October Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe

October Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe


There’s a big money opportunity to seize on the 2nd of the month. It looks like you will finally be ready to make a big investment to better your career or business. Next, Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 7th, which is great for you, because it means money is likely to come to you in large amounts! But you’ll also need to be cautious of old spending habits because, on the 10th, you’re likely to fall back into old patterns. It’s great that money will be flowing more easily this month, but it isn’t helpful if you spend it all too quickly. A serious opportunity could fall into your lap on the 13th; this opportunity involves getting serious and putting in work towards a big life goal. A little bit later in the month, on or near the 26th, you might run into a small financial issue. This is a good time to revisit those spending habits you have, and pull up the reins if you’re overdoing it. Lastly, whatever it was that you set into motion on the 13th is likely to see huge growth by the 28th. This month is all about planning for the future and reflecting upon the past, but don’t forget to live in the moment as much as you can, unless of course you’re spending money you don’t have!


On the 2nd of the month you may become inspired to create a serious partnership with someone (in love or business). There is room for so much growth with this union! A few days later, Venus will move into Sagittarius on the 7th, and this will be particularly good for calling in sales and handling large sums of money. Then, an old contract might come back by the 10th, which looks like it’s going to be particularly good for calling in more money in your life. If that old contract has to do with work, you should definitely ask for a promotion on the 13th; you might not get an answer yet but it is likely to fall in your favor. Next, on the 26th, you will be more susceptible to group influence and mob mentality. So, on that day be sure to check in with your intuition before you follow everyone else’s lead. On or near the 28th you’ll likely get your answer from your boss about the promotion, and it’s very likely that you’ll be greeted with excellent news. More money is very likely to come to you on that day.


You’ll be alert around the 2nd because there is likely to be a deep, important shift in your day to day work responsibilities. You may have to take on more work, but this work will be transformative in some way. After the 7th, when Venus moves into Sagittarius, you’ll find that the most profit to be made is when you are working in partnership-this also means it’s a great love vibe for the Gemini’s this month! So it’s not surprising that an old contract with a past lover or coworker is likely to come back around on or near the 10th. This is an important match, but make sure you’re still doing you-don’t lose yourself in the excitement of working with others! There is some serious, yet exciting, life planning happening near the 13th, so set your goals as big as you can! However, your dealings with others is going to get a bit confusing around the 26th, so be careful of diving into unsafe situations at work or with your partner. You’re likely to start seeing profit and/or opportunities from those plans and dreams you set in motion in the middle of the month by the 28th.


You should continue to focus on saving at the beginning of the month while Venus is still in Libra. Then, it seems like by the 6th you and a partner (business or otherwise) will be looking to save up for The 2nd of the month is a good day to deep dive on a new project with coworkers or business partners. You’ll be feeling inspired to create something very cool at the beginning of the month. Tips and commissions should be flowing like a river after the 7th when Venus moves into Sagittarius; there’s a lot of money to be made (in small amounts probably, but still). An old work contract or opportunity is likely to come back around the 10th of the month. You might be feeling a little confused about where it’s going to take you, but you should trust this turn of fate. If you start looking into business investments or loans around the 13th that’s good, because the middle of the month is perfect for planning something big like that. On the 26th, you’ll be thinking big when it comes to your goals, which is great, but don’t forget to analyze the details of these goals to make sure it’s doable. Then, on the 28th, any investments you made in the middle of the month should finally be turning a profit and creating some big benefits in your life!


If you’re already worried about money, then Venus in Libra probably hasn’t been your friend, but this You’ll be feeling really secure in your work at the beginning of the month, but especially on the 2nd. This feeling of security is going to lead you to wanting to spend your money in fun ways after Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 7th of the month. I mean, what’s the point of making money if you aren’t going to use it for pleasure, right? Well, that’s only partially right because a few days later-on the 10th-you’ll be feeling anxious about falling back into old spending habits. Think of your future money goals and plan accordingly. The 13th is a good day for romance, it could be a good day for money too but you’ll probably be too horny to tell. Then, on or near the 26th you might find yourself with a beautiful opportunity to spend someone else’s money… or maybe you’ll be spending money you don’t have. So, if you feel credit card happy on that day, be cautious of overdoing it because you don’t want to dig yourself into a hole! The 28th will be a big love day as well. Once again, it could be good for money but you might be too horny to care.


The 2nd is a good day for creative writing or personal self reflection. Money gets a bit more serious after the 7th when Venus moves into Sagittarius; it’s a good transit for saving up for something big. However, on the 10th some old childhood wounds may resurface regarding your self worth. You’re capable of doing so much more than you were led to believe when you were a child, you got this Virgo! You’ll want to get the ball rolling on a home project near the 13th (is this what you’ve been saving up for?) The 13th will be a good day to budget and plan that project of yours out accordingly. Perhaps this is regarding the home project, but on the 26th you’ll be asking too much of your partner. Try not to assume something if you haven’t asked a direct question, and respect the word no when it is spoken to you. The 28th is a really good work day, whether you’re at your desk or putting in some elbow grease on that new project, things should be flowing excellently!


