April Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe

April Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe


Venus will remain in Aries for the first 2 weeks of the month, meaning that money and abundance are yours to claim. You’ve been changing the way you think about your finances this year and this practice will bring you some good fortune at the beginning of the month for sure. Pay attention to your community around the 10th, big expansion should be happening in that area of your life, so it’s a great time to collaborate. Next up, Venus moves into Taurus on the 14th, so this will be a good time for you to set up some serious structures around the inflow and outflow of money in your life. Then, a new like minded business associate is coming your way on the 16th, this could be a partner, a new coworker or a client. After that Mars moves into Cancer on the 23rd, so for the following 2 months you’re going to be called to focus your energy on your home and family. If you’ve been meaning to spruce up your home office, this is your sign to get to it! The full moon in Scorpio will be on the 27th, the same day that Pluto in Capricorn will station retrograde. So this day will have you feeling like an imposter at work but this feeling is simply showing you that you need to let go of the old ways of doing things.


The first two weeks of the month will have you revisiting old money and self esteem wounds, but by the 10th you’ll realize that looking at these uncomfortable wounds was actually exactly what you needed to do in order to get closer to your larger career goals. Shortly after, on the 14th, Venus moves into Taurus, so the following weeks are the luckiest and most abundant time of the year for you! On the 22nd you’ll have a revelation about yourself and your relationship to money, this will shake up the way you approach financial stability from here out. Then Mars moves into Cancer on the 23rd, so for the next 2 months you’ll have more mental clarity and be better able to work on multiple projects at once-AKA you’ll be doing great, sweetie. Ask for a raise on the 25th when Mercury and Venus meet up in the sky; it might not take you where you planned but it will take you to exactly where you need to be. Pluto in Capricorn stations retrograde on the same day as the full moon in Scorpio, the 27th, so it may be time to separate yourself from a co-worker, client, or business partner on that day-they just don’t have the same beliefs as you do at the end of the day.


People will be very drawn to you on the 1st, so the beginning of the month is an excellent time to ask for what you want and put your voice out there into the world. The 10th is a good day to work with others, so join a group container or start a group project because this will help to open your eyes as well as new doors for you. Next up, on the 14th Venus moves into Taurus which won’t be your favorite place for the planet of love and money to be. Old fears around money and limiting beliefs will be popping up to the surface, there is a lot of value in facing these fears though! Be conscious of where you focus your energy on the 16th because where your attention goes expansion flows. You’ll need to make some serious commitments to yourself and your higher self this month, especially on the 24th. The month ends with a Scorpio full moon on the 27th, the same day that Pluto in Capricorn will be stationing for its annual retrograde. On this day you’ll realize that you need to drop an unhelpful habit, you will know that it’s messing with your ability to manifest more abundance but you won’t be exactly sure how to fix the problem quite yet.


People want to spend money on you after Venus moves into Taurus on the 14th, so if you sell a product or service this will be the best time to put your face on socials to promote! People will be loving the energy you’re bringing, and that equals more money for you in the latter half of the month. In fact, the 22nd promises to be a day where an unexpected (but thoroughly welcomed) chunk of cash or treasure is gifted to you from a friend or community member. After that bit of luck, Mars enters Cancer on the 23rd which will leave you feeling energized and driven for the next two months. This is the time to do the things you’ve been putting off or have been too afraid to do so far this year. The 25th will be a good day to talk to your friends and coworkers and ask them for some financial advice. You may not love what they have to say, but ultimately the advice you get on that day is exactly what you need to hear. Growth often requires us to get a bit uncomfortable anyway. Lastly, the Scorpio full moon falls on the same day as the Pluto retrograde station, so on the 27th you’ll either be vibing high or screaming at the moon.


