by Halloween, when Venus aligns with your Sun, thus, allowing you to spend your savings on a lovely costume, drinks, and fun with friends.
October may prove to be challenging for you, Scorpio. Venus kicks off her retrograde journey October 5th, on your Sun, forcing you to make minor financial touch ups. This may come as a surprise to you, after all, you are usually financially responsible. The 9th gives you the opportunity to address your current financial missteps, giving you the chance to clear your current monetary lulls on the 23rd, by bringing in an advisor on the 24th to help you budget.


Your current financial state may be stressful, as you’re nearing your account minimum. Luckily for you, Sag, your friends step in on October 2nd and offer you financial support. While you may view their kindness as unnecessary, accepting their help on the 4th, will allow you to be at ease on the 5th. Be aware, the loan does come with strings. Try to make proper guidelines and boundaries on the 7th and 9th, by openly discussing a payback plan. If not, the 22nd will prove to be challenging with your peers and your wallet.


Known for your work horse drive and determination, you often place all your efforts into your career. However, this month, you are swept away by politics, dedicating yourself more as a SJW than a workaholic. Your charisma will be placed on humanitarian efforts, starting on the 5th, as unsavory news hits the airways. The 14th gives you an opportunity to assess your beliefs, creating a platform to express yourself, allowing for you to raise money for your cause on the 18th, 26th, and 31st.
All work and no play can make your loving cup feel under nourished and appreciated. October 5th forces you to dedicate your energy toward work, as major shifts and transformations at the workplace are underway, making you feel like a fish out of water. This may cause frustrations within, as you won’t have time to enjoy the frivolities of life for most of October. Keep the faith, dear Aquarius! The 29th allows you to burn off some steam as work issues clear up, allowing for you to celebrate Halloween with friends with no worries.


With your head mostly in the clouds this month, your finances will take a sudden windfall. The 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 13th will cause utter confusion regarding your dwindling assets. As you struggle to keep your finances above water, in the first half of the month, try to keep a diary of your spending. The 18th and 19th boost your assets, allowing for financial clarity on the 29th. Expect a monetary gift from your spirits on Halloween, as you are the recipient of a wonderful financial surprise.

WitchyWomen Wednesday

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 10.29.25 AMA native Russian raised in the South and bred in Philadelphia where she attended art school and began her career, Tatyana brings a slew of backgrounds and artistic experience from painting to writing and directing into her role as an art and magic coach. A primary theme throughout her all of her work is that of seeing the magic in the mundane, and how anything in our lives can be a form of creative energy and expression. As a multidisciplinary artist, she finds it integral to nourish all facets of the creative self and harvest intimate connections and collaborative relationships, and through her work, Taty wants to help others do the same. She does so through writing via her blog, New Moon Creative, filming a weekly video series on IGTV, and by working with individuals directly through her independent Reiki+Intuitive Painting service. Tatyana aims to build New Moon Creative into a full one-on-one coaching business by 2019 to help redirect people towards their most authentic, creative journeys and be available as a personal teacher and mentor.

For many of us who run businesses, blogs, or provide any other kind of service, intelligent planning and structure are essential in order to organize our weeks and stay on track of our goals. They gives us a framework within which we can funnels our ideas into real plans of inspired action, and keep us in check with the content we are putting out and the dialogue we’re guiding.  

However, the problem with over-planning is that we risk getting so caught up in the way something “should be” that we might accidentally miss out on some of the most authentic moments of organic inspiration that we can receive. In her book “Big Magic,” Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the nature of Ideas. They come knocking on your door when they’re ready to be born, and if you don’t let them in, someone else will. It’s a divine moment of connection to Source, and YOU are the Vehicle.

When we work consciously with external energy and see ourselves as a conduit for it, our focus begins to shift from obsessing over controlling a Plan to building ourselves up to be the best possible channel for this Life Energy. When you feel good in your body and create healthy practices, you clear pathways for this energy to flow through with ease.

So how do we build ourselves up to be the most magnetic receptors of and channels for ideas?

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 10.29.03 AM


Disconnect to Reconnect.


Those of us who rely on social media as a business platform tend to feel like we’re not doing our job if we aren’t constantly connected. We tell ourselves lies like, “If I’m not keeping up and putting out content, I’m lazy.” False. Your audience doesn’t want a burnt out, depleted version of you. They want you at your most rested and tuned in because that’s when you bring your best value. That’s comforting to people. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 10.36.04 AM


Tune in and pick a Mantra.


Remember, your body is your vessel. How you equip it will determine what signals you pick up from the ether and what you end up creating. To assist this voluntary mental shift, try starting with a mantra to help transition you from a cluttered headspace to a clear and receptive one. Even something as simple as “I release all that which does not serve me, and I am creating space for beautiful, sparkling light to flow through me.” Let it make you smile!

Repetition of such affirmations is coined as a thing called “auto-suggestion,” and it is one of the most powerful ways we can consciously influence our subconscious mind. By saying things out loud, we gradually begin to BELIEVE them even if initially this isn’t already an embedded belief.


Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 10.27.54 AM

Ground Yourself


Find ways to ground and connect deeply to yourself through practices that clear stale energy and replenish your lifesource. This can be anything from practicing Magick rituals to self-Reiki to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts. Sweating is AMAZING for releasing negative emotions, but then so is writing down all of your fears and anxieties and flushing them down the toilet. Likewise, consciously working with the energetic centers of your body via meditation and visualization can be incredibly powerful. Sometimes it’s even putting on some lingerie and telling yourself you’re beautiful, as molecules of self-love and playfulness slowly replaces those of doubt and insecurity.
Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 10.27.39 AM


Set Healthy Practices

The truth is, no matter how much work we do to prepare our vessel, the intensity of our connection to Source will ebb and flow. There will be times when you feel like you just can’t connect, and if you plan on building your career solely off of waiting for divine moments alone, you’ll be broke and depressed fast. This is why it’s imperative to form practices in all that you do. Do your grounding rituals before you check your email. Set the time to write, but maybe don’t set the topic. Your job is to show up; the Universe will do the rest. If you equip yourself with healthy practices that make your body into the best home it possibly can be, when Inspiration hits, you’ll be ready for it.