March Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe

March Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe


You will feel powerful and ready to take on any and all tasks at the beginning of the month, this is because Mars is moving into Gemini on the 3rd, so the next two months are the perfect time to get down to business on some projects. Next, look out for any opportunities presented to you on the 4th. Be sure to say yes to anything that is offered to you at that time because it is likely to open up new doors for expansion in the Aquarius ruled areas of your life. Venus moves into Aries on the 21st which is an amazing transit for love and money, both of which will be flowing to you easily over the next 3 weeks. Also on the 21st, Mars will sextile Saturn, making it an excellent day to commit fully to any new ideas you’ve been wanting to bring out into the world. An issue with a friend, client or coworker on the 28th will open up an old wound, however, this time around you’ll see the value in healing this wound fully. Lastly, on the 30th, Venus will sextile Saturn, which is good news for you since it will allow you to get serious about love and money.


Venus and Uranus will have an exact sextile on the 3rd, so the beginning of March is a great time for you to make those money moves you’ve been debating whether or not to make. But remember, sometimes money moves are about spending money and repaying loans, because not all money moves are about making an instant return on investment. You might be pushed to do or say something you’d rather not do or say on the 4th when Mercury and Jupiter align. This is going to open up new doors for you, but you might not like how it happens. The 13th is a good day for creativity, so plan to make art or do some content creation. There will be a new moon in Pisces that evening, so any new creative endeavors you undertake at this time are likely to bring new opportunites. On the 18th money, art, and love take an intense-but good-turn in your life. Follow opportunities around this time, even the ones you have to create yourself. The last thing of note for the month ahead is that you’ll have to take yourself out of a sticky situation on the 21st, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.


The month starts off with Mars moving into Gemini on the 3rd, so for the next two months you’ll be feeling driven, passionate, and inspired to do all of the things! Pay attention to the conversations you have around the 4th because one of them will likely open up a new door for you. Next, set an intention under the Pisces new moon on the 13th to shake up your money or love situation. A change will be coming so you might as well buckle up and prepare for it as best as you can. With Venus moving into Aries on the 21st money will be more easily gained for the next few weeks. Around that time you’ll also be feeling a deep need to realign or get more serious about your commitment to your goals with Mars trine Saturn. Is your goal serving humanity or just your own personal satisfaction? It will do you well to focus more so on the collective as you move forward. Your Libra full moon ritual on the 28th should involve art or creativity, especially if you are feeling low on that day. Despite the heavy feelings you may have, and the comforting you will need, you’ll actually see the path ahead of you more clearly around the 28th.


On the 3rd you’ll be inspired to take creative action towards changing your financial situation. If money is something that usually alludes you, you’ll find that in the beginning of March you’re actually excited to make some big changes and deal with things head on. The new moon in Pisces is on the 13th, but I’d warn you to not put pressure on yourself to do a moon ritual on that night. You’ll be feeling dreamy and creative, but ultimately very tired. If lucid dreaming, astral projection or dream walking are a part of your spiritual practice this would be a good time to utilize those tools, otherwise you might just need to practice divine rest. And then on the 18th you’ll be ready to make some serious choices regarding love, money and art. You have more control of your fate on that day so use your power wisely. Then with Venus moving into Aries on the 21st you’ll be pushed to spend money you weren’t anticipating at some point in its 3 week transit, so hopefully you really have been making money moves this month in order to prepare! The thing to release under the Libra full moon on the 28th is your fear of never measuring up to your peers. Talk, journal, sing about this issue until you’re able to let it go.


People will be drawn to you after Mars moves into Gemini on the 3rd, so this will be an amazing two months for anyone who does client based work as it will be much easier to call in new ideal clients. On the 4th Mercury and Jupiter will be meeting up in Aquarius, so you can expect your life to be unnecessarily busy around the beginning of the month. Then Venus moves into Aries on the 21st which will be great for your money situation since it should be flowing to you easily for the following 3 weeks. You’ll also be beginning or ending a karmic relationship at this time, so be open to all forms of communication, even if they feel a little uncomfortable. Next, the full moon in Libra will be on the 28th of the month, which will be an excellent moon for you to work with. Whatever you want to release at this time will be released with ease, just make sure to take note of how others respond to your confidence because you may unintentionally end up hurting someone you care about. However, on the 30th, you may become the target of someone else’s jealousy; don’t take it seriously, because this is their jealousy not yours.


The 3rd is an amazing day to call in new clients because people will be feeling connected to you like never before. You may have to tweak your approach a bit, but that just requires listening to your intuition and trusting yourself to make the right choices and the right changes. Then, the new moon in Pisces is on the 13th and under that moon you’ll have to make a decision about how you want to proceed. Are your emotions getting the better of you, or do you need to get better at sitting with your emotions? You’ll want to work towards releasing your inner critic under the Pisces new moon, you don’t need to give it a seat at your table any longer. With Venus and Neptune meeting up in Pisces on that day as well, you will likely have to face some of your delusions around money and love in order to move forward. Next, the 18th will be a great day for anyone who is a coach, but ultimately it will be great for everyone since you will all feel your relationships grow in intensity around this day. Lastly, Mercury and Neptune will be meeting up in Pisces on the 29th, so the end of the month will be a good time to share your creative ideas with the public.


