September Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe

September Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe


Your business partnerships are emphasized while Venus is still in Libra for a few more days at the beginning of September. Your ambitions will run high on the 6th with you and whoever you are partnered with at this time; there will be an emphasis on setting goals high, investing and putting your names out there. This will turn a profit for you once Venus moves into Scorpio on the 10th with selling, and especially handling and receiving money, becoming highlighted. However, your opportunities will likely feel dry on the 16th, almost as if someone is blocking your path to success. Now, is this true, or is this just a narrative you’ve created because it’s easier to blame someone else when the going gets rough? You’ll be in a gambling mood-possibly literally-on the 23rd, but gambles on this day are truly at your own risk. You could walk away with a big win, or you could walk away with an epic fail-the choice is yours! After that, Mercury will station retrograde on the 26th, so for 2 weeks while this planet is moon walking backwards through the sky you shouldn’t sign on the dotted line when it comes to any brand deals or partnerships, and take good care of the partnerships that you are in because there are likely to be some miscommunication and minor mishaps on the horizon.


Venus in Libra is good for calling in a small work bonus, extra commission or sales, or even finding a $20 in the pocket of a pair of shorts you haven’t worn in a year. However, Venus will only be there for a few more days until she enters into Scorpio on the 10th, after that your focus should be on business partnerships-that’s where you’re going to call in the most cash! Before then, on the 6th, you’ll be dreaming big and will have your eyes on the prize at work. This kind of optimistic ambition could land you a raise and/or a bonus! However, on the 16th you’ll be struggling to work with management, your boss or a coworker. It will feel impossible to get anything done on that day. Next, an offer will be made to you on the 23rd, but make sure to think it through carefully before you hitch yourself to that wagon. This could be a real hit or miss scenario you’re getting yourself into, especially since Mercury is stationing retrograde 3 days later, on the 26th. This retrograde will be messing with your day to day work life, so expect issues like an accidental reply all, ccing the wrong person, talking shit in the break room and not realizing the person is there, forwarding the call to the wrong person, scheduling the meeting for the wrong day, showing up an hour late, etc. You’ll need to be on your toes for those two weeks!


You’ll be in a lavish mood for a few more days at the start of the month with Venus still in Libra. The 6th will be a particularly good money day for you; you are better able to sell, expand, and call in more affluence easily when you are working and using money creatively. Venus moving into Scorpio on the 6th will be good for business owners, and anyone who sells or works on commission. However, the 16th will be a particularly uninspired day at work. Your energy will be low and it will be hard to do the day to day tasks that must be done on that day. On the 23rd you’ll be faced with a gamble: work hard or rest hard. Your choice in this matter is of the utmost importance, so choose wisely. Then, Mercury will station retrograde on the 26th of the month. So, for the following weeks you can expect quarrels with lovers and children, plus everyone will think you’re flirting with them (more so than usual). You’re going to think you have more time and money and energy than you actually do on the 30th, so you’re likely to overspend yourself in every way on that day.


You should continue to focus on saving at the beginning of the month while Venus is still in Libra. Then, it seems like by the 6th you and a partner (business or otherwise) will be looking to save up for something big. Also around that date you can expect to inherit something of value from your family; this bit of fortune could come with some responsibility, so keep that in mind. Next, Venus moves into Scorpio on the 10th, which means that you’ll be feeling like money is no good to you if it isn’t made in order to be spent. You’re not wrong, just keep it within your means. Next, you’ll be feeling like there’s way too much boring stuff to do and not enough free time to play on the 16th. Write a list of all that you need to accomplish in order from most important to least, make sure you do the most important things first before you ditch the rest. Next, you’ll be feeling like taking a big leap of faith on the 23rd, but your optimism could land you in the mud just as likely as it could land you in the stars, so make your choices carefully. Then, Mercury stations retrograde on the 26th which will likely bring small mishaps and hiccups with family and home for the next two weeks. Any house or family project that needs attending to will be brought out into the light at this time. On the last day of the month you’ll be in a serious treat yourself mood, so just be aware of that!


