February Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe

February Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe


People are buying what you are selling after the 1st when Venus moves into Aquarius, so this is a good time to get in front of people and ask for what you want! You’ll be feeling proud of yourself and what you have gained thus far around the 5th of the month. Make time to journal about all you have accomplished in the past year of your life around this time. An unexpected opportunity will be offered to you the next day, on the 6th. This opportunity may have to do with love or money, either way you should accept it. The new moon in Aquarius is on the 11th, which will be a big money day for you. You will likely receive some money or goods, so set an intention for your greater community to become as fortunate as you are. The 12th is another good day to ask for what you want, but since mercury is still retrograde until the 20th, I’d hold off on signing any paperwork until the next week. Past efforts will be culminating on the 17th, but the results of your efforts will breed a much different outcome than originally expected. I don’t think it’s going to be bad, just different!


After Venus moves into Aquarius on the 1st you’ll be accidentally forgetting about your duties and responsibilities, instead pleasure and comfort will be taking the lead for you in February. However, if you haven’t been taking your relationship to money seriously as of late, you can expect to see some repercussions around the 5th of the month. You will be called to reinvent the way you spend and save-which will require you to make some big changes. It won’t be easy but it is what’s best for you. Now, you may be feeling good under the Aquarius new moon on the 11th because people have been doing a lot for you as of late, but have you been reciprocating? What feels good for you may be causing tension in the eyes of your lover or business partner. Try not to put too much on your plate on the 12th because you will be feeling loquacious and easily distracted on that day-just know that you won’t get much done. A drastic change at work, with coworkers or business partners, will happen on the 17th. Perhaps after Mercury stations direct on the 20th you’ll be able to talk it out and get things back to normal. Venus moves into Pisces on the 25th, so the end of the month and the first few weeks of March are going to be excellent for making and calling in more money.


Venus moving into Aquarius on the 1st is an extremely fortunate transit for you, Gemini. Money, presents, and adoration will be drawn to you like a magnet for most of the month. You’ll want to get serious about a new project on the 5th. On the next day, the 6th, something that you never planned for-and didn’t see coming-will take place, luckily the outcome leaves you with something you didn’t know you needed. The Aquarius new moon is on the 11th and you’ll be feeling very creative at that time, so this is a good day to continue working on the project you started earlier this month. Your heart is in the right place on the 12th but a few wires may be crossed, so an issue may arise with a coworker or lover. Circle back to this issue on the 20th when Mercury stations direct! You’ll feel a deep need to connect more authentically with your true self on the 17th. This requires you to let your freak flag fly, so be the weirdest version of yourself, baby! Make a note that after Venus moves into Pisces on the 25th you are more likely to forget to pay an important bill. Write it down more than once to help you remember!


Minor financial issues will pop up after Venus moves into Aquarius on the 1st of the month. For the following 24 days you’ll be feeling uncomfortable with yourself as well as your financial situation, so lean into the uncomfortable feeling and allow space for new growth. Your money and/or love life will be pushed into a different direction around the 5th. This is a shift that you have been prolonging but, fear not, on the 6th you’ll be better able to advocate for what you need in order to learn and grow. The 11th is a big day for spiritual growth for all Cancers. You’ll be feeling confident and fully evolved, so use and expand upon this energy for your Aquarius new moon ritual that night. On the 17th you’ll reach a new level of knowledge with whatever you are studying at this time, you are also being challenged to mature and level up in that way. Next up, on the 20th, Mercury stations direct in Aquarius. From the 21st onward it is a good time to make final decisions and sign your name on the dotted line, however, communication still won’t be easy for you with Mercury in an air sign. The month ends with some very good money vibes for you after Venus moves into Pisces on the 25th. While it is transiting this sign you can expect lots of good fortune in the form of gifts and surprise money finding its way to you!