The 3rd and the 4th will be high energy days with Mars moving into Gemini, and then Jupiter and Mercury meeting up in Aquarius. You’ll be feeling driven, inspired and ready to talk about all of your dreams for the future. A new friendship may open up for you at this time as well. Venus moves into Aries on the 21st, so this is a great transit for making money from others. You are more magnetic and endearing while Venus is in this fire sign, so if you’re a small business owner, make sure to get your face and voice out in the world for the following 3 weeks because people will be buying what you’re selling. You’ll also be feeling deeply motivated and aligned to your goals at this time. Up next is the full moon in Libra is on the 28th, which is the perfect day to leave behind everything that’s holding you back. Call a friend and tell them about it. You may also find that on that day you feel a deep desire to completely change your relationship to money, the difference this time around is that you know that you can overcome your old money wounds. Venus will be sextiling Saturn on the 30th of the month which is excellent for small business owners, as well as independent contractors, since there is a lot of potential to land a big client or new deal.


With Venus and Uranus sextiling on the 3rd your money situation will be excellent, however you may also have a deep, quiet feeling of discontent. You want something more than what you have and what you can perceive in the foreseeable future. The 4th is an expansive day for business planning and eye opening conversations thanks to Mercury and Jupiter meeting up in Aquarius. Make sure to jot ideas and creative business plans down for later use. There’s a lot happening in fellow water sign Pisces on the 13th; there will be a new moon, and Venus and Neptune will also be conjunct! So set an intention for money, love, and/or art on that day, all of this will be flowing to you easily! Things get more serious on the 18th, so you may be asked to get real about those dreams-not in that they need to be small, you just need to be ready to commit yourself to what it takes to achieve them. On the 29th Mercury and Neptune will meet up in Pisces, so this is the perfect day to sit down and do some creative business and life planning. If you are a creative, this will also be a perfect day to write or journal.


Mars moves into Gemini on the 3rd, but Venus and Uranus will be sextile on that day as well, which means that you’ll have to decide how you want to proceed in the future. Your money situation will likely be frustrating and a bit confusing at this time and you’ll need to be cognizant of how to direct your attention. On the 4th Mercury and Jupiter meet up in Aquarius, so any new studies or courses you’re diving into at this time will surely open you up to huge new expansion. On the 13th an event outside of your realm of control may force you to get more serious about your finances, pay attention to your stress on that day. Your ability to focus is excellent on the 21st and you’re better able to give that energy to your commitments. Plus, Venus moves into Aries on that day, so for the next few weeks money, love, and all that good stuff will be flowing to you easily. Under the Libra full moon on the 28th you’ll be pushed to let go of something in order to get closer to your destiny. This could be a relationship with someone in your life, or your relationship to your own wounds. The 30th will likely be a good money day with Venus sextile Saturn, perhaps an old project or commitment brings latent rewards.


You’re able to create many lucrative opportunities for yourself at the beginning of the month, just make sure to lean into the energy of change because something will be shifting rapidly at this time. On the 13th Venus will be conjunct Neptune in Pisces, which will bring rewards for both your romantic life and creative projects. On the same day there will be a new moon in Pisces,  so you’ll want to get spiritual with this moon. Lean deeply into the more astral side of spirituality because it will help you be able to reach goals you once thought were impossible, or would only be attainable many years down the road. Venus and Pluto will be sextiling on the 18th, so that whole week will likely feel like a deep rebirth. You’ll learn just how in control you are of your reality; good fortune is created. After Venus moves into Aries on the 21st you’ll find that people will be more drawn to you, but they also will be triggered by you. You’ll also want to watch out for careless spending in the weeks to come as Venus moves through this fire sign. Nextm you’ll have to release a relationship under the full moon in Libra on the 28th. This relationship might be a romantic one whose flame no longer flickers, or your relationship to your own wounds.


On the 3rd Mars moves into Gemini, so for these next two months you’ll be gifted the ability to get exactly what you want without rubbing anyone the wrong way. You’ll also be called to work on a few things at once, so just lean in and enjoy the busyness. You’ll feel this energy intensely on the 4th when Mercury and Jupiter meet up in Aquarius. Things will be growing immensely, so dive into your studies and open yourself up to some mind blowing conversations. On the 21st Venus will be moving into Aries, which is great news for you because money will act like a magnet easily finding its way to you. There’s also a Mars and Saturn trine on that day which will be great for any small business owners; you’ll have all that you need in order to create new structures of stability in your life and biz. The full moon in Libra is on the 28th, Venus also meets up with Chiron, and Mars meets up with the North Node on that day. So, you’ll be able to transmute your past hurt into something beautiful that you can share with others around that time. Your dreams will feel closer than ever, but this moon will ask you to release the opinions of others so that you can shine. A new level of commitment will be made with your finances or love life on the 30th-you may even gain some funding for a project!


The month will start off with a drastic change to your finances in the best way, so if you’ve been waiting on a check, don’t worry, it’s coming! Then, on the 13th there will be a new moon in Pisces, which will act as a rebirth portal for you. Venus and Neptune will also be conjunct in Pisces that day as well, so it’s an extremely good day to make art, make love, get real creative with your financial goals and shed some old skin. Set an intention for your wildest dreams to come true under this moon because they are more likely than ever to come to fruition. An opportunity to transform your love life or money relationship opens up to you a few days after the full moon. This opportunity won’t likely come from someone else, instead it’s something you will realize that you can create for yourself. A roadblock presents itself to you on the 28th, so you may feel like your mission is unattainable, but it’s not, play around with the idea that you are being stopped for a reason. Mercury and Neptune meet up in Pisces on the 29th, so the end of the month will be good for speaking and writing. You will also likely feel a much deeper connection to Spirit at that time, so if you are able to do so safely, communicate with the other side.

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