August Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe

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August Money ‘Scopes by Jasmine Wolfe



The 3rd is an intense day under the full moon in Aquarius as well as other planetary aspects. You’ll be given an opportunity to trade or change your work in some way, shape or form. The 3rd is a fated day, so be conscious of the path of your destiny. Next, Venus moves into Cancer on the 7th and while it’s there you’ll run into a hitch in your plans. This will manifest as an unexpected accident that will push you to look at your savings (or lack thereof) more seriously. The first few days of Venus transit through Capricorn will be easy for you though, as the moon will be in Aries from the 8th through the 10th. That will be an inspiring time for you! Uranus will station retrograde on the 15th but this won’t be a tough retrograde for you, as still a few loose ends in your life will need to get tied up in the coming months. Then we’ll have the new moon in Leo on the 19th, which will be a good moon for you. Things will fall into place swiftly and you’ll find that you are called to step up into the spotlight in a sense. The month ends with a big decision that needs to be made on the 30th. Make the decision that you in 5 years would be proud of.


You can expect a tech issue on the 3rd under the full moon in Aquarius. Allow this to be a lesson and a guide instead of a frustrating nuisance; you may need to upgrade or buy some new tech! The 3rd also happens to be a fated day, pushing us closer to our destiny. You’ll need to stay present and focused on your surroundings or you may miss an important opportunity or revelation (but remember, you cannot miss what is meant for you). Venus moving into Cancer on the 7th brings great news! You’re able to create new ways to save and get smarter about your money this month. And then from the 10th through the 12th the moon will be in Taurus, which will be good days for getting shit done. Shortly after that, Uranus stations retrograde on the 15th; this is going to be a big transit. Deep inner shifts will take place, your foundations may change, your personality may shift, but don’t get too scared because this is a slow 5 month process. Sure, there may be a few moments that are a bit more jolting than others, but that’s life! For instance, the new moon in Leo on the 19th will feel uncomfortable and annoying. You’ll be called to take on more responsibility at work and you’ll probably be asked to take on a roll you are not particularly interested in. By the 30th you’ll have a big decision to make regarding money and your future plans. Put on your big kid pants in order to make the best decision for your future self.


You’ll see something come to a rapid conclusion under the Aquarius full moon on the 3rd of the month. This may have to do with technology, your coworkers, or clients. Fate intervenes in your life on this day as well. This will be a moment or a meeting that feels like destiny… because it is! Your career or money story will be affected and the path ahead of you will become clearer. Venus shifts into Cancer on the 7th, but this transit won’t affect you too deeply. If you’d like to connect to the energy of Venus in Cancer, this would be a good time to buy stuff for your home. Then, from the 12th through the 14th, the moon will be in Gemini. This gives you a boost of energy, a bit of inspiration, and a little bit of luck in all your endeavors. On the 15th Uranus will station retrograde in Taurus, but this won’t affect Geminis too deeply. You can expect some strange changes over the next 5 months, but nothing that’s gonna rock your world too hard. Next up is the Leo new moon on the 19th. This moon offers you an opportunity that is both beautiful and luxurious, will you accept it? The month ends with Venus in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn, this aspect asks us to make a big decision regarding our relationship to money and what we are planning for our future.


On the 3rd is the full moon; Aquarius full moons tend to affect you in uncomfortable ways. You’ll need to step outside of your emotional world and make a choice that will affect a greater good for your community. This is going to be a fated day, so pay attention to the words and actions of those around you. After the 7th, when Venus moves into Cancer, money becomes an energetic match to you. You can expect a thick, stable wallet for this entire transit. The, the 14th through the 16th may be the luckiest of days, so if you have any money moves to make that’s the time to do it. On the 15th however, Uranus will station retrograde. This is a good aspect for you Cancer bbs, you can create new opportunities in your life, you can change in healthy ways! It may feel a little tough as your foundations shift in the next 5 months, but ultimately, it’s a win for you. Next up is the new moon in Leo on the 19th.  Leo moons don’t affect you as deeply as Aquarius moons do, so just keep your eyes open for any beautiful moments of newness that may arise. The month ends with an opposition between Venus and Pluto. A decision must be made, and yours has to do with the values that you place on money and material things. Your opinions will change.


