Break Out of the Breakup

So, babe, you got your heart broken.

Or maybe, you just need help getting back out there, and are blocked by holding on to a past relationship.

Well, do you want to take an active part in healing so you can get out there and love again??

Join me and @mylifecoachrachel for a super immersive masterclass to get you to Break Out of the Break Up!

In a class full of rituals, affirmations, journaling exercises, and group support, you are going to accept this gift from the universe and come into a higher frequency for it!

The best part? This class is featured in a Facebook group so you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home!

Here’s some FAQs…

So what makes me qualified to host a workshop in breakups?

After many heartbreaks that kept fitting the same pattern, it took a serious dive into my psyche to crack the code to my own perpetuation of mentally abusive relationships. Through my own curiosity and the ability to ask myself the really hard questions, I was able to create a formula that helps to make sense of my part in the breakup. Pain takes time to heal, but understanding your role in the world helps you to make a change in your future.

But what if your relationship wasn’t abusive or disrespectful? What if you’re just in PAIN?

Well that’s why a community of women who understand what you’re going through is so valuable! You don’t need to have experienced an unhealthy relationship to be apart of this; this workshop is a safe space for healing and exploration!

And what if your breakup was so long ago, that it can’t possibly be a problem anymore?

Sometimes we harbor old resentments from pivotal break ups. It doesn’t matter if it was yesterday or eight years ago. Pain is pain, and until we understand it, we can’t move forward and manifest a new love!

So, how much does it cost?

This workshop costs a tiny percentage of what it takes to work with me and Rachel with double the amount of support! With an immersive month of journaling exercises and rituals by the moon, you get the benefits of what you need at exactly this moment in time for a fraction of the cost. It costs over a thousand dollars to work with me and Rachel combined for a month, and you get the benefits of both PLUS a community of women for pennies on the dollar! For just 95 dollars (that’s less than 20 dollars a WEEK) you can gain a new depth and understanding you never knew was possible!!

So, click here to purchase, and don’t forget to add your email in the “note’s” section so I can add you to the Facebook group 😉

We start August 1st, so don’t wait!!!

Thank you for your interest, and I hope you seize the opportunity that I never had!