Are You a Business Witch?

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My name is Shawn Engel, and I am the business witch , brand strategist and spiritual mentor behind the brand and six-figure business, Witchy Wisdoms. As the author of Cosmopolitan’s Love Spells (Sterling),  Power of Hex (Chicago Review Press), Witches Brew (Sterling), and the matriarch of The Boss Mystic Podcast Network, I have successfully leveraged social media in my almost four years of business. Collectively, I have over 150k followers on social media, spanning Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter under the handle @witchywisdoms, and continue to create content that benefits my community.

And I can help you do the same.

I guide a variety of businesses to align with a perfected personal brand to gain exposure, clients, and revenue. As a Business Witch and a Boss Mystic, I activate my client’s power to upgrade their mindset and attract new opportunities with what I call Success Magick!

I feel that it is my life’s purpose to help others with the strength of my intuition and ability to attract open doors. I want to see every babe thrive with a business of their own and a brand that holds their unique vision.

Together, we can shift your routine, your socials, and your messaging to achieve what success really means to you:



Are you a business witch looking for a cohesive roadmap in the correct brand context instead of just winging it? Are you looking to scale to those 10k months without it being so damn hard? Ready to gain the type of exposure that will elevate your business and validate your vision?

Well look no further. I am here to help you understand your own approach in a way that makes YOU see the real YOU. We are going to forage forward with an authentic brand that is far beyond a color palette and quirky wording. We will make you so recognizable that you become a household name that evolves with you, not against you, and helps you scale beyond your wildest dreams.


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