If you’re already worried about money, then Venus in Libra probably hasn’t been your friend, but this transit can also be used for creative ideas! Plus it will only be there for a few more days at the start of September. You’ll be feeling really ambitious about a new project on the 6th, and if you have the right partner to work with this could be really fun and lucrative. Plus, saving becomes the name of the game once Venus moves into Scorpio on the 10th, unfortunately this soon becomes an issue on the 16th. This issue could arise with a partner or family member because you’ll be feeling exhausted and like there’s too much responsibility to shoulder. If you need your partner to help carry the weight, have a conversation about it-they can’t read your mind! By the 23rd you might be ready to make somewhat of a risky gamble at work; it might solve the issues at home, but it also might make them worse, so choose wisely before you roll the dice on this one. Then, Mercury stations retrograde on the 26th and so for the next few weeks you can expect to have some issues with communication, cars/buses/short travel. Always leave the house 5 minutes early this Mercury retrograde! You, or someone else in your family, is likely to overspend on the 30th, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!


There should be some extra cash flow coming in pretty easily over the next few days with Venus still in Libra at the start of the month. So, by the 6th you’ll be feeling really good about where your financial standing is-money really is flowing in easily at this point in time-and your main ambition will actually be to make sure to utilize your wealth for joy and pleasure. Money is, after all, made to be spent! Then, on the 10th, Venus will move into Scorpio; while it’s there, money talks! Instead of stressing about money or expecting other people to know what you are thinking, speak up, share your ideas and ask for what you want. Ask and ye shall receive! You’ll really need to try and put this into action on the 16th or you may run the risk of miscommunications at work and potentially fumbling a sale or small deal. Take a gamble when it’s presented to you on the 23rd, it’s likely to fall in your favor and you deserve a big win! Then we have Mercury stationing retrograde on the 26th, which honestly isn’t great for you and money, but it’s not the end of the world. Check your receipts, look at your bank account often, don’t double tap on venmo, Mercury retrograde is just about taking your time with the small stuff, all mistakes can be avoided with care and no one has the eye for detail like a Virgo.


Venus is still in Libra when the month begins, so you should still be receiving presents and gifts and blessings from this transit! You’ll be feeling really ambitious about saving money and setting up a solid foundation of wealth for your future on the 6th, which is enhanced by some serious cash flow that could be coming in from a creative project or a passion project. Then, on the 10th, Venus moves into Scorpio, but that’s great news! Venus in Scorpio promises more money to come into your life in the following weeks. However, the 16th is a bit of a downer. Your responsibilities will feel too taxing, you’d much rather play then work, but that’s just not an option on that day. You will feel called to make an investment gamble on the 23rd, but it truly is a gamble, so be careful about diving into this one because the fall out could have serious consequences. Next up, Mercury will station retrograde on the 26th, so for the following weeks please don’t schedule any hair or tattoo appointments!! And on the 30th you’ll feel the call to spoil yourself by spending money on fun stuff, just be careful to not overdue it.


Money is definitely a bit of a worry with Venus starting off in Libra this month, but things will shift once the planet of value moves into Scorpio on the 10th. After that you can expect gifts and blessings to come your way! On the 6th you’ll be feeling a strong pull to do some shadow work around your relationship to money and work through any blocks you may be feeling at that time. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to change some thoughts and habits in order to bring in some extra cash flow that you may have been missing. You’ll probably be feeling pretty exhausted on the 16th, and whatever extra money you do have you will not be inclined to put it into your savings like you planned. But what will you do with it instead? On the 23rd you’ll have an opportunity to either work alone or work with a partner, but this is a gamble of sorts, one that could work out amazingly or horribly-choose wisely! Then, on the 26th, Mercury will join the retrograde gang, so for the following two weeks you might have some confusion and miscommunications of a spiritual nature. If your ancestral and diety work goes wonky, that’s why! You’ll be putting too much into your savings on the 30th (perhaps to compensate for earlier in the month), which is cute, but you still need money to eat babe.