This month is a great time for bonding with others and negotiating deals with Venus moves into Aquarius on the 1st, even despite Mercury being retrograde for most of the month. The first 3 weeks of February will be an amazing time to promote your biz, sell some goods and make some money. On the 5th you’ll have to take responsibility for your actions towards a friend, lover, business partner or client. This relationship may become more serious or it may fall apart, it all depends on if it’s meant for you and if you’re being accountable. A love or money shake up will happen the next day, the 6th, so it’s best to lean in and look for the lesson because there is one to learn. Do an Aquarius new moon ritual with a friend or partner on the 11th. Love and biz relationships will be rewarded with mutual benefits at this time, so working together is the vibe. On the next day, the 12th, important news regarding love or money will come to you. Which is why, on the 17th, your work and responsibilities may experience a huge change. Make sure not to make any snap decision since Mercury will still be retrograde and playing a few tricks with you. Mercury will station direct a few days later on the 20th, so you should definitely reach out to some missed opportunities in your recent past. Reconciliation is possible.


You’ll be thinking negative thoughts about your financial situation (like you aren’t doing something right) while Venus is in Aquarius from the 1st through the 24th this month. The 5th will be a particularly tough day since you will be asked to step into a new role and embody a new version of yourself, which is hard since you will already be questioning yourself a lot. So, pay attention to anyone you meet or become acquainted with on the 6th because they will be of great help to you this month. Under the new moon in Aquarius on the 111th you will be revisited by an old wound having to do with self worth and because of that you may feel consumed by others’ opinions, so this moon will be better for introspection and shadow work than it will be for setting intentions. Things will be coming out all wrong on the 12th, so it’s best to do more thinking and meditating as opposed to talking and communicating. It won’t be an easy step to take, but on the 17th you’ll be pushed into a role of leadership-trust this energy even if it feels uncomfortable. Mercury stations direct on the 20th but you’ll still feel like you don’t have the right words available for you to use! On the 25th, however, Venus will move into Pisces which helps you to call in more deals, customers, clients and money! The Virgo full moon on the 27th will be your rebirth. Perhaps you will be able to believe that everything you went through in February served a purpose in the greater spectrum of your life.


Venus moves into Aquarius on the 1st and that is excellent news for all Libra placements! Money, gifts and valuables will seem to simply drop into your lap for the duration of this transit, and who doesn’t love getting presents without having to ask for them?! This fortunate energy will be peaking on the 5th as others will recognize you for your skills and knowledge. People will want to invest in you at this time because of this, however you’ll have this strange voice in your head telling you that you’re actually an imposter and you are not worthy of the gifts or acclaim you’re receiving! This is a time to redefine yourself, it’s not a time to shrink and hide. Launch something or start a new project on the 11th under the new moon in Aquarius. By that time you’ll have had a few days to reconcile with who you truly are. The 12th may bring a hiccup or two regarding your relationship to money, art, and/or love. Be sure not to make any commitments until the 20th when Mercury stations direct. Since your relationship to yourself and your self worth will have been under stress this month, you’ll need to innovate the larger goal you’re working towards on the 17th. There are some serious, abrupt changes that need to be made regarding your commitment to yourself and others. Venus moves into Pisces on the 25th of the month and thus ends the reign of you being showered with gifts and assets. During the next few weeks you’ll actually be feeling pretty uncomfortable about your money situation. It’s always a good idea to gain more financial literacy.


With Venus moving into Aquarius on the 1st you’re more likely to purchase things on an emotional whim, so be cautious of overspending this month. You also may not be very inclined to work hard, so make sure to not give yourself a hard time about that-you are more than your productivity! Loyalty and commitment in both love and business will come under strain at the beginning of the month as well. So it’s going to be better to reflect upon the ways in which you feel caged in by your partners than to simply run away. You are feeling this way for a reason, so give yourself the opportunity to figure it out. Arrogance may pop up around the Aquarius new moon on the 11th; make sure you’re giving as well as receiving at this time. Be careful what you say on the following day, the 12th, as it is likely that you will get into a fight due to miscommunication on that day. So, it’s no surprise that on the 17th you’ll be feeling the urge to break out, break up, quit your job and do something completely for yourself! Before you do all of that, ask yourself what your biggest goal is right now and then recommit to it. The arguments from last week may circle back shortly after Mercury in Aquarius stations direct on the 20th, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that conclusions will be made. This month is not going to be easy for you, Scorpio, but after Venus moves into Pisces on the 25th you’ll be blessed with gifts and money flowing to you without effort during this transit, so March is already looking good!