The 3rd is a big day for you, Leo! With the full moon in Aquarius, you’ll need to make a decision about the impact you’d like to have on the world. You’ll also need to pay attention to any opportunity that comes your way, it’s fate and it is meant for you. Fate, friendship and funds are the name of the game on the 3rd. Then Venus moves into Cancer on the 7th, but you won’t experience anything too drastic with this transit. Still, it’s a good time to focus on interior decorating or building up your savings account. Next up we’ll have Uranus joining the retrograde parade in the cosmos on the 15th. An aspect of structure or comfort in your life will face a rapid change when Uranus aligns to the same degree as your Leo placements. Everyone gets a little shaken up at this time, but Uranus may be particularly tough on you. You know what they say, pressure makes diamonds! The moon will be in Leo on the 17th through the 19th, so this is a good time to plan anything big or to do anything that requires a bit of luck. On the 19th itself is the new moon in Leo and you will be blessed with a new vivacious burst of energy. Suddenly, 2020 won’t seem so restricting! An important money or future life decision will need to be made on the 30th. Make the decision that you 5 years in the future would make.


The 3rd is not only the full moon in Aquarius, but it’s also a day in which the north node of fate will align with Venus in Gemini. For you this means that a frustrating situation will culminate in a way which asks you to release some plans that do not serve your highest good. Selling some old gadgets and technology that you’re not using anymore will be a good idea as well on the 3rd. Venus moving into Cancer on the 7th is good news for you. If you’ve been daydreaming of new ways to save money or create more space somewhere in your life, this is the time. You can create new opportunities for good fortune in the coming weeks. Next, Uranus decides to take the backwards plunge and station retrograde on the 15th. You will notice that certain structures will fall apart, and others will fall together in your life over the next 5 months, it all depends on the foundations upon which you built them. Then it’s the new moon in Leo on the 19th, but this won’t be a huge change or new beginning for you, Virgos. You’re usually focused on the present moment, but be sure to remain that way on this day because something unexpected and lovely may come your way. The luck continues the 19th and 20th since the moon will be in Virgo, so the latter half of the month will have you feeling rather good. The very end of the month, the 30th to be exact, you’ll have to make a big money-moves life-decision, so use the excess good vibes to make the best choice for yourself.


The 3rd is a big day for everyone! On this day you may feel like Alice chasing the white rabbit into Wonderland. The chase itself may be technological in nature, you’re chasing a solution to an issue. However, today is also a day of destiny, and the choices you make will lead to more financial security in the long run. Then, on the 7th, Venus moves into Cancer. During this transit you may be forced to save money due to something outside your realm of control. Don’t fret, instead ask yourself, “what can I learn from this?” Next up, on the 15th, Uranus will join the other planets and station retrograde. This is a slow 5 month transit but by the end of it you will feel different, what you value in this world will change. Next up on the horizon is the new moon in Leo on the 19th, which brings an exciting promotion in your life. Say yes to the shiny new opportunity that falls into your lap. The 21st and the 22nd will be lucky, high vibe days since the moon will be in Libra. Plan any tough conversations or hard decisions for this day if you can. Speaking of tough decisions, one you can’t plan for will take place on the 30th. Unexpectedly you’ll be pushed to make a grown up decision about your money and your future.


The 3rd is a generally uncomfortable day for you, Scorpio. The full moon in Aquarius always adds some pressure and challenge to your life, on this day it will ask you to tie up a loose end that you’d honestly rather avoid. What you may not notice in the moment, is that on this day fate will intervene and your relationship to money will change in some way, shape or form. This may start to become clearer after the 7th when Venus moves into Cancer. This Venus transit will have money flowing and your savings account growing. Then, on the 15th Uranus in Taurus will station retrograde. This is a 5 month long retrograde period, but at some point, you’ll need to make a decision or choice regarding a change to your habits and routines. 2020 is the year to shake it all up, bb! Then, on the 19th, a challenge brings new responsibility. More is being asked of your right now and you must step up into the spotlight. The 23rd through 25th will be high vibe days since the moon will be in Scorpio, everyone will be magnetized to your special kind of magick. By the end of the month you’ll need to make a transformative decision about your life. For you though, this may be an easy and exciting decision.