Your money goals are big right now with Venus in Libra and we love to see it! You’ll be feeling particularly ambitious about putting these money goals into action on the 6th and you will likely see instant results. Look out for opportunities coming from friends and groups at that time, especially if they have to do with writing or speaking. But there could be a hitch in the road in the following weeks when Venus moves into Scorpio on the 10th; this transit is likely to bring on some fear and potentially shame or guilt around money. It’s not major, this happens once a year, so think of it as a yearly check up! You’ll be feeling particularly worried about money on the 16th, but I want you to really examine the validity of those fears. Are they problems you can solve? If so, solve them. If not, let them go. Are you stressing about potential issues that may never even come to fruition? Why don’t you also give the exact same amount of time to ponder the possibility of something good happening?! You’re inclined to do something a bit risky at work on the 23rd-you want to be honest and reveal something. This could work in your favor, but it also might blow up in your face. Ultimately, the choice is yours alone to make! Then Mercury stations retrograde on the 26th, so take good care of the friends you have, there are likely to be some miscommunications and accidentally hurt feelings in the next two weeks.


Venus will be in Libra for just a few more days when September rolls around, so if you haven’t gotten the work bonus, raise, promotion or new job yet, now is the time. You have an intense drive on the 6th to really make a name for yourself in your career field; this energy can certainly be used to generate more money, which is already guaranteed to flow to you on that day! Next, Venus will move into Scorpio on the 10th, which is going to have you focusing on larger wealth goals; making money is one thing, now what are you going to do with it? You’ll be feeling like your aspirations and your current income and values are actually out of alignment on the 16th, making it hard to get up and grind on that day. Which is maybe why, on the 23rd, there is a gamble you will be toying around with making. The thing about this gamble is, if it works it will be great, if it doesn’t it will be a PR nightmare. Then, on the 26th, Mercury will station retrograde, so for the following 2 weeks it’s imperative that you be careful of what you say on record, what you post online, and what you do while you’re on the clock. Don’t live in fear, just don’t live life on autopilot, babe. On the 30th you’ll be needing a night out to decompress with friends, but you’re liable to put every round on your credit card that night.


Venus is still in Libra for a few more days at the start of the month, so money should be coming into your life in a big, expansive way right now. On the 6th you’ll be feeling really powerful spiritually, you might even embark on a new leg of your spiritual journey. On that same day you’re likely to get a gift or reward of some kind-something large or valuable! Then, on the 10th, Venus moves into Scorpio, which is really good for your career; this could look like a bonus, a raise, a promotion or even a new job (if you’re in the market). Work is admittedly a little tough on the 16th, though. On that day you’ll find it harder to put in the effort and get the work done that’s been asked of you. A big shift could be made on the 23rd but it’s a bit of a toss up, it could mess things up at work or at home… or it could work out and everything could be wonderful, who knows? Next up, Mercury stations retrograde on the 26th but honestly, this one won’t hit you too hard, so you can relax more so than others. Lastly, you’ll have this desire to spoil yourself on the 30th, but you’ll want to do so by skipping work or maybe putting something fun on the company card. Just promise me you’ll think this one through before you act on it.


For the first few days of the month Venus will still be in Libra, so people honestly want to give you money right now. By the 6th you’ll be feeling particularly ambitious; you’ll be setting your goals higher and looking to work with more people and groups. Cash flow will be particularly good for anyone who works in a spiritual, mediumship and/or death based field. Then Venus moves into Scorpio on the 10th but this is only more good news for you and your bank account because this is a very expansive place for Venus to be in your chart, however there are some hard aspects in the latter half of the month. So on the 16th you’ll be invited to examine some shame and guilt you have around money. You’ll think that your budget is tighter than it is, but it’s just because you need to examine this energetic block. Then, on the 23rd, you have a great, but risky, idea that you want to bring out into the world. It is a gamble but ultimately, what do you have to lose? Next, Mercury stations retrograde on the 26th and this isn’t great for sales and handling other people’s money; don’t stress too much, this just means you need to stay alert and double check everything for the next two weeks! You’ll be feeling like you need to buy some spiritual or witchy supplies on the 30th but there is an energy of spending just a little too much on that day, so just keep that in mind.

Jasmine is an intuitive tarot reader, numerologist, and esoteric blogger living and worshipping the sun in California. Between typos and curse words she makes spirituality digestible to the modern world. In her work she strives to inspire defiant self love by serving it with a side of sass.

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