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I want to share something with you:

Therapy used to feel like a total burden. I never had insurance and the only counselors that would accept me were a 2 hour commute away. It made me put my self care on the back burner. I know some of you have experienced this as well.

Now I use the BetterHelp platform to help me navigate my thoughts while running a business. On top of it, I can do my sessions on my couch on my own time.

Because I love this service so much, I’ve partnered up with BetterHelp to offer my community inexpensive and flexible counseling. I can get you one week free of therapy if you use this URL:


Subscriptions afterward come at $35-$80 USD per week, depending on your selected plan, and financial aid is offered if you are in need!

This is not a crisis service and you must be 18 +, but if the reasons you’ve been avoiding therapy include social anxiety, commute, busy schedules, or lack of insurance, this platform is for you.

Taking care of yourself has never been easier. Sign up today!