Go with your gut on the 3rd. An opportunity, which will be humanitarian in nature, will fall into your lap and you’ll need to quickly make the decision to accept it or not. Go with your gut, there is no wrong answer. On the 7th Venus will move into Cancer and this is a somewhat awkward or confusing time for you and your relationship to money, especially regarding savings. The way you handle your money in the coming weeks is likely to change. Uranus stations retrograde on the 15th for its 5 month backwards dance in the sky. Uranus often manifests in flashes of brilliance, for you this will look like fixed mindsets changing in a flash. I know what you’re thinking, “Sagittarius doesn’t have fixed mindsets!” Agree to disagree… Then we’ve got the new moon in Leo on the 19th! This is your opportunity to shine, good fortune flows to you abundantly under this new moon! And the good fortune just keeps on flowing when the moon is in Sagittarius on the 25th through the 27th. But at the end of the month we’re all faced with a certain tough decision. You’ll have to step out of your comfort zone, check in with your surroundings, and make the choice that is most aligned to what you want your life and money story to transform into in the future.


The Capricorn moon welcomes us into August on the 1st, and therefore all of us Caps will be starting the month on a high note! The energy will feel good and something lucky may cross your path. The 3rd is a weird day, the energy just feels uncomfortable for you. The Aquarius full moon will have you gathering some old electronics to sell or donate, but you’ll also have an awkward conversation or meeting on that day. Awkward as it may be, this conversation will direct you towards your destiny, so lean in. Next, Venus moves into Cancer on the 7th. You’ll have to make a decision at some point in this transit, the decision will have to do with home repairs and improvements and/or saving money. Then, Uranus will join the retrograde party on the 15th and it will be retrograde for about 5 months. Your foundations will build or fall rapidly at some point in this transit. Good fortune rushes in to those of us who have built the foundations of their life, love, and business upon solid ground. Then we have the Leo new moon on the 19th. You may be required to do something that you do not feel qualified for at work, you’ll be resistant to this new opportunity. Give it a try and see how it goes, you can always learn from a mistake. The moon is back in Cap on the 27th through the 29th, so plan anything big for those days. As the month closes, we’ll all be faced with a big decision on the 30th. The way that you handle or view your money will need to change.


The 2nd through the 4th are high vibe days since the moon will be in Aquarius, and right in the middle, on the 3rd, is the Aquarius full moon. It’s time to release a block and let go of an old fear or mindset. This is an opportunity to hit the refresh button on who you are in a sense. This release may happen quickly, so you won’t have much time to meditate about it on the 3rd, but lean in because this is ultimately an extremely fortunate situation. When Venus moves into Cancer on the 7th you may find that you’re feeling a lot more anxious about your money than usual. This anxiety has a root cause, and this will be a good time to figure it out. Now on the 15th, Uranus in Taurus will station retrograde and remain in a retrograde motion for the rest of the year. During this transit you will be pushed by outside forces to change your mind and your habits. Keep your mind open to new ways of living. The new moon in Leo is on the 19th and this is a call to action for you. To lead or not to lead, to speak or not to speak out. The decision is all yours! On the 30th and 31st the moon will be in Aquarius again, but you may find that you make a strange choice on the 30th. Perhaps it’s the influence of Venus in Cancer, but your money story will change in the coming months.


Are you doing too much for others? If so the full moon in Aquarius on the 3rd is the perfect time to release the need or fear that has you overextending yourself. This will likely not be a peaceful and easy release, it’s one that comes from challenge. Your relationships may change and, oddly enough, this could be good for you monetarily. Then we have the Pisces moon from the 5th through the 7th which are generally high vibe days for you, so expect something good to happen. And then on the 7th Venus will move into Cancer which is excellent for your bank account. During this transit it’s going to be much easier to hold onto your money. Then a few days later, on the 15th, Uranus joins the retrograde dance in the cosmos. This is a long 5 month retrograde period, but at some point in the remainder of the year, you will be able to create an opportunity in your life to dig your heels in and root down into your dream life! Change can be scary but for you this will be a beautiful opportunity. Then, on the 19th is the new moon in Leo. You’ll be feeling bolder on this day, but your inner imposter voice will still be there speaking words of doubt. Do your best to quell these rude words and boldly take up space in your world, workplace, or community! Before the month ends, on the 30th, you’ll have a big decision to make. There are no wrong choices on the path to our destiny, but whatever you decide, lean all the way into it.

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Jasmine is an intuitive tarot reader, numerologist, and esoteric blogger living and worshipping the sun in California. Between typos and curse words she makes spirituality digestible to the modern world. In her work she strives to inspire defiant self love by serving it with a side of sass.

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