Venus moves into Aquarius on the 1st of the month, so you’ll be feeling the good vibes maybe a bit too much! Be careful that you’re not overspending in the name of hedonism, have fun but be smart please. Take a moment to be proud of yourself on the 5th; you’ve come a long way career wise and/or financially in the past few years. You’re not exactly where you want to be, but you sure are getting close! On the 6th you’ll be feeling the pressure to show up in a certain way because people are expecting something of you, but you’re just not sure that’s who you are anymore. Then, under the Aquarius new moon on the 11th, your bond will strengthen with certain people which will eventually open new doors for you. Your words will draw others in on the 12th, but you might want to double check that everything you’re saying is true and not just something you heard second hand from someone else on the internet. Your words carry weight, so don’t take them lightly. Around the 17th you will be feeling like a recent accomplishment of yours is undeserving, why is that? Perhaps you’ll be more clear about the answer after the 20th when Mercury in Aquarius stations direct! The overspending should begin to cease around the 25th when Venus moves into Pisces. During this time a new significant relationship is likely to pop up in your life, so keep an eye out for that in March.


It’s going to be easier to break away from the norms and find new innovative ways of doing things in your personal and business life after the 6th. Then, from the 7th through the 9th, the moon will be in Capricorn, so you’ll be feeling ready to recommit yourself to your goals at that time. On the 17th you’ll be feeling the need to shake things up again, this time it’s your habits that need some innovation and new energy. Pay attention to where you feel stagnant and bored in your day to day life, you know that it doesn’t have to be that way, so change it up! The 19th is a good day to communicate your wants and needs, you’ll be feeling passionate about the things you desire and others can tell. Next, Mercury stations direct on the 20th, but this Mercury retrograde period wasn’t one that messed with you too badly, so you don’t need to give it much more thought. An extreme energy of transformation and a divine call to change your life bubbles up to the surface on the 24th. It’s ok if the next 5 years of your life don’t go exactly to plan, your life plan is a document that should always be open to editing. You’re more likely to become indulgent after Venus moves into Pisces on the 25th, so relax a little and treat yourself a bit.


This is a big month for you Aquarius, 7 planets will be in your sign creating conjunctions in your life! Venus moves into Aquarius on the 1st which is one of the best transits we can go through. You can expect money and love to flow to you in equal measure! Then, on the 5th, your responsibility to yourself and your money is going to go through a rebirth. But don’t make any big decisions yet because, on the 6th, all of that money and love you are receiving this month is going to shake up your life in a challenging way. The 9th through the 11th is when 7 planetary bodies will all be in the sign of Aquarius. Change is coming, baby, and you are leading the way! The 11th will be when the new moon in Aquarius takes place, so people will want to hear from you. Don’t be afraid to open up to others about what you are experiencing and where you are innovating your personal life. Despite Mercury being retrograde, on the 12th you’ll have your business brain on. Write down all the new schemes, projects, and business plans you can think of. Pay attention to what happens on the 17th, because you are going to be met with a challenge that is being put in front of you specifically to aid you in your epic rebirth this month. So don’t think “woe is me,” this is a divine lesson! Mercury stations direct on the 20th, so all business dealing and legal matters are full steam ahead after that day!


The 6th is a good day for creativity, you are more readily able to express yourself. The 12th and the 13th will be creative and spiritual days for you as well since the moon will be in Pisces at that time. Then, on the 17th, you will be freed from a commitment or responsibility that was weighing you down. I can’t guarantee you’ll feel good about it, but you’ll be free nonetheless. The 19th will be a good money day, especially if you are someone who sells or promotes things. People will be impressed with the energy you are putting out and that makes them more likely to invest in you. Next up, Mercury stations direct on the 20th. That day may be a bit foggy, but you won’t be impacted too much. You’ll be feeling powerful on the 24th, like you have everything you need in order to create the life you want right there at your fingertips. The 25th is a very important day to remain authentic and true to yourself, the more you are able to do that, the more you will gain. Venus also moves into Pisces on that day, so the next few weeks of your life are sure to be blessed with lots of love and money coming your way. The month ends with a full moon in Virgo on the 27th. You’ll need to spend time with your lover or close friends on this day-you’ll be needing companionship.

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