An opportunity to earn and save more money comes to you on or near the 2nd of the month. So by the 7th, when Venus moves into Sagittarius, you’ll have money on the mind. Sometimes money worries can pop up with Venus in this sign, but you can also use this transit to do more budgeting and financial planning. An old contract may be popping back into your life on the 10th. This could look like a lover returning, but most likely it’s going to be a literal, paper (I guess digital, too) contract of some sort. Then, a creative money making opportunity knocks on your door near the 13th. Does it have to do with that old contract coming back? Possibly, but it definitely involves creative writing or speaking. On the 26th you’ll be feeling like you’re giving way too much time and energy to your job. If feelings of guilt and shame creep in you’ll know you’ve gone too far that day. Then, on the 28th, you’ll be feeling incredibly inspired to work on that new project that came your way this month, so be sure to utilize that powerful flow of energy.


An opportunity can be made on the 2nd of the month, one that’s been gestating in your mind for a long time; it’s time to bring it out into the open now. Next, lucky for you, after Venus moves into Sagittarius on the the 7th it’s just pure money money money coming your way. In fact, on the 10th you should expect to receive some money that’s been owed to you. Then, on the 13th, you’ll want to lay some groundwork on a new business plan that you’ve been cooking up (possibly expanding that idea from the beginning of the month). You’ll obviously be feeling good, and money is not a big issue this month, so lavish spending is the name of the game on the 26th. In the words of Donna and Tom, “treat yo self.” Especially because the month continues to end on a high note on the 28th when you see some serious return on the projects you’ve been working on. Money is expanding in a big way this month, enjoy it!


You’ll be feeling pretty proud of yourself on and near the 2nd of the month because you’ve worked through some tricky old money stories recently, so at the start of the month you’ll be feeling confident when it comes to your finances. Which is great because after the 7th, when Venus moves into Sagittarius, you will be receiving more bountiful gifts and blessings in the form of money and presents. Then, on the 10th, you’ll see the road ahead of you more clearly. A part of yourself that you’ve been missing will come back around that time as well. Next, on the 13th, you’re likely to receive an invitation to showcase your voice and talents-make sure you take that opportunity! I do want you to be cautious around the 26th of the month though, you’re probably going to be a little too caught up in the drama of your life and will most likely take it out on your loved ones. But the 28th is a big day for ideas, most likely relating to the opportunity that came knocking at the middle of the month, so be sure to write them all down so you can use them later.


A very serious new goal in life may start to take shape on or near the 2nd of the month; write out the game plan. Venus moving into Sagittarius on the 7th isn’t the best news for my Capricorn besties though, that’s because it means that this is a time when money fears and worries will creep back up. Fear not, this happens once a year and it is simply an invitation to face your old money stories head on in order to come back bigger and better than ever when Venus moves into Capricorn. Pay extra attention to this work on the 10th of the month, lack mindset could really be setting in hard around that time. Try to focus on working things through one step at a time as opposed to becoming overwhelmed with all the work there is to be done. Then, on the 13th, you’ll have an opportunity brought to you which will actively help to set you up with more money in your life (hopefully it will help ease some of those fears, too). The 26th will be another day to be cautious of your anxious mind when it comes to money and finances; however, by the 28th you should see some money flowing in from the opportunity that came in the middle of the month.


You’ve got some secret ambitions you’ll be working towards at the beginning of the month. By the 2nd you’ll see that there’s a big opportunity to create in order to help bring these dreams into reality. You’ll be called to do some long term, big dream, financial planning after the 7th when Venus moves into Sagittarius. This is also a good time to budget and make sure you can divert extra cash back to your community and those who need it more. An old friend is likely to resurface near the 10th of the month; this probably has nothing to do with finances, just enjoy the reconnection. Although, there is a big invitation on the 13th that can bring you much closer to those secret ambitions you have, so perhaps this friend is the one who brings the opportunity your way! Only time will tell. I want you to be cautious of your spending near the 26th though, you’re likely to overspend and over do it financially just for the clout. Chin up, because near the end of the month, on the 28th, the opportunity from the beginning of the month will begin to grow and expand in ways you never imagined. Big things are coming!


For the first few days of the month Venus will still be in Libra, so people honestly want to give you Keep your eyes peeled and your mind open on the 2nd of the month, because there is a serious opportunity waiting to be seized on that day, it’s an opportunity you will not see coming. A few days later, on the 7th, Venus will move into Sagittarius which is huge for your career! If you’ve been looking for a promotion or trying to land a new, better job it’s sure to happen in the following weeks. This is a great vibe, obvi, but near the 10th of the month an old work/career contract comes back around. At that time you may even be pulled to focus less on your career and more so on your home and family. Then, you’ll be feeling deeply creative on the 13th of the month, so claim that energy and roll with it; you never know what kind of beauty you might create. Make sure to rest, or at least leave work at your desk at the end of the day, on the 26th. It’s likely that you’ll be over exerting yourself and giving too much of your energy to your career. The 28th is another deeply creative day (maybe even more so than the 13th), so be bold and create something beautiful.

Jasmine is an intuitive tarot reader, numerologist, and esoteric blogger living and worshipping the sun in California. Between typos and curse words she makes spirituality digestible to the modern world. In her work she strives to inspire defiant self love by serving it with a side of sass.

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