Your beliefs around money will be changing at the start of the month, so this is an excellent time to learn from people in your community-reach out and get some discussions started! The 10th is a really excellent day to collaborate and co-create, so if you and a coworker or a friend have been playing around with a new project, today is the day to execute. Then Venus moves into Taurus on the 14th which means it’s time to invest in the future of your career, just be sure to invest your time, energy and money into the right things. Then, the 16th will be the best day to sign a deal or call in a new client since your powers of charm and persuasion will be high. Try not to stress out on the 22nd when something goes awry at work, Venus and Uranus are pushing you to learn something about yourself on that day. Work will be going well on the 25th; those who you are in partnership with are helping you advance your career far beyond what you had anticipated. The month ends with Pluto in Capricorn stationing retrograde on the same day as the Scorpio new moon, so needless to say the 27th will be an intense day. Spend time at home or with your family on that day, over the next few months you’ll be transforming your relationship to power, but on the 27th just rest.


The month starts off with Venus in Aries, which is a confusing energy for you; you’ll be wrestling with a need to transform your relationship to your own authority regarding money. Once Venus moves into Taurus on the 14th, the energy shifts a bit and you’ll be feeling optimistic and hopeful, which your bank account will reflect! Next, the 16th is likely to be a stressful day at your job, you will have way too much to do and way too many responsibilities on your plate, which is the curse of being so good at your job. On the 22nd you’re likely to have a revelation regarding your beliefs around money. You’ve probably been gripping onto it pretty tightly as of late, but you’re better able to lighten the load after the 22nd. Then Mars enters Cancer the next day, on the 23rd, and you’ll find that your energy and drive is going towards community building. If you own a company or have a brand, focus on what the culture of it is in these next 2 months-refine the message. You should ask for a raise or raise your prices on the 25th, this will add more responsibility in your day to day life, but it’s nothing you can’t handle (so long as you get paid more). On the 27th Pluto in Capricorn will station retrograde and there will be a full moon in Scorpio, so your mind is going to be abuzz with criticism and worry on that day, be sure to rest… or deep clean your office.


For the first two weeks of the month Venus will be in Aries, so people will be drawn to work with you and, in turn, more abundance will come to you when you work with others. However, you may be drawn to overspending on your partner or best friend near the 10th of the month. Spending money is good for the soul, but just try to keep your larger financial goals in mind while you spend. Then Venus moves into Taurus on the 14th, so for the next few weeks you will be pushed to transform your relationship to money, power, and control. April is the time to take authority over your finances, but this requires a sacrifice. However, this money transformation you’re going through may get an unsuspected jumpstart on the 22nd when Venus and Uranus are conjunct, so pay attention to anything abrupt that happens on that day-it’s important. Next Mars moves into Cancer on the 23rd and so for the following 2 months you’ll be pushed to work harder for what you want to see take hold in your career. The month ends with Pluto stationing retrograde on the same day as the full moon in Scorpio, so the 27th will push you to clean out your closet/home and spend time with your loved ones.


You’re spending a lot more money than expected on projects at home around the 10th of the month; you expected to have more saved up, so reflect upon why that is. After the 14th, when Venus moves into Taurus, it will be a lot easier to sell products and services, people will be reacting warmly to you, so this is a great transit for all  independent contractors. Next, you’ll need to reevaluate your mission statement on the 16th in order to remember why you are in the business you are in-this is especially important for small business owners, the why of it all will be changing this month. There is likely to be an abrupt change to your client base on the 22nd; this might feel like a curse but it is a blessing in disguise, someone is not meant to be working with you or privy to your services. Then Mars enters Cancer on the 23rd which will imbue you with faith and passion-you are meant to help others! Be cautious of hiding from issues at home on the 25th, you may feel inclined to fully submerge yourself into your work in order to avoid your personal life. Lastly, the full moon in Scorpio will be on the 27th which is a great day for you to let go of all the BS you are currently carrying on your shoulders. With Pluto stationing retrograde on that day as well, your mind will actually force you to rest.


