Welcome to WitchyWisdoms! My name is Shawn Engel, and I will guide you on your self help journey through creativity, spirituality, and plain old human mistakes.

As a life coach, spiritualist, and tarot reader, I feel that it is my life’s purpose to help others with the strength of my intuition and security in my emotional health. Together, we can take back your freedom and get you to the place you deserve to be!

Are you overeating? Struggling with self love? Seem to keep falling into the same dating traps? Finding that regardless of what you’re doing, you just can’t get it right?

Don’t be a victim. I am here to help you take complete charge of your life while practicing the art of surrender. Remember, surrender isn’t losing. Surrender is gaining the ability to let go of the outcome. And the real magic starts there…

Being a powerfully magnetic, witchy woman takes grit, experiences, and nurturing, and through my personalized strategies, I can get you there. I can get you to a place of self love that you didn’t even know existed. With a change in perception and an objective look at reality, we can shift you from hexed to blessed!

So welcome to my page. Keep reading, keep listening, keep loving, and keep your heart open. And if you need my guidance, I am always accepting new clients. Stay witchy ( *)