Business Coaching

Let’s Talk W.I.T.C.H.C.R.A.F.T.

I take each and every one of my clients on my signature coaching journey, accelerated to fit the client’s current position!

W- hats holding you back?

  • As an intuitive badass, this first phase of the program focuses on unearthing what specific hurdles you are facing that keep you from aligning with your highest and most successful self. We do this with shadow work, tarot, astrology, and searching through past traumas to see what keeps you stagnant.

I- ntuitive branding

  • Once we’ve gotten to the bottom of your struggles, we start unveiling your strengths and creating your very own personal brand! We do this with color magick to express your gifts and goals, and shape your message around how you’ve grown and how you can help people to do the same, whether it’s within your products, art, story telling, coaching, etc.

T- une into your ideal client

  • Now that we’ve gotten to the bottom of you as a brand, we are now going to suss out your ideal audience with manifestation and inspired action. We create their avatar by using your past to extract exactly who you can help, and then we go find them!

C- ontent Creation

  • We know your brand. We know your ideal client base. Now we’re going to create aligned content that feels EXCITING and will channel that energy straight to your consumer. This phase get’s people to know you in a way that will make them love you!

H- oning your sales skills

  • Once we’ve created a blueprint for segments, the medium in which you’re most comfortable, and who exactly you’re talking to, we work on how to sell without feeling inauthentic or “salesy.” We do this by taking your gifts and spinning it to educate by leading with a soul connection to your ideal client base, which is the most effective way to sell to empaths! This phase is all about positioning yourself as a real authority in your field.

C- ontinuous engagement

  • In this phase we look at where you’re getting the most engagement and hyper focus on it. We look at different ways to up-level the way you speak to your client base and create a schedule for consistency.

R- each expansion

  • Once we have your top engaged area of expertise, we look at how we can repurpose it to spread across different mediums in order to stay relevant and expand your reach. We do this in a way that feels effortless and organized by taking your already mastered content and restructuring it to fit other places!

A- bolishing visibility hurdles

  • It can feel hard to expand to different platforms, so this is where we work on the mindset around it. We work on an organization method that doesn’t feel overwhelming and scary, and instead becomes second nature.

F- earless Sales

  • After mapping out your content and staying visible, you will no doubt get client calls, DM’s, emails, etc! This is where I walk you through how to effectively spin this to the outcome you want, without succumbing to imposter complex.

T- aking it to the next level

  • Winding down our time together, I will help you map out your next month based on your goals. Whether it’s a program launch, a product launch, an event calendar, or freelance pitches, I will hand hold you on how to get exactly what you want. This is also where you’ll have the chance to re-sign with me for month to month mindset coaching so you can stay on track!


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I’ve compiled all of my offerings into a standard 2k per month fee, which includes twice monthly hour long zoom calls and unlimited Voxer access. Now you just have to…