The start of the month will call for you to invest in your business as well as your relationships; money should be used for things that bring you true joy. Write down all of your brilliant ideas on the 10th. Your mind will be feeling particularly creative and expansive on that day, so at least one of your ideas will be a million dollar one. Next, Venus moves into Taurus on the 14th so for the next few weeks, while it transits that sign, you may be feeling more anxious than usual about money. Be realistic but try not to think about money in absolutes. People will be on board with your wild schemes on the 16th, so that’s a good day to share your million dollar idea! The 16th in general will be a great day for persuasion, so use your gift of the gab. The 24th will push you to get more serious about some of those dreams and schemes of yours, but it requires a partnership. Who you decide to partner with at this time is a big decision, so go with your gut when making the decision. The 25th will feel like an energetic block, but that’s because it’s a learning day. You’re going to get caught up in the details and feel overwhelmed, so do what you do best and take a step back so that you can see the big picture. Pluto stations retrograde on the same day as the full moon, the 27th, so that will be a good day for you to get spiritual and weird; don’t fret too much about things like finances on the 27th.


You always look to the future, Capricorn, but as of April 1st the future of your finances will seem pretty confusing. But things will be looking up on the 14th when Venus moves into Taurus, after that money will come to you easily and without hesitation for a few weeks. You’re more likely to feel abundant and less greedy with this transit. Next you’re going to have a revelation around money and abundance on the 22nd, so be sure to apply any new ideas from that revelation to your financial and career goals. The next day, Mars moves into Cancer which will have you feeling direct and powerful in your negotiations with others. The good thing about this transit is that the energy you put out will evoke emotion in others helping you to create stronger bonds with your clients and coworkers (as well as everyone else in your life). You may have a friend ask to borrow some money on the 25th which will be a real test of your abundance work as of late, just make sure to get clear about how they intend to pay you back, lending money to  friends is a good practice but it can also end friendships easily. On the 27th Pluto will station retrograde, but there will also be a full moon in Scorpio, which will make it a beautiful day to reevaluate the place that you hold in your community.


On the 1st of the month you will be presented with a fated money making opportunity. The beginning of the month is full of abundance and the vastness of it all allows for the time, space. and resources you need to grow into who you are (as opposed to who you used to be). After Venus moves into Taurus on the 14th you’ll be more inclined to save your money, which is good because you might need it for a home project soon. Then, on the 16th, you’ll feel an intense flow of energy which will give you a greater sense of purpose in your work. On the 22nd, an unexpected issue at home comes up. This issue, while unfortunate, is likely to lead you to a beautiful realization about what you value. The next day Mars moves into Cancer, and for the 2 months it’s there you will be given the opportunity to rest more often. So, it’s no surprise that on the 24th you will be more inclined to make some serious commitments to yourself regarding your relationship to recreation. It’s time to get back into an old hobby or pastime that you love! Your dream home/life may be on your mind on the 25th, so you’ll also be inclined to make some commitments to save up for something bigger or better. The month ends with a full moon in Scorpio on the 27th, the same day as Pluto in Capricorn stations retrograde. Pluto will have you completely reevaluate your limiting fears and beliefs in the coming months (yay), but on the 27th it’s best to try and release the need to be liked by everyone.


The month starts off with Venus in aries, so your drive to earn and spend money will be high. But then, on the 14th, Venus will move into Taurus, so your spending will slow down but the value of money and what it means to you will still be a high priority (you’ve still got money on your mind). Be sure to journal about your relationship to money during this transit. Then, the 22nd brings a beautiful revelation to you about abundance. Be sure to write the revelation down so that you don’t forget it! Next up Mars moves into Cancer on the 23rd, which is such a great transit for all you Piscean babes. Your creative juices will be flowing, but since it’s Mars we’re talking about, you’ll actually have the drive and energy to follow through (no shade, making art is hard). The 25th is a really great day to share those creative ideas with others, especially if there is something you want to bring to fruition which requires the help of others. It’s really important that you don’t let your fears hold you back on that day though, limiting thoughts will be permeating your creative ideas. Pluto stations retrograde on the same day as the Scorpio full moon, the 27th, so the next few months will have you reevaluating and transforming your community space, but on the 27th you’ll first need to release a limiting belief you’ve been holding on to for way too long.

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